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The best standing desks have been all the range in open-plan offices for the past few years, and now that more and more of us are working from home, we see the value in having the option to stand while we work in our home offices as well. When it comes to standing desks, there are a ton of different options at different price points. Whether you want an entirely new, tricked-out electronic number, or something more portable that you can move from room to room as your family's schedule necessitates, we've got you covered with some of the best standing desk options available. The standing desk we recommend is the Vari Pro Plus 36" because I can raise or lower it with ease, I can put my laptop and monitor on it, and I can move it if I need to.

Best Standing Desk Overall: Vari Pro Plus 36"

Vari Desktop Converter Official LifestyleSource: Vari

When it comes to furniture that you're going to be spending a significant portion of your day at, you need to feel really comfortable with the ergonomics and styling of the piece. This is particularly true for a standing desk. When I was searching for a good standing desk option, I wanted something well-built and sturdy enough to hold my devices and my occasional leaning, and I wanted something that wasn't necessarily permanent. You see, I already have a nice desk in my home office, and I didn't see the need to sell or replace it. Enter the Vari Pro Plus 36".

This standing desk option can be placed on top of any existing counter, tabletop, or desk, and it's relatively easy to move in a pinch (though it's heavy enough that I wouldn't want to do so regularly). While it's not electric, the clamps on each side of the desk are engineered to glide effortlessly, regardless of your size or strength. It also features a wide lower and upper platform, which is perfect for giving you ergonomic separation between your monitor, laptop or keyboard, and mouse or trackpad. The biggest drawback of this desk is the price. You definitely pay for the quality you get with this piece of furniture.


  • Extremely well made
  • Easy for anyone to operate
  • Multiple levels for keyboard and monitors
  • Don't need to replace existing furniture


  • A bit bulky and heavy to move
  • Expensive for a portable standing desk

Best Standing Desk Overall

Vari Desktop Converter Official Render

Vari Pro Plus 36"

Portable powerhouse

The Vari Pro Plus 36" is a perfect option for those who want a stable, portable, easy to use stand up desk platform.

Best Value Standing Desk: Flexispot Adjustable Electric Standing Desk EC1-48"

Flexispot Ec1 48 Official LifestyleSource: Flexispot

If you are looking for an all-in-one standing desk solution but don't want to break the bank, then I suggest you take a look at this adjustable electric standing desk from Flexispot. The basic option, available in a black or gray topped finish, gives you a wide 48-inch by 30-inch platform from which to spread out and get down to business.

The Basic model comes with an electric motor with up and down keys to quickly raise or lower the desk to suit your height and standing or sitting preferences. If you need even more room and features, Flexispot makes a Standard version of this desk that is 55-inches long, and features programmable height options, as well as a built-in time reminding you to switch up your sit/stand behavior. The Standard model is available for an additional cost.

While the available finishes look beautiful, you may want to exercise some caution with how you use the tabletop. Some customers mentioned that the surface scratches and smudges rather easily, so be careful when moving the desk or moving your computer or monitor on/off of it.


  • One of the more affordable electronic standing desks
  • Wide 48 x 30 workspace
  • Electric motor lift


  • Smudgy surface
  • One of the more complicated to assemble

Best Value Standing Desk

Flexispot Ec1 48 Render

Flexispot Adjustable Electric Standing Desk EC1-48"

Affordable adjustment

This Flexispot desk offers customers several options to have a premium-looking electric standing desk for an affordable price.

Best Multi-level Master Standing Desk Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55"

Tranzendesk 55 Dual Level Crank Standing Desk Crank Standing Desk Stand Steady SstranspblsvSource: Stand Steady

Aside from the clever name of this desk that reminds me of a Transformer in a trance from Transylvania, this standing desk option offers a lot of flexibility in a single package. For starters, it's adjustable (believe it or not, there are standing desks that cannot be adjusted). It also has a detachable second level, which can be configured to lean in closer or further out, depending on your spatial needs. One of my favorite features, though, is the attached drawer underneath the primary level. One of the biggest knocks against standing desks is that they typically don't have any storage options for things like pens, notepads, or calculators.

While this desk has a lot going for it, it does have one very polarizing feature, the hand crank. Full-sized standing desks without electronic adjustments can make even the most well-intentioned stand up worker less likely to take the time and effort to crank the desk up or down, especially multiple times per day as one should. Plus, you might feel just the slightest bit silly doing so, as if you're starting up an old Ford Model T vehicle from 100 years ago!


  • Has a second level for monitors or other gadgets
  • Utility drawer included
  • Can hold up to three monitors on the top level
  • The top shelf is removable


  • The second level eats into the primary workspace
  • Hand crank may prove difficult for some to operate
  • There are cheaper manual options to be found

Best Multi-level Master Standing Desk

Tranzendesk 55 Dual Level Crank Standing Desk Crank Standing Desk Stand Steady Sstranspblsv

Stand Steady Tranzendesk 55"

Customizeable comfort

The Tranzendesk is a true transformer with its removable top shelf, manually adjustable height, and built-in accessory drawer.

