Chrome surpasses 1 billion monthly users on Android and iOS

Google has announced that the mobile version of its Chrome browser, running on both Android and iOS, has now passed 1 billion monthly active users. This puts Chrome in the same club as products like YouTube, Maps, and Search, all of which have passed the same milestone.

From TechCrunch:

Google says its users now load 771 billion pages per month (on desktop and mobile combined), and they use Google Translate for 3.6 billion of these pages. The company also says that its data-saving features for both the desktop and mobile now saves its users a total of 2 million gigabytes of data used every month.

Google didn't break down of how many people used Chrome on each platform, and while Android no doubt leads those numbers, it's likely that the iOS version has proven popular as well.

This announcement comes just one week after Google released Chrome 50 for desktops.

Joseph Keller