Everything announced during the Devolver Direct 2020

Devolver Direct
Devolver Direct (Image credit: Devolver Digital)

What you need to know

  • The Devolver Direct livestream itook place today.
  • Several upcoming games were announced for various platforms.
  • This is the full list of games announced during the livestream.

Devolver Digital's July 2020 livestream is currently taking place. Several new games for a number of different platforms are being announced. Here are all of the games that have been in the showcase so far.

Shadow Warrior 3 (PC) - 2021

Shadow Warrior

Source: Flying Wild Hog (Image credit: Source: Flying Wild Hog)

This is an action adventure game being devolped by Flying Wild Hog. It's a first-person shooter filled with bloody combat and fast-paced gunplay.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC, PlayStation 4) - August 4th

Fall Guys

Source: Mediatonic (Image credit: Source: Mediatonic)

This MMO party game allows up to 60 online players to compete in free-for-all obstacle courses.

Carrion (Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch) - July 23, 2020


Source: Phobia Game Studio (Image credit: Source: Phobia Game Studio)

Take on the role of a horrific creature as it stalks and consumes the humans imprisoned with you.

Olija (Nintendo Switch, PC) - Available Now


Source: Skeleton Crew (Image credit: Source: Skeleton Crew)

Play as a young man who gets shipwrecked and a strange country. Will you be able to fight your way out of his hostile land and return home?

Serious Sam 4 Planet Badass (Steam, Stadia) - August 2020

Serious Sam

Source: Croteam (Image credit: Source: Croteam)

Take command of a powerful arsenal of weapons in this first-person shooter.

Devolverland Expo (Steam) - Now Available

Devolverland Expo

Source: Flying Wild Hog (Image credit: Source: Flying Wild Hog)

This is a first-person marketing simulator where you get to run around in an abandoned convention center.

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