Armed robbers target innocent trainers attempting to catch some Pokémon

Police in Missouri have found that four armed robbers have been using Pokémon Go to locate players at specific locations to rob them using a handgun. It's reported that as many as nine innocent trainers have been targeted and robbed by the four men over the past couple of days. Police have since apprehended said suspects.

From the Gizmodo report:

"The suspects used the Pokemon Go game to find their victims by anticipating where people might go through popular PokeStops—virtual sites in the game that can be designated at any real world location, from businesses to parking lots to churches."

Just like Pokémon can make you appear suspicious to patrolling police officers during the night, the game can also put you in considerable danger depending on who's about. Much like one would recommend when you're outside past sundown, be sure to take note of your surroundings and remain safe.

If you absolutely must head out and catch some of the creatures, be sure to take a buddy or two or inform others as to where the route will take you. As for those who were apprehended, it's reported by Gizmodo that three people will be charged with "robbery in the 1st degree and armed criminal action; a Class A Felony and an Unclassified Felony".

Rich Edmonds