Android running on HTC Touch Pro 2

A lot of Windows Mobile users are waiting for Windows Phone 7 Series to release and that's completely fair, it looks amazing. But what should you do with your Windows Mobile devices in the mean time? Why, get them to run Android of course! The Touch Pro 2 joins a series of WinMob devices that have been hacked to run Android and this one is actually in great working condition. The Sprint Touch Pro 2 is able to make phone calls, send and receive SMS, and run data. Sounds like everything to us (GPS, Bluetooth don't work).

We reviewed the HTC Touch Pro 2 in the Smartphone Round Robin and loved the 'power' design of it. And for it to run Android? Awesome. It probably has the best keyboard on an 'Android' device.

hit the jump to see a video of the HTC Touch Pro 2 running Android!


Casey Chan