Family Guy and more Twentieth Century Fox content heading to Google Play

How have we ever coped until now, without being able to get our Family Guy fix in Google Play? Well, that's all about to change, as today Google has announced that Family Guy, along with 600 other Twentieth Century Fox titles, will be coming to the Play Store sometime soon. 

It isn't just limited to content you may have already seen either. As of today, you can buy Prometheus from Google Play, in HD, a full three weeks before the general release date. Over the coming weeks we're also promised such titles as X-Men, Ice Age and Black Swan, alongside TV shows such as Modern Family, Glee and New Girl. Say what you will, but these are some popular titles and their presence in the Play Store is more than welcome. 

Initially -- and unsurprisingly -- these titles will initially only be available in the United States. Google has promised that they are working to bring them to other countries soon. They also made the point that they're now working with all six major studios and many independent studios to bring us the content we so desire. 

Source: Google Blog

  • I dont see Prometheus in the play store yet.
  • Here is the link to it in the play store
  • I get my Family Guy fix using Netflix =D
  • How about letting us get HD content on our computers. And maybe access to it somehow from the PS3 or XBOX or whatever...
  • Good news for Google land, but still Play is limited for apps only in most countries, so... that sucks big time. After it's available everywhere, I might give a crap.... :(
  • Best example shot of the "edge-to-edge" that I've seen so far...
  • Are these tv shows or movies subtitled or closed captioned?