Google's 'Find My Device' app is the next-gen Android Device Manager

One of the less publicized announcements at Google I/O was the rebranding of the popular Android Device Manager — the app that allows you to find or reset a lost or stolen phone — to Find My Device, with a new design and some additional features.

The fundamentals of the app haven't changed — you still use it to look up the current location, or last GPS location, of any Android device associated with that particular Google account. But the app looks new, with a nice dose of Material Design, and the ability to check the battery and Wi-Fi status if the phone is searchable.

If the phone isn't accessible to Find My Device, it shows the last known location, which could prove incredibly useful when searching for a phone that's been stolen or lost under the proverbial seat cushion.

Find your phone: the ultimate guide to Android Device Manager

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • I noticed the update this AM..was worried till I say it was from Google
  • Useful feature to find a lost or stolen phone, I've helped a few people find their lost phones in the past. One had left their phone at church, and luckily no one took it. Another had her phone taken from her shopping cart and it was shown as sitting in a parking lot, phone was on the seat of the thiefs car charging and he got arrested.
  • Helped a guest at the hotel I work for locate his after leaving it in an Uber. Sent it the ring command, still don't know if he ever got it back...
  • I keep my location off to save battery in an area with little cell service. Too bad the all can't turn a devices location on.
  • I wish it wouldn't put a notification on the lost device once it locates it. Stupid to let a thief know your tracking the device if stolen.
  • You'd think however that Google would password protect or otherwise PIN the Android Device Manager? I mean I just tried tinkering around with it after reading this article, enjoy the new look by the way, and while it did speedily locate my device and make it ring; I was still able to go into the Settings and Security menu on the actual device and simply turn it off. What good does the ADM do if a thief with a little knowledge of Android knows how to turn it off? Do yourself a favor and don't rely on the ADM for total security... I also use the remote features offered by my anti-virus (the good anti-virus programs will offer remote locate and other features) which is on my device. It'll monitor the SIM card for someone replacing it, it'll ring (ring tone or alarm), scream even, locate, lock, wipe and send a message that covers the lock screen if you'd care to send a message to whomever may have found your device or stolen it. Try removing it and it'll scream to no end until you enter the PIN... It screamed up a Best Buy when I banged up my Moto G4 and was seeking an extended warranty replacement. The power button had become damaged smacking a table so it was lodged and booting/shutting down over and over. The tech guy was forced to pop out the SIM and SD cards hot and the G4 started screaming away cause we were unable to enter the PIN as it was looping...
  • Pretty interesting. What anti-virus do you have installed?
  • Sorry Slim, I'm at work so my apologies for any delay in getting back to you... But I use McAfee Mobile Security for Android, available in the Play Store. It does everything that I need and it's free even, you only subscribe if you want a couple of extra perks such as ad removal (and there not even blatant ads at that). You'd want to create an account however, I used mine from my time I had a paid subscription for McAfee on my PC (I use Eset now) and you can log in from a computer and take advantage of the remote functions. Heck, having an account (paid or not) it'll back up you Contacts (no pay necessary), Text Messages (again, no pay necessary) and Photos (one of the other paid perks). I get my Contacts backed up through Google but they'll also back up through McAfee. Folks say that once you swipe a text message away that it's gone forever... That's still somewhat true, but when I plug into charge; my device backs up Contacts and Texts if anything has changed and their still present on the device. So I can very likely go back and get a text message from however long ago or know who I called / called me from way back when...
  • Saw this update earlier and wondered about that
  • They should let you change your device's password with ADM. If you don't use a 4-digit PIN, it will tell you "your device already has a password, bro" which does you no good if someone stole your phone and they know your password...
  • What do you mean? If they know your password you are probably not in a good spot.