Horizon Call of the Mountain dazzles in new gameplay footage for PS VR2

Horizon Call of the Mountain Thunderjaw
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What you need to know

  • Horizon Call of the Mountain is in development exclusively for PS VR2.
  • Though set in the Horizon universe, it follows a new adventure rather than that of Aloy. 
  • Players will take on the role of a new character, Ryas, a former Shadow Carja Warrior.
  • Guerrilla also revealed that Horizon Forbidden West will be getting an update with New Game+ and an Ultra Hard mode.

During today's State of Play ahead of the summer game announcement season, PlayStation revealed new gameplay footage of Horizon Call of the Mountain. This is our biggest look yet at the upcoming PS VR2 title which still does not have a release date.

Ryas, who PlayStation describes as a "master at climbing and archery," is on a journey of redemption, though we don't know what he needs to redeem himself for. When the Sundom is threatened by machines that are seemingly attacking for an unknown reason, it's up to Ryas to get to the bottom of it and stop the threat. 

Along with Ryas, players will meet new and familiar faces in Horizon Call of the Mountain, one of whom is Aloy. It's unknown where in the timeline Call of the Mountain is set, so it's unclear whether it takes place after or before Forbidden West. 

Call of the Mountain also touts an "immersive River Ride" experience, allowing friends and family to watch along on your television. 

After the gameplay was revealed, Guerrilla confirmed that Horizon Forbidden West would be getting a New Game+ feature and Ultra Hard mode along with several quality of life enhancements. One frequently requested feature, a transmog, will finally be added in the update. Another upcoming update will include VRR support and a 40FPS Mode.

As Horizon Call of the Mountain is expected to launch with the PS VR2, it did not receive a release date. Though some rumors indicate the headset could launch as early as this year, other industry analysts believe it could be pushed into 2023. 

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