The competition: RIM goes thin, light with the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930

BlackBerry Bold 9900
BlackBerry Bold 9900 (Image credit: Crackberry)

We know a lot of you came over from BlackBerry. And with the PlayBook tablet about to run Android applications, we're keeping a close eye on what ol' RIM's up to. This week, it's up to BlackBerry World in Orlando, and our pals at CrackBerry are leading the coverage.

So far, they've gotten one new device, the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930. To our untrained (or overly jaded) eyes, it looks like a BlackBerry, all right. But apparently it's as thin as just about anything we've seen, lightweight, and has a stunning 287ppi pixel density on a (small) 2.8-inch touchscreen.

No, we're not about to give up our beloved Android phone anytime soon. How about you guys? Check out some video after the break, and hit up more at the source link.

BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 initial review

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Phil Nickinson
  • LOL competition? It'll probably be out in August.
  • I think I made the right move by coming over to Android!
  • "Thin and Light" . . . aren't all BBs thin and light?
  • Personally, the only reason why I left RIM in the beginning was for lack of a GOOD web browser. I had the Storm 1 when it first came out for about 8 months, but couldn't stand it. Got the Droid 1, iPhone 3GS, then the Droid X. Great devices, but for what I like, if RIM finally has a good browser, I'll be switching back to them Day 1 when this device comes out... assuming Verizon will be getting it.
  • In all fairness, Opera didn't completely suck on the Blackberry...
  • Touch screen, eh? Interesting!
  • This is certainly a SWEET device that I would absolutely LOVE.....if it ran Android! I loved all of my BB's, but I fear that not many apps will be developed for BB going forward. My prediction is that the future BB OS will actually just be a BB flavored Android experience. Then they can draw on the already huge and increasing App and developer market while focusing on hardware and OS customization.
  • Screen size too small still. Not enough apps and multitasking capabilities. Had a curve 8330 then storm 1 then storm 2. All 3 did the same thing...froze alot tons of battery pulls etc. I think rim needs to switch design and os completely to win back some android fan
  • How do you propose they do that? It certainly wouldn't do RIM any good to mimic Android. We need differentiation, not more of the same. RIM may never take over the smart phone market but they'd lose what they still have if they tried to emulate Google.
  • Precisely ...less black slabs and more innovation.
  • They are already losing what they have, and it probably won't slow down any time soon. Im sure many people loved their BB, but unfortunately it's slowly being outclassed by iOS and Android, and probably even WebOS and WP7
  • Geez, slow week in Android? When did this site start reporting on blackberry devices?
  • If you want a website where the only time they mention a competing device is in a dismissive and arrogant manner, check out Nothing wrong with A/C mentioning Rim's newest release. A lot of us are former cb addicts as well as tech junkies anyways. No harm IMHO
  • I agree. I manage a BES and a Good Enterprise server so I have to support iOS, BB OS and Android OS. I love AC but don't mind them sharing some BB love every now and then and at the same time helping out their sister sites.
  • This looks great but did you notice that even though its touchscreen, his thumb almost immediately and instinctively went to the touchpad? I gotta say I had a Tour for a while and always wished it was touchscreen but since using my Droid Pro now, when using it, because the keypad is down low, using the touchscreen is very comfortable and natural. I'm not sure that having a touchscreen that is so small and up high like that will be as comfortable as I would hope. Anyways, pretty cool device, glad to see RIM is finally using decent hardware.....
  • I would love this form factor running android. (Any device manufacturers listening?) Would I consider swithcing to this? Maybe...but it would really have to wow me to get me to give up the Google "ecosystem" integration of android.
  • You've never heard of the Motorola Droid Pro? Same form factor running android. Bigger screen, too.
  • BB had me for 6 years and I loved my curve and bold. But then I went to the store to check out the torch and... say, what is *this* phone over here? Cappy and me have been best friends ever since. Not only that but it convinced my wife to switch over from her iPhone. Win/win. I miss you BB, we had a good run but don't leave the porch light on because I'm probably not coming back.
  • wow. starred as spam? I was just trying to answer the simple question "No, we're not about to give up our beloved Android phone anytime soon. How about you guys?" with a little enthusiasm. Oh well...
  • This is a Blackberry that anyone would be happy to own. Coming from the BB 9700, this is a much needed upgrade for the BB fans. Looks great, screen resolution is fantastic, touch screen and the upgrade to the processor means good web browsing. It is about time. This along with the new BB pad would be one hell of a good combo.
  • My next phone, thank you T-mobile and BlackBerry!! Finally something that can handle my work email (exchange) and also browse the web. PERFECT.
  • This was talked about long ago. It has come to late in the game to make that big of an impact. Would have been nice like 2 years ago.
  • If the touchscreen is good, I'll get this. I've loved my N1 and Atrix, but I miss my BB9700's keyboard terribly. RIM's new browser is passable, and their keypads are second to none.
  • Bye Bye Android...
  • How passable can a 2.8" screen be for browsing the internet.You know the kind of tradeoff you have to make with this style of BB: Excellent messaging KB and compromise on the formatting of the web pages.Pinch-to-zoom will be a big plus though.Happy to see RIM finally put out a REAL flagship successor to the Bold 9000. Thanks for the story,AC. BTW,no reason there couldn't be an Android version of this design.(The Droid Pro could be way better and do I have to mention the Cha-Cha? )
  • Samsung came out with one. I don't recall the name though. I don't mean that eco friendly ethanol thing either.
  • Ummm, reporting on the competition...
  • what is this doing here in androidcentral ??!!
  • Another fail from RIM.
  • This just reminds me why I'm glad I switched to Android from a Blackberry.
  • Don't worry they will be developing a new Android Blackberry phone by end of year! RIM adds Android. Is an Android Blackberry phone, next?
  • I actually think this device is really nice. Certainly not for everyone but the keyboard is awesome and the screen resolution is outstanding.
    I agree that RIMM is behind on apps but the hardware actually beats the iPhone4.
    It comes with:
    1.World phone capability. The iP4 does not. You can travel to Germany and don't need to switch phones.
    2.It is NFC capable. The iP4 does not nor will their future device have it due to security.
    3.It has a 1.2Ghz processor vs. iP4 1Ghz (still inferior to top of the line droids in processing power).
    4. You can now back-up the phone to SD card so if your kid destroys your phone then you can recover everything without needing to use the desktop manager.
    5. (this is just my view) but the keyboard on this thing is world class. I have looked at several and there is just nothing like it.
    6. Still better e-mail, messaging and security (not very exciting though) All in all an awesome improvement for Blackberry. However, to be honest the device is still inferior for apps and video and it obviously does not have Google Voice Navigation (my favorite app-though it has Waze Navigation). The only thing I really wish my HTC Evo 4G had was a better battery life.
    I hope Blackberry succeeds against the iP4. Frankly, Droid is going to win this fight (even BB is launching droid capable phones next year) but I would like them to humble apple a bit. I'd love to see a ranking of Droid #1, BB#2, iPhone #3.
    This is a better phone than the iP4 in my view so good luck RIMM.