Do you mostly use free or paid apps on your phone?

Take a look at the Google Play Store, and you'll find a huge selection of apps to browse through. Many of them are completely free to download, some need to be purchased with a one-time fee, and others require a monthly subscription in order to access all of the features that come with them.

Free apps will likely always be the most popular simply due to the nature of them, but are paid apps getting any love?

We decided to check in with our AC forum members about this. Here's what they had to say:

Mostly free apps from reputable companies. Some paid like photo apps, email, etc.


Same here. Mostly free with a few paid.


One of the reasons I like Android is the fact that the same apps are free that are charged for on iOS. Ive paid for 3 apps in my lifetime; Nova Prime, aCar(now Fuely), and supported a ROM builder back in the day. Otherwise, everything is free.


I pretty much paid for all the free apps that I frequently use if they have a paid version. Actually I don't pay for them... because I have Google Rewards app (the Google surveys that give Play Store credit) so I usually have about $16 to 25 credit on my Play account.


What about you? Do you use free apps, paid ones, or a mixture of both?

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