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Andy Rubin accused of having an 'inappropriate relationship' at Google, taking leave of absence from Essential

Over the past few weeks, there's been no shortage of sexual harassment/misconduct allegations. After the news regarding Harvey Weinstein broke out, reports against Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Al Franken, and many others were soon to follow.

Now, according to a report from The Information, Andy Rubin was involved in an "inappropriate relationship" during his time at Google.

The Information claims that the relationship took place with a woman that reported directly to Rubin in Google's Android division. Relationships within Google are permitted, but in the case of Rubin and the anonymous woman, it needed to be disclosed to the company so that one of them could be transferred to a different department or division. In this particular case, that never happened.

We don't know the exact details of the relationship in question, but it's reported that the woman filed a complaint with Google's HR department at one point during it. Shortly after this, Rubin left Google in 2014.

Following The Information's article, Andy Rubin's official spokesperson, Mike Sitrick, said –

Any relationship that Mr. Rubin had while at Google was consensual. Mr. Rubin was never told by Google that he engaged in any misconduct while at Google and he did not, either while at Google or since.

Here's where things get interesting.

After this news broke, Andy Rubin announced that he would be taking a leave of absence from Essential – his latest startup that just launched its first product, the Essential Phone, earlier this year. It's unclear how long Rubin will be absent from Essential or why he chose to leave in the first place if these allegations are supposedly false, but that's where we're at for the time being.

Essential's already had a rocky first few months, and with Andy Rubin now gone for an undisclosed amount of time, its future remains uncertain.

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Hmmm people wait all of these years to say some **** after the people have money. Its a bunch if bullshit. Even if it did happen, why not say **** after it did. What is it pride? Are you scared? Most likely not cos you come out after they have money.
  • What do you mean by "after they have money"?
  • I'm sure in the dozens of stories about these cases, you've seen at least one explanation from these women why they didn't speak out for so long. If not, you should go read up on it.
  • There are many reasons people (both men and women) do not report sexual harassment at the time it happens. As said previously, you may want to read some literature on the subject.
    Probably some accusations are unfounded, but to summarily dismiss all of them is unreasonable.
  • There was not any harrassment in this case. It was 2 adults in a relationship who both broke their companies rules. There was no laws broken, nor did the article say why the claim was made.
  • Why do kids who been abused didn't tell their parents that the preacher was touching them and carry the burden for 20 years? Don't be ignorant. And try not to sound it either. It has nothing to do with money. SMH
  • To be fair, comparing the mindset of a child to an adult is not a fair comparison.
  • Tell that to the women my wife talks to that have been either abused (emotionally and physically) or assaulted or harrased and come to church for help with closures for things that has happened years ago.
  • This case and your example are wildly different.
  • Actually no. Not from the OP original question about why do people wait all this time to come forward, even though he was too dumb to read about there was an investigation already set forth back in 2014 when the lady filed a grievance with HR. My question was in response to his ignorant question the the fact that intimidation has no age, no limited, and takes years for people to overcome it.
  • Sorry, Patrick, but it has nothing to do with money. Not telling has to do with fear of reprisal, threats and power differential. Read up on this and educate yourself before you spout off. I'm happy that this has blown open and men and women affected are coming forward. That's how cultural change happens.
  • Culture is changing alright. I feel sorry for ANY millennial male.
  • You don't do anything stupid, you won't have anything to worry about.
  • To be fair, People do stupid **** all the time. The issue here is our moral standards are evolving - and thats Fine. WHta I take issue with is applying today's moral standard to past actions and ruining careers. I'm a liberal and I have a huge problem with this. Now, don't get me wrong. Matt Lauer and Andy Rubin may very well be a sleeze bags. However, as I said we have all made bad judgement calls. Back in my early 20's working in fast food, we did a lot of ****-talking and sex talking. As far as I know, everyone was fine with it. There may have been some playful groping (male on woman and woman on male) involved but it was all in good fun. But the climate we live in today, if I were to become a popular actor, TV personality, run for public office, or excel to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, some chick from 25 years ago could suddenly decide that she feels "victimized" and come forward about how "sleezy", or "predatory" my actions were back in the day and completely ruin the career I've built since. And for what purpose? 15 minutes of fame? I do believe that rapists and potential child rapists like Weinstein, Spacey, and Roy Moore should be off the streets, but this whole "He grabbed my ass!" victimization bullshit is going too far.
