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Are you still happy with your Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

Without a doubt, Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best phones you can buy right now. It's got a gorgeous display, fantastic camera package, zippy performance, and more than enough features. It's one heck of a device, and for people that bought it as soon as they could, they've been rocking the Note 8 for just about six months at this point.

Six months isn't that much time in the grand scheme of things, but in the world of mobile tech, that's identical to a millennium. Some Note 8 owners in the Android Central forums recently started talking about whether they're still content with the phone or if they've been thinking about switching to something else, and this is what they had to say.

As a daily device, no itch. For me personally, this is the best phone out there. I mean... maybe another Note 8 in a different color? Lolo. I do wish it were wider. It would be fun to doodle around with another phone but none come close to the Note for me.


I got the itch and got the 8 plus and the X. Then went came back to the Note. Feels good. Like all is right.


Yep itchy here. Just about jump ship to the Pixel 2 XL or the Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Not sure which yet, I'll probably end up tossing a coin


No itch - yet. But I will likely get the Note 9 this fall. That's the current plan, at least.


Now, we'd like to hear from you – If you've got a Galaxy Note 8, are you still happy with it?

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Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • It's been a beast.
  • Still hate the fingerprint location, the speakers are crap, and battery life is good but not amazing. Love the phone overall though
  • Same
  • Couldn't agree more. Wish that Samsung would figure out the speaker situation since the screen on this is so gorgeous. Otherwise, best phone I've ever owned.
  • Same
  • It's my first Android phone and I have no issue with the fingerprint scanners location. Could the location be better? Yes. Is it unusable? No.
  • Love it, yes it's not perfect no phone is though my only real complaints are battery life and the usual software/security update delays. I'm probably in the minority but id prefer a flat screen again for the note 9 (I know there's no chance) but I just don't see the value of the curve screen.
  • Love the curve for edge apps. Also looks a la sexy
  • Kim Kardashian is sexy, your phone is not.
  • My curvy Note 8 is sexy 😋
  • I had edge functions on my Note4. It did not have a curved screen. Bedsides a nice light bar at the top and bottom of the screen while you're taking photos/watching videos/viewing photos, what does the edge screen bring to the party that's useful?
  • I agree. Although I can see why so many love the curved screen. I personally prefer a flat screen. Much easier to use and feels better.
  • Love the Note 8 Superb phone , One of the best I have ever owned...Will wait for Note 9
    Only wish Samsung could bring back IR blaster....
  • Agree on the IR blaster... glad they haven't ditched the headphone jack yet as the latest trend is: remove 'xxx' feature because 'xxx' people don't like it, even though feature 'xxx' doesn't hamper device usability in any way - we just want to shut up the complainers.
  • No itch this has honestly been my favorite android phone to date (note I've stuck in the Galaxy line and have only been with them since s6) I don't use the pen as much but for alot of games and quick.memos from time to time was worth the extra .
  • Im just here waiting for The Note 9.
  • Love the Note 8 and love the DeX station, together they make it the best phone
  • Loving my Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition! #RarePhone
  • Where did you get it?!
  • I really don't care what anyone says, the note is the best phone on the market. Plus there is no finer display & the S-pen with 6gb's!
  • Love my Note 8! Not sure if I'll upgrade soon or not!
  • Love mine, I highly recommend Mophie Juice Pack Case
  • I checked out that case per your suggestion. There seems to be a lot of unhappy people with it. Some of the issues are, s-pen dead spots, screen distortion, fast charging/wireless charging/NFC not working, to bulky, not charging phone 100%, etc...
    Too many features are not usable on the $1000 Note 8 while using this case. IMHO it's not a great solution. JS
  • I am with tmobile and I am on Jod program . I am currently using the Note 8, and I love this phone! ..but I will jump to the s9 plus, to try the new line...If I am not satisfied the s9, I can jump back to the Note 8...I can switch up to 3 times a year...I need to use the program or lose it!..
  • Love the look of the Note, and comes with a duel SIM version which is important to me.
    Good to see it holds up better than the S8.
    Might give it a go after all.
  • Hay Joe, are you still happy with your Pixel 2 ??
    What a stupid article title 😈
  • Had the S8+ and purchased the Note 8. The Note 8 battery life in comparison is abysmal. Sure the squarer corners appeal to my design aesthetic, but the SMALLER battery is the biggest disappointment. I could use get a FULL day of use out of my S8+. I have to charge my Note 8 twice and sometimes THREE times to make it thru a whole day. (and same apps as my S8+, some Bluetooth on for my Samsung Gear S3 watch, but the Note 8 is garbage battery wise compared to the S8+.)
  • Bullshit. It's 200mah smaller, either you have a dud or runaway applications. I get 5+SOT and use my Note HARD on a daily basis.
  • ^ This. I don't know what people is doing with their phones to call battery life abysmal on the Note 8! Is very acceptable in my opinion and yes I use it all day mainly for the web and streaming music without needing a charge. How about cutting on the stupid social media a little bit? That's a well known battery hog.
