Do you care about DxOMark camera scores?

OnePlus 8 camera
OnePlus 8 camera (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Whenever a new flagship phone is released, we often see companies bragging about the score DxOMark gave to the camera system. This is a trend that's been going on for a few years, and as far as we can tell, it won't be going away anytime soon.

DxOMark scores are helpful for getting a technical understanding of how various camera setups work, and recently, some of our AC forum members got into a discussion about the score DxOMark gave to the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

They way they advertised the camera it should have been tops right out of the gate. With that being said after the updates i am happy with the camera and i think it takes excellent pictures up to 30x zoom. i also didn't buy an ultra for the camera. If camera is tops on your list when getting a phone then any Samsung phone shouldn't be your first choice.

Peter Scooze

The overall score for just the camera was quite high though. I’d say the phone will likely be exceptional at some point but when that time comes it might be the time the hype wagon is barreling down on the Note 20 release. Lol


For all the autofocus complaints, that's a pretty good score.


I'm speaking for myself but none of these numbers matter as long as I'm happy with the results. I will say that Samsung did raise everyone's expectations with their marketing and seems to have fallen short on delivery.

Mike Dee

All of this got us to wondering — Do you care about DxOMark camera scores?

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Joe Maring

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  • The overall score doesn't make any sense to me. Though, they are very detail in every individual categories.
    They do show examples vs other phones to prove their claim. Even giving them a high score, they still highlights the faults of each phones. I don't see much problems with them except how they calculate the overall score.
  • Nope. They are meaningless. I am convinced certain brands will score higher and dumb gimmicks increase the scores.
  • Agreed, DxO is a joke. Just like reviews from
  • Nope, I couldn't care less. Here is why and it's simple; if I like the results then that is all that matters. It's a personal preference and I believe most people judge it that way (except iPhone users because they just religiously stick with iPhone because it's iPhone. About 95% of the people in my family use iPhones and sing its camera's praises yet they've NEVER used anything else so they don't have a ton of credibility).
  • Eh, it was cute back in 2016, when it didn't seem so saturated.
  • The DxOMark articles themselves are interesting, but their scoring system is a mess.
    Credibility is not one of their strong points when they give higher scores to specific features that are KNOWN to be worse.
  • Not much. Their testing has a lab-outlook that doesn't translate well to real life, and their scoring seems to favour certain brands, regardless of the output.