  • This might be the first time I have agreed with a liberal.
  • WTF? Groping your co-workers was not okay 25 years ago, even if you thought they were fine with it, and if you have to face consequences for it now, good because you're obviously not in the least bit contrite and you apparently haven't learned anything in the meantime. And these women aren't coming forward for "15 minutes of fame," they're trying to stop these men from doing it again and change the culture of sexual harassment and assault that exists in our society
  • OK first of all that was years ago. In the 100x more professional environment of which I work now, there is no way that sort of conduct comes from me. Now, I agree that it shouldn't have happened then, but we were all young and stupid. grabbing someone's ass playfully was not tantamount to sexual assault in the common vernacular. If that's the case, locker room play where you smacked one another on the butt with towels is sexual assault - technically right? If someone had a problem, they voiced it. No one got written up, no harassment charges were filed. And there were times when when groped me (in the front and back). There were times I didn't like it and if I didn't I let them know. One time it was a guy (who was Gay) who groped my umm... private area. His reason was that I had been talking so much stiff about it, he wanted to see what I was packing. I let him know that his actions were unwanted - and crossed the line (technically, all of us were crossing lines) because he knew I was straight and to not let it happen again not just with me but with anyone. He apologized and that's that. You know what I'm not gonna do? I'm not gonna wait 10, 15, 20 years and blow up his whole life over the incident. Even if he was in the news for similar allegations, we have already squashed it. There would be no reason to rehash all of that. For what? Today, the more mature, and educated me knows better. Back then, none of us, including our supervisors cared. So you are basically saying, I don't deserve a career, and I deserve to be crapped on, spit on, and shamed for the rest of my life because of silly banter from 20 years ago? Please. Get a clue. Get a life. The only ones who should be dragged through the mud are those guilty of actual or attempted Rape, child molestation and illegal sexual coersion.
  • Agreed. I suspect at some point women will be seen as potential threat to any organisation. God knows what is going to happen them when most of the employers will think three times before offering job to a female... You're right it went to far, consequences to follow...
  • Actually, applying your reasoning, it would be the men who would pose the greatest risk of liability, not the women for an institution. The men could be accused of similar harassment outside of the workplace, meanwhile, the women would be a low liability risk outside of a workplace of men. Not that I think either should be precluded, just your reasoning was weak so I thought I'd point that out.
  • No. The women would. The women are the people who are complaining and ruining companies. As long as you keep the workplace male dominated, you avoid those issues. Men and women are not the same. Women will balk at high competitive environment more than men. They want The same pay for less work simply because of biology (this would never fly for men). The sexes are not a good mix when people expect both to act the same socially. This is a big proble, because behavioral pattern naturally differ between them. You can hardly compliment a woman without her telling rape. She's free to dress as slurry as she wants in front of the men, though! These days, men are being judged and evaluated according to standards normal for women, not men. Ghostbusters early. Go into any classroom and feast your eyes. This is why millennial men seem generally effeminate compared to GenX and boomers. It's why there has been a Gay explosion (i do not discrimiante, his is an observation) even straight men telling you they're straight comes as a surprise at times. So many are taught to behave female, starting in kindergarten. This is why the "explosion" of transgender is unsurprising to me. harassment is bad, but we also need to remember that pay to play was not uncommon a way for women to further themselves. Many did use their bodies as currency to further their own agenda. You can easily just turn down the job or role. If you have sex with a producer, you don't always get to default to being a tale victim so ply because you regret the decision. Some of This is akin to a prostitute suing her ex-clients cause she found Jesus years later. And I agree that if I were running a business that had to hire others, I'd avoid women regardless of their qualifications. It's too risky, and too much trouble. I'd hire more bros and enjoy the nice working environment, where competitiveness is accepted and people could speak freely and be themselves without fear of this reprisal. I'm also not so PC that I would give in to calls of diversity, either. I just wouldn't care. Google has all sorts of crazy, mentally ill people working there, cause diversity. Now YouTube is being run like a Chinese Government run social networking site.
