Is this the first glimpse of Gingerbread?

When it comes to blurrycam shots, well, this is right up there with the best (erm, blurriest) of them. But what you're looking at, says Phandroid, is one of the first public glimpses of the Android Gingerbread build, on what looks to be a Nexus One. They've got a lengthy discussion of they say they've been told is coming in Gingerbread. The big points: A more refined UI, but don't look for any major changes just yet. Kinetic scrolling is improved (a much-needed improvement, at that), hardware acceleration, a new an improved YouTube app, SIP support in Google Voice, and other bells and whistles.

Another nugget that lines up with rumors we've heard is that while we may see an announcement and SDK soon, actual release of the code may be a ways off -- like sometime early next year. But that's not really all that shocking, as Froyo was announced in May, and the code wasn't released until late June. Toss in that all of this remains highly unofficial at this point, but we've all got our fingers crossed. [Phandroid]

  • It don't look diff at all. And its so blurry I can't make out the top icons. I hope they make it look like it sticks out from all the rest. The widgets make it great but I have faith in Google.
  • Phandroid (source link) sure burned an awful lot of words to say "Gingerbread will feature prettier, green icons." Maybe the wall of text got my hopes up for some non-existent, meaty details. I hope to see more from them in any event.
  • This could be really good, or really bad. I mean think about it. we are at 2.2 right now. thats 3.0. We would be jumping alot of possible software fixes to get to it. That could be good however just making a whole new build then trying to fix what we have already.
  • Version numbers rarely correlate to any specific amount of work done. This version will build on 2.2 just like all previous versions, it's not anything from scratch. This will include any bug fixes made too.
  • Changelog looks great, In my opinion (if this is true) then this is a huge step forward for Android. My favorite things about the iPhone is just how smooth it is, and the kinetic scrolling is just very natural, with hardware acceleration and improvements to kinetic scrolling android will be better than the iPhone.
  • Can't wait to see how all these techno geeks read into this tease... just gonna sit back n watch, have at it hoss.
  • Why is the phone icon on the bottom green, but the other two icons white? I hope that it's just a color distortion, or else my eyes will not be happy.
  • wait..... if this thing is running on N1, does that mean the older phones can run 3.0?
  • this is a waste of a post. Picture isnt worth the bandwidth needed to see it.
  • Nexus with blackbarmod running launcher pro. don't get too excited folks.
  • From the sounds of it, it might be 2.3 instead of 3.0, doesn't sound like a whole lot to get excited about yet. And darkmax, N1 isn't that old, it's speced to handle 3.0 or so anyways and Gingerbread is supposed to be usable on devices with a higher display resolution, older phones with HVGA or QVGA (majority of Motorola & Samsung) might not be able to boot Gingerbread.
  • Yeah, that looks like a modded Nexus One with Launcher Pro. You can change the icons like that.
  • "Kinectic scrolling improved" Thank god. It is wayyyy to sensitive. I think iphone has it right in that department.
  • i don't understand why there are even blurry pictures still. what are these being taken on? one of those vga camera phones from a decade ago? seriously with nearly all phones having good cameras and obviously whoever is taking these pictures must be into tech, even the slightest, or they wouldn't have access to these devices. yet, here they are still taking blurry low res photographs? is it just deliberate? it has to be else these people carry two phones, one to use and one to take blurry low res pictures with.
  • N1!!!!
  • The UI improvement I'm hoping to see are improved time and date pickers. The rolling wheels are too easy to overshoot, leading to fussing around to hit the exact value you want. Even worse, the lack of feedback on what day of the week a given date falls on is a real headache when scheduling. We have big, high resolution screens. Would it be so hard to throw up a month-view calendar to pick dates from?