Control your iRobot Create with Cellbots for Android

Now this is just plain awesome.  Thanks to the efforts of the Cellbots team, and worldwide collaborators, Cellbots allows you to control supported robots with up to four different input methods right from your FroYo-toting Android phone.  Using direct control, Google Talk, a web browser, or phone-to-phone controls -- Cellbots makes chasing your pets around the house even easier.

To take advantage of Cellbots, you'll need to acquire one of the supported robots -- Lego Mindstorms, iRobot Create & Roomba, and VEX Pro devices.  If you've already got one of those, head into the Android market and grab the last piece of the puzzle.

See it in action and grab a download link after the break.

Pretty cool stuff.  Off the top of my head I can think of a few ways I'd use this (mostly for beverage retrieval), but until there's a robot that can climb stairs, and open a refrigerator, I'll have to go get it myself.  How primitive.  Thanks, Rufus! [Cellbots blog]