  • This rant reads like one of those sexist pamphlets on women from the 30s...
  • @Nicholas Feden. My reasoning is not weak. Fortunately/unfortunately most of my friends/clients run businesses dominated by males. Subject of sexual harassment and surrounding issues starting to creep into every conversation - it is slowly becoming new normal. Very often conclusion is not to employ women because nobody needs trouble. As simple as that. It is worrying as my wife will probably have issues finding the job she want's because nobody will take the risk, my best mates daughter may have the same issues in the future only because she is who she is... Perception my friend, perception - women are causing issues, women are not welcomed...
  • Well said.
  • Duke LaCrosse. Look that up and educate yourself before jumping to conclusions and choosing sides.
  • "I'm too stupid to read"
  • Yeah, look what they tried to do to Bill Cosby. It seems like they're coming out of the woodwork. I guess if they say it's true, it must be true...haha!!
  • Roy Moore is that you? Didn't know you were on AC.
  • Why on earth does Android Central see the need to put such an article on a tech Blog???
  • This article is tech related. If you bother to read the entire article, you will discover that the future of the company and it's products is uncertain.
  • Barely. It's a he said/she said click-bait article. Two co-workers dated without disclosing to HR.
  • I mean it's not like Andy Rubin founded Android or anything
  • If you put your mind to it and think really, really hard, I'll bet you can come up with a reason why major news about Andy Rubin may be relevant here. I have faith in you.
  • lol brilliant :)
  • +10000000
  • Why is this news
  • Why did you not read?
  • Clicks, clicks, clicks clicks, clicks clicks clicks.....
  • What was so "inappropriate" about it??
  • You mean the fact that he was married, or the fact that he had a relationship with someone under him which is prohibited by Google and would have required a transfer for one or the other, and no one told?
  • Such a prude. Now let's go through your personal history. Yes it was a bad move but why is it newsworthy
  • My life sucks. End of story. Andy on the other hand who help found Android, ran a Fortune 500 company in a leadership role and didn't adhere to company policy is definitely in a spotlight position that both put his marriage on the line as well as his moral reputation, if he had one. That's what happens when you're, you know, KNOWN. Prude. LOL that's a new one for me. My life sucks just a little less now thanks to you.
  • I don't think most people care what others do with their personal life.
  • Umm...unless their personal life affected another's personal life
  • And that person should be concerned, not anyone else.
  • So you wouldn't want to know important information about who you let babysit your kids or run a company you've invested in? Their business shouldn't matter to others? And I'm not saying you should care about this report, but trying to get you to understand why this is news at all.
  • Whether or not a person had an affair is none of my business and wouldn't affect my decision to hire them to babysit or run a company I'm invested in.
  • And yet, here we are... discussing people's personal lives. But let's forget the part where he steps down from Google and takes a leave of absence from Essential. Apparently that part is very irrelevant to the article. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Because they posted an article about his personal life which I don't think is anyone's business except for the people involved.
  • ..."But let's forget the part where he steps down from Google and takes a leave of absence from Essential. Apparently that part is very irrelevant to the article."
  • Did they prove it?
  • It's on the internet, so it must be real... "Google reportedly launched an internal investigation into Rubin’s relationship with a subordinate after a woman complained to Human Resources. The woman who filed a complaint to HR is said to have worked on the Android team, which Rubin ran. There are no details in the report on the nature of the woman’s relationship with Rubin. Google has a policy that does not allow relationships between supervisors and subordinates on the same team. Mike Sitrick, a spokesman for Rubin, told the Information, “Any relationship that Mr. Rubin had while at Google was consensual” and “Mr. Rubin was never told by Google that he engaged in any misconduct while at Google and he did not, either while at Google or since.” The Information reported that after it reached out to Rubin’s spokesman for comment on the story, employees at the startup were informed that Rubin was taking a leave of absence “for personal reasons.”
  • It wasn't prohibited, it was unreported. If he had reported it, either he or the woman would have been transferred but the relationship would have been allowed to continue..
  • Allegations...the new "facts".
  • What ever happened to Innocent Till Proven Guilty...
