Everything you need to do in Marvel's Spider-Man before The Heist DLC drops

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After you complete Spider-Man's main campaign, you may be itching for more content. Insomniac has already detailed the game's post-launch content called The City That Never Sleeps, which will be comprised of three chapters. The first chapter, The Heist, releases October 23 and focuses on the character of Black Cat. Here's everything you'll want to do in the game before this DLC drops.

You can pick up the complete package of The City That Never Sleeps for $24.99 on the PlayStation Store.

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Complete all of the Black Cat stakeouts

While Black Cat doesn't play an important role within the game's main story, you do find yourself performing activities across the city at her behest. Black Cat has left clues to her whereabouts and Peter believes that if he can piece together her targets he can figure out what she's after and why she's back in New York City.

These activities take the form of stakeouts, of which there are 13 total. Once you reach a stakeout location denoted by its own icon on the map, you'll look through your camera and search the surrounding areas for a miniature Black Cat toy.

After completing each stakeout you're finally given the location to Black Cat's hideout, where you can unlock and obtain the Dark Suit. This little side adventure unfortunately ends there without a confrontation, but it looks to set up a meeting between Spider-Man and Black Cat in the DLC. If anything, it's put Black Cat on his radar again.

Complete the main campaign

This might go without saying, but it's always a good idea to finish up the game first. Not only will you unlock an outfit that can only be obtained through completing the main campaign and will have unlocked more gadgets to use at your disposal, but New York City won't be under immediate threat anymore.

Insomniac has not revealed whether or not The Heist DLC has a recommended starting level to it or whether you need to beat the game in order to access it. Since the studio has not stated one way or the other, I'm inclined to believe that you don't necessarily need to finish the main campaign, but it's a good idea to anyway.

Pay attention to the little details

According to Spider-Man lead writer Jon Paquette, fans will want to explore New York City to its fullest in order to find all of the little hidden details that the team put in to create the most authentic game possible.

"They should be focused on a lot of the storytelling we do in the open world," said Paquette in an interview with Polygon regarding what fans should do to prepare themselves for The Heist. "There's probably things that you haven't discovered yet unless you've got the platinum (trophy) already, in which case, congratulations. But the team worked really hard to build this amazingly authentic city that is so much fun to play in. So just keep looking for hidden things."

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