Droid X - your questions, our answers

We hear ya. You have questions about the Motorola Droid X on Verizon. And we've got answers. Our full review is coming (we promise), but in the meantime whet your appetite with some Q&A from the Android Central Forums after the break.

Does the Droid X have a notification LED? - captsoto

Just to the left of the earpiece. Flashes green when you have a message.

After working with the Blur on this device can you compare to the Incredible and Sense? And does the screen rotate both ways? - NVR2ND

Have a feeling we're going to hear contradicting reports on this. But during my demo with the Droid X, they specifically said it's not called MotoBlur. Or Ninja Blur (can't believe people thought that was real). There's gotta be a name for it, right? Anyway, it's decidedly NOT like the Motoblur of old, which to me felt childish when compared to something like HTC's Sense.

What's on the Droid X feels less like a skin and more like a bunch of tweaks. And the custom widgets -- don't worry, we'll go more in-depth later -- have some pretty cool tricks up their sleeve.

As for the screen rotation, counterclockwise only for now.

How is the hump in the back? How does it feel with more bezel than the Evo - nutbunnies

It's a totally different feel than holding the Evo. It's much thinner, save for up top where the camera is. It feels quite nice in the hand, and makes the entire phone feel smaller.

Are there directional arrows on the keyboard a la Evo? - elkniwcire

Negative. That's an HTC keyboard thing. But it does have a cool little bull-eye looking thing that shows you where the cursor is.

I know it's bigger than the Incredible, but how is the weight? The Incredible feels like a feather, and the Droid X seems it would be kinda heavy. - slinky317

Feels fine to me, but I've been working out.

How is the battery door? Is it like the droid1? Micro sd card location? - moosc

As far as battery doors go, it's nice. :p It's metal, fits snug and doesn't feel like it could accidentally open. You have to remove the battery to swap the microSD card.

The Engadget preview stated that the camera button felt sticky and difficult to push. Is that your experience as well? - durangojim

I wouldn't call it sticky, in that the button won't move. But you press it, and maybe the camera app launches, and maybe it doesn't. Same thing for taking pictures. It's actually a two-stage button, kind of like on a real camera. I need a little more time with it to nail down how it works.

Does it have dedicated GPU? - CrAsHeR

Indeed, it does. And let me say this about that: It's fast as hell.

Can you disable the new "Motoblur" like you can disable Sense UI (via changing the launcher in the options) on other phones? - Tyler

Not that I've figured in the short time I've had it. But it's a totally different feel than Sense, or Motoblur. Not sure just how many of the custom widgets I'll use in the long run (again, need more time with it). But This is a BIG step up over Motoblur. In fact, let us never speak of Motoblur again.

How is the fit and finish? (Moto is usually known for solid hardware) I am particularly interested in the spaces around the hard keys. Seems like it would be an area for dust to accumulate. - matthewdlyons

I actually kind of miss the capacitive buttons. I asked Motorola about it, and they said it was a design issue. The physical buttons take up less space. You get used to them quick enough.

How is integrated Exchange support? Does is support accounts that require a PIN lock and if so, can it use a number PIN like Froyo? - KeilwerthSX90R

Haven't actually tried that yet, but they made a big deal about it in the announcement. So I'd give it a tentative "good" and "yes."

Ok, so I have read conflicting info on the screen. Is it AMOLED or LCD? How is it in sunlight? Personally I would prefer a sunlight friendly LCD over the pretty colors of AMOLED. - Unicorn56

It's TFT LCD, and it's pretty damn nice. I'm about to the point where I'm just going to let the carriers and manufacturers worry about which they say is better. The Droid X's screen is very, very nice.

Does it come with the HDMI cable or is that somthing you have to purchase seperate? - Beasnizzle99

Separate. It'll be $24.99 from Verizon.

Given the importance of the frame rate limit on the EVO to some users (myself included), could you run a benchmark on the Droid X to see if a similar problem exists? - alan7467

Full benchmark tests are coming, but, no, there's no fps cap. In fact, the graphics FLY.

Would like to know if this device has voice to text and if this has pinch to zoom? - tmax1964

Yes and yes.

3. Have you made any calls yet? If so, how's the call quality? And is the noise cancellation better/same/worse than nexus? - Maxmaniac

It's pretty darn good in the few calls I've made.

Can the Droid X cut, copy and paste? Also can you get the live animated weather widget like the HTC Incredible, example if its raining, rain animation happens on your phone. - tmax1964

Copy/paste are available in the browser, via the menu button. As for the weather widget, what's built in isn't as sexy as what HTC has.

You mentioned on the podcast that the entire 8 GB of onboard memory on the DX is dedicated to apps. Do you know if that memory assignment includes the data associated with those Apps? - vicw926a4

Looks like it's still saving to the SD card for at least some of it.

Is Motorola gonna a release a GSM version or one with SIM cards or International version? - IceDree

Mmmmmmmmm, maybe. They were asked that during the launch event, and hedged somewhat. But if they do, it'll be under a different name.

Does the Droid X support Avi? almost all of my movies are in avi format and i would hate to have to convert them if i want to watch them on the phone. - Mudvayne622

Didn't work for me.