  • Most people who are innocent, don't step down from a company or take a "leave of absence"
  • Sure they do. They do it for the good of the company. It happens all the time.
  • Or to save face.
  • It’s common practice to have the person in question leave until after the investigation is complete. It makes for a potentially hostile place to have someone being investigated continue to interact with everyone else
  • So you just explained what "Or to save face" means.
  • Of course. Companies are going to protect themselves
  • Now he just needs to commit Harakiri. When is the articles on alien autopsies or the rumors of big foot's adopted lawn gnome son going to be published
  • In today's climate you do. An "allegation" is enough for the internet to label you as sub-human.
  • It's not PC to defend the accused in the current social climate. Why do you think women are coming out of the woodwork? They can lie almost blatantly and a politician would still ruin his career instantly simply pointing that out. "OMG, are you seriously going to blame the victim." these harassment claims are now being used as political ammunition to attack those with opposing views, and men in power positions. This is Why we are so many political pundits, journalists, commentators, etc. Being Accused. d Im Not Saying Anyone Is lying. However, with the current climate it's almost impossible to claim they are without destroying your own career. There is no due process in life in this society.
  • Guess I'll need to re-read the article. I must have missed the part where he was convicted in court.
  • Innocent until proven guilty is the standard the criminal court system uses. Private citizens, private companies, not so much.
  • That standard is only relevant if the government is trying to convict you of something. The press (this blog) and Google or Essential (private employers) have no such standard.
  • We have libel and slander suits available when appropriate
  • If you thought the essential phone for $400 on Black Friday was a great deal, you're going to love the imminent $200 Company's Out Of Business Thursday deal.
  • hehe or the $99 "Please Fund Our Fight Against Lawsuits From Our Angel Investors and Shareholders Sale"
  • Some of the comments on here lol people are a mess. Anyways isn't America supposed to be the moral compass of the world LMAO.
  • America is no longer the moral compass of the world.
  • Haven't been since the 60's
  • Since Smallpox actually
  • Definitely, some genius glued our moral compass to a neodymium magnet. We are lost for sure
  • "an employee working underneath him" - interesting choice of words - lol
  • Glad I'm sending back my ph-1. 😫
  • I think this will essentially (pun intended)spell doom for this company. Maybe everyone ought to send their phones back. It would send a message.
  • I like your avatar lol
  • Ditto
  • He worked at Google at the time and he founded Android, so you should send back all Android phones.
  • What a brilliant idea
  • My Essential Phone is going to arrive today.
    They're on a 30 day return window countdown to implosion.
  • So you all don't think this happens with other tech leaders or other CEO's? Are you going to boycott them as well? Grow up!!
  • Oh, so that makes it ok?
  • I want to know why there are no women getting busted for this stuff. You know it's happening. All you have to do is look at all the news stories of female teachers banging students. It's practically an epidemic, it's happening so often. Women are hardly the innocent, pure as the wind driven snow victims they portray themselves to be. And please, spare me the little retorts. I've been married for over 25 years to the love of my life. I treat her well. I just understand human nature, and women are every bit as nasty as men can be.
  • Sadly it's the culture that we live in that if a woman does it, what man is going to complain? A teenager male banging his teacher is nowhere near as atrocious flipped, yet, it's the exact same outcome.
  • I don't think a lot of men would complain about it. They may welcome it.
  • You'd be amazed at how many men don't bring it up because they are ashamed and it damages they masculinity. It very more common than you could know. It's extremely more taboo.
