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Back when I was in high school, there weren't that many places to watch anime (legally). Now, look at the market! We've got anime everywhere! Toonami is back and more awesome than ever, Crunchyroll and Funimation have teamed up to offer more awesome subs and dubs mere hours after they air in Japan, and the diversity and quality of the anime out today is jaw-dropping. Now, there's a whole, whole, WHOLE lot of anime wallpapers out there for the discerning fan, but unfortunately, most of it is going to have to wait for another week, because these come first!


Classicaloid is kinda like Hetalia (or more recently Bungo Stray Dogs) taking some of history's most famous composers and reimagining them as crazy superpowered characters. We have famous composers like Bach, Chopin, and this absolutely savage-looking Beethoven. He's fierce, he's sporting a leather jacket in this reincarnation, and he is a BOSS.

He's also introduced with the nickname Beethes and he likes to play with flamethrowers.


ClassicaLoid Wallpaper 07 by sanoboss

Beats by Fuuka!

This awkwardly-named anime features an adorable schoolgirl who always has her awesome, blood-red headphones on. Truly, a girl after my own heart… and one that's gonna crush my heart when she dies. But until then, I shall savor that blue hair, those red headphones, and those eyes that see straight into my music-loving soul!

Fuuka Minimalist Wallpaper by Fremy-Speeddraw

Who's your best girl?!

SWORD ART ONLINE IS BACK! Forgive me for shouting, but I'm so happy! I've been jonesing for more SAO for a while, and this time we're getting a feature-length film, and not one of those fake-out recap films like Extra Edition. It wouldn't be a new chapter of Sword Art Online without a new BEST GIRL for the cast, and this time around it's the singer Yuna, seen here dueting with the ultimate best girl Asuna. In bikinis. Because why not?

Ordinal Scale is coming to theaters in America on March 9th, subtitled, and you should really grab tickets before they're completely sold out!

Asuna and Yuna! by Fulbring

I miss Pyrrha

Volume Four of RWBY ended at the beginning of February, and while it's been a whole season since Pyrrha died, it still stings. Her fabulous red hair, her piercing green eyes, her unbridled skill… Pyrrha's romance with Jaune was adorable and delicious, and now that it's gone it's left a void. Her sword may live on in Jaune's, but it's not the same…

Long live Pyrrha!

Battle Armor Pyrrha by dishwasher 1910


KonoSuba is a standout in a great and growing field that pokes fun at the traditional fantasy world RPG narrative, pairing a NEET gamer with a haughty but mostly worthless goddess, a masochist tank who gets off on getting beat up and humiliated, and this adorable little fireball. Megumin is an oddly-speaking magician who has no patience or tolerance for anything but the most ridiculously powerful Explosion spell. She can't move once she casts it, she can only use it once a day, and she refuses to learn or use any other magic, meaning she's a one-shot cannon and a liability the rest of the time. But that doesn't stop us from loving Megumin or her one-track magical mind.


Megumin-KonoSuba by Matcha2

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