EA shows off Real Racing 3, we all gaze at its beauty

Electronic Arts has gone and published the first trailer of forthcoming sequel, Real Racing 3. And boy oh boy does it look good. Trailers are supposed to show off their subject in its best light, but this so called "pre alpha footage" leaves us very excited to see the finished game. 

Real Racing 3 is also set to include a selection of real life tracks, such as the formidable Laguna Seca, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and the home of British Motorsport, Silverstone. 

What we don't actually know for sure though, is that the title will definitely be coming to Android. However, given that Real Racing 2 made its way into Google Play -- which is currently on sale (opens in new tab) by the way -- we're quietly confident that we'll be seeing this one. We need to see this one. It'll be out sometime later this year, and is most certainly one to watch out for.

Source: Electronic Arts (Facebook) 

  • I belive it. I mean look at how far the last few months mobile games came. Dead Trigger Dead Space Shadow Gun all look like they could've been Console Games. Also modern combat as well. This game loos like it really could be a beast of a racing game.
  • I really hope on board memory starts going up on devices. With all the bigger more complicated games its getting harder to store this stuff. If you have an 8gb n7 with a few big games and a movie and a few 100 songs your done. You'll run out of room to store apps!!!
  • Yea, that's why I gave my n7 to my mom and bought a transformer infinity. I bought the 64GB model and also have a 64GB uhs-1 microsd in the tablet and a 128GB sdxc card in the keydock. Currently I have the first 4 seasons of the big bang theory that I ripped as 1080p over 20GB of installed games (Would have a lot more but a bunch of EA games aren't supported). I also have tons of emags and books and like 20GB of music and I still have a lot of room. I managed to fill up that n7 within the first 20min of owning it, I forgot how little space 16GB was.
  • "You are my god damn hero"
  • You could have spent 30 minutes to root your
    N7 and then mount a usb or flash drive to it.
  • Yup. All my media lives there.
  • very true! my 32gbs on my gnex is always maxed out and i have to go back and delete apps and files all the time which is annoying
  • This is one of the reasons why I don't ever want to buy a device without a microSD card slot. MicroSDXC cards are supposed to have a storage ceiling of 2TB. We won't see 2TB cards anytime soon but it's good to know that any device with an SDXC card slot can take up to 2TB cards when they finally hit the market.
  • Awwww man this sucks i only jus found out real racing 2 exists last night but its not available in the uk :( boooo google, just boooo
  • It is... I'm in the UK :-) Device compatibility perhaps?
  • I can confirm that it's available in UK too,
  • I'm not really a racing game fan, but this does look impressive. Please have native gamepad support with analog input. -Suntan
  • Is it not available in the USA? Or is it just lack of galaxy S3 compatibility?
    RR2 from the link says "not available in your country"
  • Same here. In the US but it says not available in my country. Doesn't even show up in searches on the Website.
  • Mine was saying that too, but it's just the link. If you go to the play store and search it should show as available.
  • Just checked for rr2 on the play store and it shows available for 99 cents. GSIII in the USA. -Suntan
  • Sorry all, probably my fault. EA can seem to have different links for Europe and US... And i'm in Europe :/
  • Really hope it comes to Android,
  • Damn it! I just bought Real Racing 2!
  • The main thing we'll commonly see is the in-car view. All the rest is just movies. Still pretty impressive though
  • I'm sorry mate, but THE heart of British motorsports is Donington. Regardless of what those buffoons in F1 think.
  • Fwiw i prefer Snetterton to all the other circuits in the UK!
  • That is also a good choice. Brands Hatch is probably in the top three too. Sorry, petrolhead here. :P
  • Haha snap :-) Just got my race licence too!
  • Eh, I envy you. Now that I got two kids my wife basically ordered me to stop. :(
  • Since the video is in 16:9 that leads me to believe it's for Android, or possibly for the iPhone 5 since it will finally be widescreen.
  • ^ fail
  • I don't get it.
  • Porsche GT3 RS's at Mazda's Laguna Seca. Sweet
  • I'm guessing that may not necessarily be actual in-game sound? I only just bought Real Racing 2 the other day so I've only tried a couple of starter cars, but engine sounds are terrible - making the worst sounding cars of Gran Turismo 5 (a game that's rightfully highly criticized for its anemic sound) sound like a symphony of raw power in comparison.
    I hope later, more powerful cars have better sound samples - assuming the game uses sound samples at all and not synthetic sounds (which I'm leaning towards with those early cars)? Oh well, for a proper virtual racing experience I'm obviously a lot more likely to plug my G25 force feedback wheel into my PC or PS3, than reach for my tablet or phone :).
    For that reason I also think I'm likely to keep having a lot more fun on those handheld devices with racing games like Reckless Racing, Forever Drive and Riptide GP than with those that strive to emulate simulation racers on PC and console.
  • I wonder if this is actually in game footage and not pretty replay modes where they can boost the graphics up to make it look slightly impressive, similar to Gran Turismo and Forza.