  • Some men may welcome it, but it becomes annoying after a while. I did not report anything when I was younger because I simply was naive. A 25 year old asking to be my girlfriend when I was 15, a 30 year old literally licking her lips as she stared me down when I was 16, a 35 year old asking me to spend the night when I was 18. The only female to come after me that was close in age was a coworker, and out of the blue she came into the room wearing only a towel and was pulling down the window shades. I left with ash trays being smashed as I walked out, literally having no clue why she was so mad. I finally "got it" after I started dating, but I'm still clueless about hints and such. I guess I didn't report later incidents because I habitually brushed them off, and found it easier to just stop taking to them. They usually just go to someone else after being rebuffed anyway. I would say for most men, an agressive woman is not scary from a physical perspective. We can usually walk away. When the situation is reversed, the woman does not always have that option, and her safety can often be at risk. The only situation I've been in where I was concerned about not being able to leave was when a female doctor made an appointment to see me, scheduled it for when the rest of the staff was leaving the office, and I found myself on an exam table with a nurse on either side and the doctor standing at my feet breathing hard and staring at me. At that point in time, I did not know what they were going to do, but the whole setup was suspicious. She seemed to snap out of it and did a rushed superficial exam, and I'm not sure how I would have gotten out of that situation if it had gone bad. I probably would have reported it if it did. The new threat? Younger girls, and I don't know what to do in those cases but ignore them or break off communication. And since I'm bad at hints, I don't see things developing until it's too late and the girl tries something. Like hiding in my bed under the covers, or showing up at my house when no one else is home, and next thing you know she's got her arms around you and you're up against the wall. Last week I got a kissy-face text from a girl with a reminder that she'll be 18 soon, and that's the sort of stuff that makes my nervous. Is it an innocent message? I hope so, but I honestly don't know. Women can be almost as agressive as men, but most men don't have to deal with the physical threat, and I believe that's why women report more frequently, which I think they should.
  • I had a lady stare at me on a city public transit train once and when she exited, she handed me her transfer "in case I needed to use it" with her telephone number and name on it. I was only 17 years old and she had to be in her 20's. Then, even more disturbing, that same year, This guy approached me as I was about to get on the train and asked if he could pay me a certain amount of money to suck my(You know what). That was the most uncomfortable experience I have ever had. I immediately left his presence.
  • Have you had a look at these men accused of assaulting women? They are not lookers. Imagine big Bertha cornering you in a hotel room. I don’t think most men would welcome that.
  • I love all women . Big and small. Oh, you must be talking about the driver and Tiger Woods. Nevermind
  • To keep this article relevant...Love my phone and I hope they continue with Essential product development, including my 2 year software updates and 3 year security promise. Hoping Essential releases a statement soon
  • The company will only be able to do updates if they are still around, which looks less and less likely since the launch.
  • What bothers me with all these sudden non-stop revelations is that innocent until proven guilty is like nonexistent. Immediate punishment happens in a court of activist public opinion (i.e. mob) at a speed of meme. Term “allegedly” is totally forgotten. A single pip accusing of something that *allegedly* happened N-years ago is enough for immediate termination and reputation ruin. Accused has no recourse, anyone saying something even remotely smacking of defense gets put in the same cage if not worse. How is it different from Salem or Taliban? At least they don’t literally stone them on a spot, for now…
  • It causes me to wonder why this spate of allegations is coming out now. Is it the dying media's need for clicks, or is it orchestrated to distract from potentially much bigger news?
  • No, it's the left finally having it's victim politics coming to crash down on themselves. I find it hilarious, actually. 95% of these "outings" are from known Democrats, the supposed lovers of "women's rights" (whatever the hell that means). The comeuppance is impossible to ignore.
  • The left? Fox News says hi. They started this ****
  • Yeah, but you have to admit , liberals are always pushing their "war on women" agenda against conservatives and Republicans. Find out they are no different and basically hypocrites. Misbehaving men are everywhere.
  • When we say "war on women" we're talking about legislation.
  • My point is, liberals like to talk the big talk about equal rights , equal pay, feminism, on and on. Finding out they are not as enlightened as they think. We need to keep things in perspective though. A vast majority of men do not act like this. Seems like it right now with the 24 hour news cycle.
  • Liberals talk about equal rights, equal pay and so on but we don't claim moral superiority. Conservatives claim that.
  • Ha! Keep telling yourself that.
  • That's because the Republican party is based on morals. The Democratic party is not.
  • It is? lol Based on what? Trust me, liberals aren’t the only ones with enough skeletons to fill a crater. And this is coming from a conservative. People talk a good game, but are ultimately just as morally bankrupt.
  • Ok what I should have said was Republicans are held to, and hold themselves to, higher moral standards.
  • Everyone has a moral system. That's part of being human. Liberals and conservatives just have different moral values. Conservatives try to claim moral superiority and that's why they get called out more for their transgressions.