  • I can get a full day out of mine with moderate usage
  • Agreed, I have both the s8+ and Note 8. There is a difference, but not much! I get 5-6 hours SoT on the Note 8 maybe 30 min more on the S8+.
  • I got well over 8 hours SOT on the S8+ so 6 hours is closer to the Pixel 2 XL I have now. It's okay but the S8+ SOT definitely blows the Note 8 away. Reviews confirm it.
  • One helluva device... My only complaints are :
    NO removable battery.. We all know why they did this... $$$ and Louder speakers...
    These are some basic components. Get it right Samsung
  • Removable batteries are going the same way as the dinosaurs get over it guys they will be gone for good at least on flagships. I'm still surprised that Samsung is still keeping the headphone jack just not for much longer though.
  • Hell yes i am youd have to pry it from my cold dead hands at the people saying they may switch to a pixl 2xl lol i cant omg and none of them say why ...cant be fake right
  • I just got mine yesterday, and I love it. I'm certain I'll keep it for the standard two years, or as long as it's functional.
  • I've had mine since day one. Absolutely LOVE it. All other phones are jealous!
  • Extremely happy. Really no downfalls at all for my needs. Runs like a champ since day one. This is my first note and first time I will be ignoring an Galaxy S release as I hold off until the note 9.
  • I'm very happy with mine still. The phone is snappy as ever. I have only slight gripes, the biggest of which as some have mentioned is the speaker. If only they could get stereo speakers on this thing, it would be the ultimate device. Slightly less concerning but I wish could be better is the battery life and even the camera is not the best in class.
  • The camera is not the best in class? The pixel might be a hair above but not much, come on the camera is excellent!
  • The camera? Literally every single person that sees my pictures taken with the Note 8 compliments the quality of the pictures. Yes, I'm a photographer and I know what I'm doing, but the camera is doing the real work and the pictures are stunning. Its not a perfect camera, but that doesn't exist in a smartphone anyways, but it is as good as/much better than any other mobile camera available. Seriously, people are always blown away by the quality of the pictures taken with the Note 8.
  • I like it... just not EXCITED about it like I was back in the Note3 Note4 days. The sealed battery (I can forgive for IP68, or whatever.) Removal of IR blaster is disappointing... I used that often on vacation - most people didn't know it was there. Glad it still has the headphone jack... but hard to get excited about them KEEPING a feature. (Headphone Jack - if you don't want to use it, then don't.... I've used bluetooth on my phones for LITERALLY YEARS... the presence of a jack doesn't negate your usage of BT.... it just makes your device more versatile.) In short, its a good device but other than the s-pen (which I use) nothing to REALLY distinguish it from other options out there.
  • Loving mine!!!
  • Good phone, battery is okay. I love the Microsoft launcher! It's fantastic!
  • I love the look of the Note 8 with its gorgeous display but Sammy's software bloat and my love of clean, fast and smooth stock Android (Pixel and any Android phone using stock of near stock) keeps me away from Samsung along with the slow updates unlike the fast update one would get with the Pixel 2 and 2 XL
  • I love the Note 8 but I did get the itch for the Pixel 2 XL back in December and the Pixel 2 XL is still my daily phone. The Note's screen is still much better and I love the S-Pen but gasp! I've gotten to where I love CLEAN Android and no, I am not "one of them." And the camera truly is the best I've used.
  • Excellent overall. Five stars with stereo speakers to match superb display.
  • I've been a fan of the note series since the note 2. The note 8 is amazing I love it. The fingerprint sensor is in a weird place but once you get used to it its that bad. The note 9 sounds like it's gonna be better but I'm happy with my note 8. It does everything I want and more. The battery life is good. I'm on my phone all the time and it holds charge pretty good. I definitely recommend this phone.
  • Will never consider a Samsung phone if they keep curving the screen.
  • I love my Note8. Honestly, this phone has so many features, I actually forgot about some of them. Like when I'm texting, I could put the device to my ear and it calls the person I'm texting, automatically. I love it. I use the S Pen to more accurately edit photos on the device and write all my text messages instead of typing. People have actually offered me money to take pictures of them because they thought I was using a professional set up. I also pin notes to the always on display. I use it for reminders and grocery lists. It's amazing. I've noticed a few hiccups here and there but after clearing the RAM and deleting some of the clutter, it's like the first day I got it. I love the device but I always get the latest and greatest so I will be getting the Note 9.
  • Yes. still the best phone on the market. unless the S9+ now comes with an S-pen, that won't change until Note 9
  • I love my Note 8 phone. I have had it about 6 weeks. Like others I wish the screen was wider by 1/2" and they need to go back to replacable batteries, which is why I held onto my Notes 3 and 4 for so long. Then I would never need a tablet. I have owned the Notes 1, 3, and 4. I will never use anything else. I dont get mine as soon as a new one comes out. I wait for bugs to be worked out first. I got get one pretty quick this time because I was having serious performance issues with my Note 4, which was a refurb replacement for my Note 3. I actually do not mind getting ATT refurbs and saving a ton of $$$ over the newest Notes. And bring back Christoph Valtz doing the Note commercials too. I have ATT's SamsungTab E I got for free but it sucks compared to my old Note 8 tablet. Though Tab E has a great screen quality, I only updated because Samsung quit updating the OS on my old Note 8 tablet. :( Samsung needs to truly update their 8" tablet format with a stylus, better cameras, and more internal RAM. Old Note tablet had 64g built in storage. The new Tab E had 32g and I cannot have all of my old apps on it. That is frustrating. But that is a different forum.