TTFN, people. Post more questions in the forums, and we'll get you some more answers.

  • All great information, but how is this thing in the pocket? Is it an annoyance? Like when wearing dress pants or something? Can you tell its there? Does it feel bulky due to its size, even if its very thin?
  • Can't wait for this phone!
  • the phone is way too big for me, but i hope everyone enjoys it!
  • Thanks for the info. As I have stated many times I have the Incredible (which I love) and the Moto Droid (which I like with the exception of a few issues like the battery door coming off easily). I have already contacted my local VZW store a reserved my Droid X which will replace my Moto Droid. Don't get me wrong Moto Droid is great and for most part works great, however, not even had the first hiccup with the Incredible and once you have a 1g and get used to the speed it ruins everything else. Great info.
  • So, my contract with Verizon isn't up for renewal until next year, and I can't get new consumer pricing until January at the earliest. I'm stuck trying to get the X unsubsidized. Does anyone know the unsubsidized price yet? I'm hoping Moto brings it in at $450 like HTC did with the Evo. If they do, I'm sold.
  • Looks like you missed it by just 1 month! Verizon is running a promotion for anyone who's contract ends in 2010, allowing them to upgrade and sign a new contract early.
  • the evo full price is 400 at walmart
  • My question was never answered :( What are the battery drain increments? Droid is in 10% increments. Does the Droid X also deplete in 10% increments or does it show more detailed?
  • @ the last question by Mudvayne622....Just get Rockplayer. It's like VLC media player on Desktop. A bit of screen cropping but no extra decoding. It's still beta. Google it and you can get the file from Rapidshare.
  • Here is the official link of the project: http://groups.google.com.hk/group/rockplayer/ Got it on my Incredible... It ROCKS! :-p
  • Nice Q&A. Thanks Phil!
  • I've seen a few videos implying that the Droid X ran hot. Is this true? My D1 does a little when I charge it and to be completely honest it scares me.
  • I've seen a few videos implying that the Droid X ran hot. Is this true? My D1 does a little when I charge it and to be completely honest it scares me.
  • I don't knw but after that EVO came out it set the standards pretty high so I still see EVO as the king of the hills
  • Launch day Droid user here, so I have a couple questions as to how the X relates to its predecessor device: 1. Does the X ever exhibit any of the maddening bugs of the original Droid, such as newly-taken photos taking minutes/hours to appear in the gallery? How about gallery thumbnails disappearing or taking foever to load (or even refusing to load entirely)? 2. Is the bundled 16gb microSDHC card still a class 2 Sandisk? That could be the reason for some of the video choppiness some reviewers have reported thus far. 3. Does reception & voice quality in general seem better than the existing Droid? That was one major disappointment in the Droid 1. I always loved Moto dumbphones for rock-solid reception and call quality and felt that Droid 1 regressed quite a bit in this regard. 4. Is the bundled AC/microUSB cord combo any longer in length that the frustratingly short on that came with the Droid? 5. Can you sort contact names by last name, first name? 6. Has the # of windows available to be opened simultaneously improved over Droid 1? IIRC, the Droid allows 8 different pages open simultaneously. 7. Does the X's battery door have the tendency to slide off while in a tight case or in one's pocket by accident? 8. Can we confirm that only user-created content can be displayed via HDMI-out? How about if I load a photo or video NOT captured by the X's camera? Will those display on an HDTV? Does the HDMI out support just 1366x768p 16:9 output or does have it have a 4:3 480p output mode as well?
  • No Front Facing Camera kills it for me. In a year, we'll all be wanting video calls, and the X will be left out.
  • Oh look! My question made it into the article. I feel famous. Okay, maybe not. Thanks Phil!
  • DOes the X run really hot or just a little warm when using or when charing??? will verizon have a presale date?? Also They said if contract is up in this year 2010 can upgrade when droid x comes out with no penaloties, so does that mean we still get the 100.00 trade from every 2yr contract plus the 100.00 mail in rebate????
  • I want to know about bootloader. Is it looked?
  • Good info over all. Not going to shell out the cash though. I just got Verizon to give me a Droid over my old Eris because of issues I had with the phone. I'm rooted and have froyo so I can't be happier. Going to take a real sweet phone to get me off this one. Maybe something with gingerbread on it. Maybe a 1.2 ghz dual core. Don't know but its going to take more than what the Droid x has to offer. But for those of you willing to shell out the cash enjoy.
  • +1 on whether the bootloader will be encrypted or not.
  • Yet another reader curious about whether the bootloader will be encrypted --
  • the bootloader is encrypted and has an efuse. from my understanding, this means that even if the bootloader is unlocked attempting to flash a custom ROM will cause the phone to be bricked. the only way to fix it would be to send it back to Motorola; but, guess what? your warranty is gone once you get the bootloader unlocked. knowing this, i wouldn't even attempt to unlock the DroidX bootloader, which is really sad for the people who buy it. Motorola seems to be learning from Apple....
    EDIT: Here's a link to Moto's statement on rooting and custom ROM's