  • That's because the left started using this as political weaponry first. Look where Meagan Kelly and the others who complained ended up. Yea, at the Liberal news outlets. Now, the right is simply using their own tactics against them. Expect more people at Fox finger Accused. The worst thing you can do is settle, like O'Reilly did. Hannity didn't and he still has his job. Right now, settling is tantamount to guilt admission, and the goal is to get rid of prominent figures on both sides - by both sides. If you think Fox News "started this," Then you clearly weren't paying attention. Only difference now is they they're calling people predators, and not Hitler /White Suoremacist/Frankie Killers, etc. p Men WIll Not Come out In This way because socially it's taboo to claim abuse by a women. These men would be laughed out of public life, unless they fit within multiple other victim brackets (a poor black female transgender barista liberal will fair much better than a rich white straight conservative make journalist).
  • No, the reaction is different. Liberal men would just apologize even if they think they did nothing wrong. Conservatives just deny it.
  • If you did nothing wrong, denying it is the morally right thing to do. Hi can't apologize for something you did not do. It's a logical fallacy. You think you're doing the right thing, but people perseverance apologies as admission of guilt because they make no sense if you're innocent
  • There's power in numbers and women who previously felt they would be automatically disbelieved or see no action taken are feeling more confident in coming forward now
  • I think it's gone too far the other way. There seems to be this automatic reaction to believe the women. Every one of these allegations should be evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • In almost all of the high profile stories lately we're seeing multiple independent allegations or other clear indications of guilt. False accusations happen, but they're very rare, and once you have multiple accusers any real doubt goes out the window for me at least. I think inevitably we'll see a case with only one questionable accuser and no evidence that really gains traction and is proven false, but this overall movement seems very positive to me with so many women feeling the power to come forward
  • bigdaddytee - I think it's more likely that women are being emboldened because others are standing up.
  • That's why you ignore it, unless there is proof. And you laugh at the gall of somebody like a Rose McGowan, who evidently has no problem making a porn movie of herself, acting like a victim of sexual harassment when it no longer fills her purse with money.
  • "innocent until proven guilty" is a legal standard and has never applied to public opinion
  • I don't care about left or right, both are complicit. It's a nature of success and power that gets not only into brains but into penis as well. I'm just surprised that whatever political affiliation most people just don't seem to be concerned with a total suspension of the due process in determining the crime and punishment here. Juts look at this thread! What gives?
  • Huh.... We had an ex President in the US back in the 90's who did this, the "victim" in this case even had the "Stains" on her dress from the event, and he didn't have to step down from his position. And I believe a US President in office, is a little more high profile than a tech guy working at Google.
  • What makes me feel old is , a lot of people here weren't even born yet when that happened.
  • LOL, was thinking the same thing Eric
  • Sorry... Erik
  • Yeah me too, I just realized after reading your comment that you are correct, probably most of the people on here were either babies or not born yet when Clinton was president.
  • Well Clinton should have stepped down as well.
  • LOL...Presidents don’t step down
  • Except for Nixon but he only stepped down because he knew he was going to be thrown out of office.
  • It wasn't just her, there were a number of accusers. Yet he is still treated like a rock star.
  • Was AC recently purchased by Fox? WTF guys.....lame
  • Go Andy !
  • I might grab an essential phone now when the price drops to 49.99 just to own a piece of failed tech..
  • Be careful using that word "grab". That's a trigger these days! 😂
  • Essentially no PH-2 phone, ever..many execs left over the past year and now Andy. If you think he's coming back and will save the company, umm, good luck with that.. And it is likely there are more women at google and possibly Essential as well. Execs like this do not leave unless they know that what they did is so bad they can't recover. Bad end to a poorly released, bug ridden, un repairable phone.
  • Why's got to leave his own company?
    If this is outside the statue of limitation, to hell with her.
    Things have become "to" public and being such it has become easy to destroy a man's reputation without proof.
    Show me proof, if there is any then give the guy 50 lashes with a wet noodle.
    I'd bet she did what she did to "get" ahead in the game, same thing she's doing now.
    Guess there are no more consenting adults, glad im married, that or go back to law school.. For a refresher course in "MEN'S"rights!
