Epic Arena battles it out on Android phones and tablets

Epic Arena, which merges elements of fantasy board, card and tactical strategy games, has made its worldwide debut on Android smartphones and tablets today after an earlier soft launch in select countries.

The free-to-play game (yes, there are also in-game purchases) is developed by Shadow Masters and was previously launched as a Facebook game. Epic Arena is described in this way:

Epic Arena is like chess on steroids! It is a fun strategy game for thinkers. Its 3D graphics and bone crunching sound effects will excite and delight your eyes and ears, while the tactical and reflective gameplay will engage your mind and test your wits. Engage in thrilling cross platform games in Blitz Mode against other players or maintain multiple matches at once in asynchronous Duel Mode.

What do you think about Epic Arena's mix of game genres?

John Callaham