Banned (in 2008) from Apple's App Store, iBoobs finds refuge in Android Market

Here we go, folks. Mystic Game Development made quite the name for itself with its iBoobs app for the iPhone, which got itself banned from Apple's App Store in late 2008. Now it's found refuge more than two years later in the Android Market, and it's sent out a slew of e-mails to announce and celebrate. (And probably to poke the bear a little bit.) From the presser e-mail:

We recently decided to do an experiment and create iBoobs for Android, which is now currently available in the Android app market store. We think the fact that it is available on Android does show that the Android platform offers more flexibility and is more open-minded to app developers.

Dunno how much we'd call this an "experiment" -- tawdry sex apps are nothing new in the Android Market. This is more of a marketing ploy. (Yes, we know full well we're aiding it here.) And now might not be the best time to test Google's patience. But short of an app stealing data or harming your phone, little has been done insofar as soft-core apps go.

There's a little more after the break, if you're into this sort of thing.

iBoobs for the iPhone got rejected by Apple around two years ago. This was

huge news at that time as Apple made a clear statement with it to not accept

any sexy applications. This caused a big discussion about Apple deciding what

people can download on their phones and what not. Websites worldwide such as

Fox News, Gizmodo and Spiegel Online covered this news.

We recently decided to do an experiment and create iBoobs for Android, which

is now currently available in the Android app market store. We think the fact

that it is available on Android does show that the Android platform offers

more flexibility and is more open-minded to app developers.

For the Android version we also implemented some new features such as:

  • Touch screen support
  • Statistics tracking
  • An achievement system with 15 achievements

We also created a free version of the app to make it available to everyone.

You can find a video of the Android version at:

The app store links are:

