Best photography accessories for the P30 Pro Android Central 2021

The P30 Pro has rightfully received glowing praise for its amazing camera performance, in particular the ingenious periscope telephoto lens that lets you optically zoom in 5X and with software assistance get up to 10X. But to get the most out of all the cool photography features, you're probably going to want some extra gear to keep your phone nice and steady.

Mount your phone anywhere: Moman Phone Clamp Stand with Universal Bottle Cap Adapter

This clamp just fits the P30 Pro so you really won't have to worry about it slipping out, and it features the standard threading to screw into any standard tripod. If you don't have a tripod, this clamp comes with a bottle cap adapter that lets you make a DIY stand with any standard soda bottle.

$9 at Amazon

Find the best angles: EVO Gimbals Flexible Tripod

This flexible tripod is a perfect pairing with the Moman Phone Clamp, as you're able to bend each arm to stabilize and set up shots and angles you could only dream of. It's a fully adjustable stand that's also made of premium materials with great grip.

$30 at Amazon

More than your average selfie stick: YunTeng 45-inch Selfie Stick Tripod

This selfie stick is made for more than annoying crowd shots, featuring a built-in tripod on top of the main staff that can extend 45 inches. Remember that you can also use the main cameras with this stick, which would give you some incredible vantage points for that telephoto or wide angle lens.

$18 at Amazon

A pocket-sized gimbal: Snoppa Atom 3 Axis Foldable Gimbal

This is a perfect accessory for vloggers, budding documentarians, or anyone who just loves to share moments from their life to share on social media. You get quick controls for smooth panning and tracking on the handle, and it lasts for up to 24 hours on a fully charged battery.

$149 at Amazon

A gimbal and tripod in one: Zhiyun Smooth 4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

Interested in a gimbal that also doubles as a tripod in a pinch? This one features 12-hour battery life, a full suite of controls and includes a convenient wheel to control zoom or focus. There's an app you can download for some more advanced features, and the Huawei camera app also has plenty of features and modes to play around with.

$119 at Amazon

Don't let the fun die: Anker PowerCore PD 20000

The P30 Pro has outstanding battery life that typically lasts more than 24 hours — even with heavy use, but the one day when it did need to be charged before bed was after an intensive 4-hour photo walk. That's why it's good to have a quality battery pack on hand just in case your phone quits before you do.

$100 at Amazon

Make your photos and videos stand out even more!

In my experience shooting photos and videos with the P30 Pro, my biggest struggle is to keep the phone steady. Sure, there's some optical stabilization in play, but really you're going to get the best results using the time-lapse or light painting modes with a quality tripod.

That all starts with a phone mount for a tripod, and I recommend the Moman Phone Clamp Stand with Universal Bottle Cap Adapter because the price is right and the bottle cap adapter is a novel idea that opens up creative opportunities wherever you happen to be. Paired with the EVO Gimbals Flexible Tripod, you're basically set to tackle any photo or video scenario.

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