  • Maybe these guys will think twice mixing business and pleasure at work. Do your ******* job and leave that stuff out of the office
  • This has been under investigation at Google for several years, so I'm sure they have all kinds of evidence. A guy at Andy's level does not step down (leave of absence, righht, he is not coming back) without there being some stuff that he did that was serious. And if we've learned anything at all from the recent scandals, people that do this **** have a pattern that they repeat. It is very likely there are other women at Google and probably Essential too.
  • The best thing you could do if you're a man heading a small company is simple... Don't hire women. I wouldn't. Not women of today. They're pretty disgusting.
  • If you’re a gay man, that theory goes right out the window
  • It's also illegal to do something like that.
  • I wouldn't hire women. Period. Too Much Risk. Too much distraction when this stuff happens. These claims are borderline indefensible in this day and age. True or false, doesn't matter.
  • Should women also not hire men? Besides, it's a bit of a fantasy anyway as their are already millions of women in the workforce. Since you can't just erase them, you're going to have to deal with them. No, it's time to get back to professionalism and hard work, on both sides. Stop trying to have social hour on the job and get **** done.
  • What a complete neanderthal idiot you are.
  • I'm starting to think it would be easier to list executives who have not engaged in inappropriate relationships.
  • We don't know the whole story. He could be guilty or it could be he broke it off with her and she got pissed and filed a HR complaint claiming he did stuff that he never did. I have seen that happen with Co workers in the past, which is why you should just avoid having relationships with coworkers.
  • It's going to go from harassment to discrimination if some of you men have it your way. Just do the right thing.
  • Both harassment and discrimination are bad in this context, but I've always had the impression that harassment was more severe. We definitely don't want discrimination in the workplace either, and I'm a firm believer in equal pay and opportunity. The bigger problem that shapes attitudes is the way almost everything is sexualized (at least in the US). Add to that the abundance of pornography, and you have the objectification of other people for the sake of pleasure. And I'll be honest; it's usually women. We need to break that pattern and begin treating other people with respect, earning trust, and not viewing them in the context of sexuality. If a person's actions and motives are driven by their sexual desires, then we have a problem. If two people show interest in each other, and it doesn't violate work rules or other relationships, then fine. But if the advances are unwanted, respect the other person's rights and drop it. Trust goes a long way, and is far more valuable than most realize. I recently purchased a car, and the man knows me and signed everything over, without payment, just based on my word. My boss has no hesitation about having me do work in her home, alone with her daughter. That works both ways, and I'm happy to have a BFF who is female that I can trust completely in any situation. I can literally spend the night at her house without fear of that trust being violated. By the way, I'm no prude and I speak at public marriage conferences, often fielding questions from the audience about sex (which I think is healthy and beautiful when not misused). This is in addition to helping my wife with marriage counselling. Men are usually the trouble makers in most of the relationships we deal with, so I get why most people have the perception that men are usually guilty. What I do NOT agree with is someone being fired from their position because of an accusation, not a conviction. If the current situation is problematic, their position should be changed, or they should be placed on administrative leave while the issue is being investigated.
  • I worked for a to be unnamed insurance company back about a decade ago. One woman (I use the term loosely) proceeded to tell anybody in the office how much she wanted Kenny Chesney to bang her from behind on a desk. This skank became a manager. Don't tell me how bad you women got it, until your willing to drop the self-righteous garbage and admit the same impulses are every bit there for you too.
  • You can't fix stupid, Scott. I guess you're stuck this way
  • Oh FFS. This is getting crazy.
  • Well now I feel guilty for owning Android tablets during the time Andy Rubin was at Google. Good thing I didn't (and couldn't) buy the Essential Phone.
  • With the situation in North Korea escalating almost beyond repair, I just don’t care about these harassers or their accusers. All are entitled pricks imo. Besides, it's really none of my business anyway. If the media would move on to North Korea, the involved parties would just deal among themselves.
  • They are doing it to play the victim card to another level. They get attention from the media is why they do this ****, it ain't cause you were scared of retaliation, this society nowadays witch hunts sexual assault and harassment like it's ******* candy, there's no excuse to hold it back