  • QAs somebody who came from an iPhone 7+, I was very reluctant. I had a Samsung back in the day and hated it. It slowed down considerably after a couple of months in use and the speaker was alright (talking about my old Android phone). Functionality wise Android can be intimidating. Roughly six months in I have to be honest... I love my Note. It has a large gorgeous display, super responsive and such a fun phone to have. Plus 6 gbs for ram? That's insane! Speakers have some room for improvement, as does Bixby... but all in all, best phone decision I made since I got the iPhone 5. To any critics out there, there are apps that can definitely do some damage. But avoid those and treat your Note right and it shall treat you right as well.
  • I only gave in and bought one because I was able to get it at launch for 20% off. But I have never loved it and plan to dump it for the Note 9, pending it being innovative (unlike the 8) and an actual improvement. The absence of a notification shade toggle for the usb tethering feature (an extremely commonly used function), and the idiotic irremovable stacked clock that they brought over/didn't fix from the S8 are among a bunch of grudges. The sealed battery is just another reason to dump it, as all batteries only take so many charge cycles/sessions before going bad and needing replacement- phone manufacturers have inadvertently created a phone equivalent of needing to get a car's timing belt replaced, likewise it's best to sell it a bit in advance of reaching this stage. Thanks for fixing the edit feature btw AC.
  • I love mine.
    Only wish it was little more complete for $950. I do listen to music a lot and some good DAC would be amazing. Having no high quality DAC or even nicer speakers on the phone it self, makes the screen that big and so beautiful useless, at least for me. But I bought the phone for a business use, and I'm probably one out of 3 people that uses the S Pen on daily basis. Just pull the pen out and write down the info instantly is a huge plus for me. I wish for the Oreo to come sooner than later, because notification improvements is much better on oreo.
  • I really like my Galaxy Note 8, and it is the best Android mobile device money can buy in my opinion. It likely will continue to be the best Android device money can buy until the Galaxy S9 and S9+ is released, again that's my opinion. Although, I don't use the S-Pen all the time it is very useful when I do. It is very good for editing pictures, creating gifs, more precise browsing ,clicking links, etc. Samsung gives you more features for the money. With that being said, it is not without it's drawbacks. Samsung does not do as good a job of optimizing it's software as some of it's competitors. RAM management is still suspect which is a tad baffling with Samsung intially charging nearly 1K for the hardware. Even with the 6 GB of RAM I still notice occasional hiccups with the phone which is no big deal and definitely not a deal breaker to me. It's nothing that I can't resolve with a quick clearing of the cache; however, these type of hiccups along with Samsung having a lot of redundant copycat apps turn a lot of potential users off. Given those factors some opt for a more clean "stock" type experience. Stock doesn't have the bells and whistles of Samsung UI, but a smooth user experience. The beauty of Android is choice.
  • I upgraded from the s8+ to the note 8 a week ago so I'm definitely still loving the note. I decided to skip the s9 because I wanted the slightly larger/brighter display, extra ram, s-pen, and an updated version of Samsung experience because I couldn't wait any longer with my s8 for an update nor wait for s9 release for a smoother/optimized experience.
  • My wife got one and loves everything about it. S-pen is a must. She wants so badly to get rid of it because it is way too heavy for using to read books or watch movies. Wish they would go back to lighter materials
  • i've stopped using it completely now, just the pixel 2 xl and iPhone x
  • Not sure yet 😙
  • I still have my Note8 and I'm not going anywhere. Great phone and a wonderful experience. For financial reasons I would probably skip the Note9 but I'm pretty sure that if there won't be any BIG changes in the market and the mobile industry, I'd get the Note10 or whatever it'll be called.
  • The Speaker is weak and I prefer a 16:9 ratio screen on the Note series. Would like a larger battery, too. Otherwise it is a nice phone.
  • Still rocking like it's day 1
  • Been using the S series since the GS4, this is my first Note.
    I'm still happy that I got the Note 8 instead of the GS8 or GS8+.
  • Have my Note 8 since release and have no desire to jump ship any time soon. Quick, reliable, and does everything I want it to do, and then some. And having the SPen is nice for quick notes, doodling...I use it daily.
  • At the time where Google tries to persuade us that any phone is better than Samsung for work (including of course their own closed boxes), I use my Note 8 in every meeting I attend and love the ability to distribute my notes to anyone wishing it a couple of minutes afterwards. The stylus is producing superb results and as easy to use as a ballpoint pen. In short, the only device I would swap my Note 8 for is the Note 9.
  • Pixel 2 for tha win
  • Touch wiz is such a deal breaker for like its so bad