Best Premium Standing Desk: Vari Electric Standing Desk 60"

Vari Electric Standing 400803 Reclaimedwood ProfessionalSource: Vari

I've already gushed over how much I like Vari's standing desk options, but the one thing I don't love about them is how much they cost (especially if/when you start adding accessories to the mix). You're indeed getting a quality-made product for your dollar, but the initial sticker price can be hard to swallow sometimes.

What really sells me on this model desk isn't just the quality of the construction, but the look and feel of the desk. It offers one of the widest options on this list at 60-inches and is plenty deep enough for all of your materials at 30-inches. The faux finishes available not only look great, but they are very (Vari?) original, including a reclaimed wood option that looks like something right out of HGTV's Fixer Upper, to a butcher block finish that would make Martha Stewart jealous.


  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Five finishes, including reclaimed wood and butcher block
  • Assembly takes only five minutes


  • Among the more expensive options
  • Models with crossbar support are more expensive
  • Reclaimed wood is a laminate finish; not actually reclaimed wood

Best Premium Standing Desk

Vari Electric Standing 400803 Reclaimedwood Iso

Vari Electric Standing Desk 60"

Look the part

Vari makes some of the most premium looking and functioning desks, and this version is no different. Stand out with a reclaimed wood or butcher block look.

Best Traditional Standing Desk: AITERMINAL Electric Standing Desk

Aiterminal Electric Standing Desk LifestyleSource: Amazon

Technically speaking, this desk starts out more expensive than the Vari option above, and it certainly looks the part. This is one of the few standing desks I've come across that looks like it would fit in just as well in your grandmother's parlor as it would in a bougie coworking space somewhere in Brooklyn or Austin.

In addition to sporting a more classic look than most standing desks I've come across, this piece of furniture packs some handy features as well. It has a built-in drawer to stow away any loose items or knickknacks that you don't need at the moment. It also has a one-touch programmable button, overload protection that will stop the desk from moving if too much weight is placed on it, and three standard outlets and two USB ports on the side for convenient charging of all of your gadgets.


  • Traditional look can match existing decor
  • One of few standing desks with storage space
  • Programmable memory settings and overload protection
  • Five-year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Confusing assembly instructions

Best Traditional Standing Desk

Aiterminal Electric Standing Desk

AITERMINAL Electric Standing Desk

Classic styling

This proper-looking standing desk has all the high-tech extras you'd expect packed into a timeless-looking design.

Easiest Standing Desk to Assemble: SONGMICS Bamboo Standing Computer Desk

Songmics Bambo Standing DeskSource: Amazon

We love a good play on words, but this standing computer desk from SONGMICS is the ultimate build-to-your-needs solution. It has several adjustable shelves that slide in and out easily so that you can set things up just the way you want it — whether sitting or standing. With these options, you can set a monitor and a keyboard up, or a laptop and a cell phone, or even some decorations to brighten your day!

Unlike our best overall pick, this portable desk is lightweight and super easy to move from place to place. It is constructed from sustainable bamboo, and it's incredibly durable and easy to clean. With only four screws, it assembles in minutes and adds a soft, natural look to your home office space. And don't worry about this being too lightweight; we've seen people using it with iMacs and large monitors, so it can handle most computer setups.


  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight and customizable
  • Made from natural, sustainable bamboo


  • Not a ton of room
  • The higher you stack the shelves, the less stable it can be

Easiest Standing Desk to Assemble

Songmics Bamboo Standing Computer Desk Official Render

SONGMICS Bamboo Standing Computer Desk

This desk is stacked

Adjustable, affordable, portable, and sustainable, this standing desk can fit into just about any space or lifestyle.

Bottom line

The fact is that there are tons of excellent standing desk options, no matter your budget, style, or size of your workspace. My favorite option is the Pro Plus 26" by Vari, which was also our top pick in our Best Cheap Standing Desks roundup. How can that be? Well, for starters, this desk isn't that cheap. But more importantly, it's legitimately a great option for just about any workspace. It sits securely on top of an existing steady surface and can be moved if and when needed. Plus, the manual clamps are easy for anyone to adjust, and the multi-platform options give you all the room you need to get your work done.

While manual options can be more affordable, for most people, I'd probably recommend an electronically adjustable standing desk. People are more likely to actually stand and reap the benefits of this style of furniture if the process to raise the desk is quick and easy (at least, that's my theory!). Regardless of what your needs and budget are, we think you'll find something to suit your space from this list.

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