Farming games are a special kind of addicting catharsis, and one of the more popular farming RPGs of the last few years is making the jump from PCs and consoles to Android. That's right, farmhands, Stardew Valley is coming to sow some seeds of friendship and flourishing bumper crops on your phone, and pre-registration is already open so that you can be notified and get your gingham grow game on once the $8 game is available.

You'll be able to transfer you PC save game data to the mobile version and take your garden on the go, with new mobile features like auto-saving when you close the app, pinch-to-zoom to allow you to better see your crops on the smaller screen, and a cornucopia of touch controls. The iOS version of Stardew Valley has been up and running for months already, so here's hoping the Android version isn't too far off.

This mobile version of the game has the same content up to 1.3 as the PC/console version except for multiplayer, and will have support for 10 languages at its worldwide Android launch. Stardew Valley for Android will run you $8 when it finally does launch — same as the iOS version — and you can pre-register to be notified when it's live on Google Play.

Pre-register at Google PLay