Phil Nickinson
  • I am for freedom, but (and maybe this feature already exists so please tell me if it does) I would like to be able to restrict access of my children from buying these aps like is possible with the iphone app purchasing.
  • Why is there such a detailed review of this app? Yeah, I think there should be at the least a section for such apps. Parental controls would get too messy.
  • Please point me to the "detailed review," because I sure didn't do one.
  • yes you can use apps to password protect the google play store so that no one can install or even browse the apps. Avast antivirus has this feature but you can only lock 3 apps with the free version, i use perfect app locker as the same company also makes a app to hide any pix or video you don't want kids finding.
  • What a country! (Saying this aloud in my best Yakov Smirnoff impression)
  • In Soviet Russia, phone dials YOU.
  • We welcome you with open arms, iBoobs.
    PS: Men are such tools! ;)
  • So are women. ;)
  • I'd like to thank Phil for what must have been a difficult review; you're always willing to sacrifice yourself to provide us with complete breakdowns of unseemly apps... :)
  • In Soviet Russia, boobs eye you!!
  • this is a good app...if you can't get none
  • None what?
  • It's a way for saying, if you cannot find one to pro-create with you.
  • And wobble allows you to take pics and make ur own boobies shake.
  • One more reason I am happy to choose android over apple. I have very little regard for censorship policies of companies or governments ("the freakin' FCC"). Parents should control what children see. Screening for malware is good, but otherwise leave the market open.
  • I say the more boobs the better.
  • Boobies ALWAYS=WIN!!!
  • This app should appeal to 16 year old boys who haven't experience the real thing!
  • Like a bag of sand.
  • I can always count on Android Central to keep me abreast of the current news...
  • Well played, sir.
  • And where's the app for women? Oh, that's right, women aren't that lame.
  • There's nothing really to jiggle on a man, except for a few things. Things that would violate the terms of the Android Market. You get what I'm saying, or should I spell it out?
  • iNuts? ;)
  • No... there are apps out there for women.... just look under the "cooking" section. They are there....
  • lol You feminists are so funny, never knowing what you're talking about. :P
  • What's not to like about this app?
    Just installed it and it works good too.
    You can make adjustments to the action of the,
    well let's just say "Bouncy,bouncy,bouncy".
    Got to love it!!!!!
  • Score one for openness. That being said, where are app ratings? I can see parents being concerned about this kind of thing.
  • This app seems aimed at the desperate or immature.. Hardly worth anyone complaining over as there are PG13 movies that have more cleavage lol.. Besides I am a strong believer in parents being freaking parents, and if you don't like something, you don't have to like it, turn your head and keep your morals/beliefs to yourself.. There are lots of things I don't like, but I would never want something censored because I don't like or agree with it...
  • Google needs to *at least* introduce parental controls. I would love to get my kid and Android device, but I'd like to keep him from stumbling upon stuff intended for maturer audiences.
  • Ok... but I would change that to *at most*.
    I can completely understand and respect why a parent would want the ability to block certain things... But the rest of us do not want to live in a vanilla, politically correct world.
    Variety is the spice of life - cencorship, in any form, is evil.
    If you want a PG rated device, try an iphone.
  • This I agree with. My parent's never censored anything.. Censoring leads to curiosity and confused kids, that is just a fact.. If you go to see a PG 13 movie and a cleavage shot pops up are you gonna cover the kids eyes?.. Also, all modern phones have unrestricted REAL net access, which means kids have uncensored access to real porn anyway lol.. All you can do is be a parent and teach common sense like my parents did..
  • The perfect app for Al Bundy!
  • This app is so lame. Use andwobble, sooooooo much better. With real boobs lol
  • Are you kidding? I remember way back then we all begged these douche bag iPhone fan boys to bring this app to Android. They didn't so they were replaced by a BETTER app "Andwoble". These loser fan boys can crawl back under the iPhone rock they came from and leave the making of android apps to the big boys. What is unbelievable to me is that they brought the same shitty app they made for iPhone knowing there are better options for the same thing already. Please take your app and go.
  • Lmao@this app....could be considered offensive if shown to women but hey it's all in fun....funny as hell....
  • BRB going to rock a motorboat on those bad boys.
  • I am a firm believer in freedom of expression/speech and so forth and so on. I think developers should be allowed to create applications like this. I do however also believe in being responsible and think that there should be a certain section for these apps so they are no in general view of the public or at least have an on/off filter such as the Google safe search. In addition if more apps such as this came about I think it would be ideal to have some form of parental control for parents that like to limit a child's exposure to certain content.
  • I can see the new LG Optimus 3D phone being pretty popular now...
    Maybe LG planed for this?
  • Put the apps in its own section that you can disable seeing or parents can lock, and the same for other content that may offend certain groups of people
  • Why can't parents monitor their kids' phones, instead of wanting Google to segregate content? It's called being responsible.
  • WHAT???? Parent's can't be responsible for their own kids!!!! That's insane. What happens when they turn their back and the kid sees boobs? Oh the humainity!!!! We have to protect the children from those disgusting things. *note to any parents out there....if you don't want your kid to see anything, you might want to uninstall the browser and flash and the SD Card and disable the USB port so he can't copy stuff from his friend's computer. Of course at that point, you might as well not have a smart phone at all.
  • Just one more very good reason to stick with Droid :)
  • I Think Google has to create a section, we can't have steve jobs running around talking mierda/crap but I'm mostly saying a section needs to be created because who wants a terrible first impression. The first time I picked up an Xperia in a sony store looking to make the switch from iPhone I searched for a weight lost app and got nothing but scantily clad applications pop up after hearing SJ constantly talk about porn on Android this is the last thing you want a parent seeing to confirm their incorrectly feed suspicions. Google has to create a section and make us all whole again. YAY Google!
  • They need to change the physics labels. One end should be real world physics the other should be Charlie Sheen Physics.
  • I appreciate the gesture (no pun) but I get to play with real ones. {{-_-}}
  • Guys the main app has now been pulled, but the lite version remains. What gives?
  • Change the name to gBoobs. Then I might consider it.
  • WTH? lol
  • @Phil Nickinson Thanks for the post. Adult app should be taken care by Google strictly and privately for adult only. Like parental control, 18+ (verified through mail a/c), and many other option. Thanks in Advance
  • Women's app.....
    iBall Breaker or Crusher.
    Women take out their aggression by smashing balls with all sorts of objects.... Get your minds out of the gutter, I was talking about tennis balls, baseballs, footballs, etc.
  • Sensoring anything is always risky. This might be fun for someone with teen after there birthday number. However I'm married and can do that to my wife (not sure how happy that would make her depending on the time/location) I would think the only people that protest this would think teachers with guns would solve school gun shootings and God really did put two of everything on a boat. Should you use this in court or an exam? No. However drunk in a bar bathroom regretting your choices in life. Sure. No harm no foul.
  • The app is rather juvenile and it won't be on my phone, but I defend the right of others to have this on their phone. What a free country doesn't need is for a bunch of old Baptist Republicans to start censoring what we can and cannot put on our phones.
  • If you ask me, all android have done is try to copy apples ios, apart from they failed miserably. half the stuff in android doesn't fecking work. I think Google needs to stick to been a search engine and quit the whole operating system, badly written application act.
  • That's all Google has done? Google made your iPhone awesome. Well as awesome as the 1% allow. Google created competition against a monopoly. You think iPhones would be half of what they are without Google? There wouldn't be a need for an iPhone 6 cuz everyone would be content with their first iPhone. The reason they aren't content is because android phones keep getting better. They have to compete to stay on "top". So on behalf of all android users:
    No thanks necessary apple. We do what we do because we are who we are. You do what you do because you want to keep up. Ill take it a step further. I look forward to the GGs. The Google gaming service. I wanna see Microsoft and Sony compete with an open source system. They will have to either step it up to stay competitive or drop out entirely. Might as well since I never plan to buy a Sony product again.
  • You're a dipshit.
  • I am a parent. This does offend me. This sends the wrong
    message to the kids. I do not codon in the use of apps meant for fan boys. Android=Supreme.
  • In Soviet Russia, boob touches you!
  • You motor-boatin' sonofabitch!