If there's one thing we've talked about a lot here on AC over the past few months, it's Android Pie's navigation gestures.

This new method of navigating Android is one of the biggest changes to the operating system that we've seen in quite some time, and as with any big change, it's been faced with a mixed bag of reactions.

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Pie's gestures have certainly improved a lot compared to the earlier days of the first public beta, but even so, there are still a few users that aren't sold on Google's decision here.


Awful, the gestures are terrible so I switched back to the old way (hope Google doesn't do away with the three buttons in the future). The new swipe up to end apps is the worst thing in the world of Android mostly because if you don't go 90° straight up then you have to keep trying to close the apps. Straight garbage. Never been so disappointed before in an Android OS before. I may try and go...

B. Diddy

Gosh, I don't really see it as that much of a dealbreaker. After doing it for half a day, it's pretty much second nature for me. I agree it's nice that we can still use the old method, though. Also, why are you trying to close apps? Let the system handle when apps are closed out of RAM.


I personally don't have that issue. Flick, flick, app closed.


I am loving the gestures! Sometimes I aim the wrong way by a hair when I swipe up and have to try again; but I'm absolutely loving them and the lack of virtual keys.


What about you? Do you love or hate Android Pie's gestures?

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