The Zenfone 9 is the first ASUS smartphone to receive Android 13

ASUS Zenfone 9 review
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What you need to know

  • ASUS is rolling out the Android 13 update to the Zenfone 9.
  • The update comes with a host of revamped apps and newly designed UI elements.
  • ASUS suggests backing up your phone before upgrading to Android 13.

Joining the growing list of OEMs to release the Android 13 update before the new year, ASUS has started pushing the software to its latest flagship, the Zenfone 9.

The company posted the full changelog on Thursday, highlighting the changes arriving on the Zenfone 9 with the new update. Among the changes are revamped versions of the ASUS apps, such as Contacts, Phone, Gallery, and plenty more.

UI elements such as the quick settings panel and notification shade have also been tweaked to match Android 13. If it's anything like the Pixel update, UI changes should be pretty minimal, as Zen UI offers minimal customization over vanilla Android. There are more color options for dynamic themes and a new option for themed icons in Wallpaper & style settings if that's your thing.

There are also updated Notification permissions along with a host of other ASUS-specific changes.

To check for the update, navigate to Settings > System > System updates. ASUS notes that the Android 13 build (33.0804.2060.65) is rolling out in batches based on serial numbers, so you may not see the update immediately. The company suggests backing up your device before installing the update.

The Zenfone 9 is one of our favorite Android phones to launch this year, thanks to its simple design, great performance, long battery life, and amazing cameras. The phone launched with Android 12 and is set to receive two OS upgrades (one of the few shortcomings), so Zenfone 9 owners can look forward to one more major update later next year.

According to the schedule ASUS released, the Zenfone 8 series is set to receive the Android 13 update in January, followed by the ROG Phone 6/6D series sometime in Q1 2023. 

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