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Android running on HTC Touch Pro 2

A lot of Windows Mobile users are waiting for Windows Phone 7 Series to release and that's completely fair, it looks amazing. But what should you do with your Windows Mobile devices in the mean time? Why, get them to run Android of course! The Touch Pro 2 joins a series of WinMob devices that have been hacked to run Android and this one is actually in great working condition. The Sprint Touch Pro 2 is able to make phone calls, send and receive SMS, and run data. Sounds like everything to us (GPS, Bluetooth don't work).

We reviewed the HTC Touch Pro 2 in the Smartphone Round Robin and loved the 'power' design of it. And for it to run Android? Awesome. It probably has the best keyboard on an 'Android' device.

hit the jump to see a video of the HTC Touch Pro 2 running Android!


  • Please more videos. i want to see if the phone is usable so i can get an hd2 Instead of the nexus one.
  • I REALLY hope they get GPS working! If so, count me in!
  • That's amazing.
  • I am running it now. The major downside is the lack of sound, but vibration works for notifications. Phone reception if fine but not much adjustment for volume. Battery life is ok, up to 15hrs standby, but it doesn't check battery charge so you sometimes drain it all the way.
    3G data works fine on GSM(ATT) not sure about CDMA.
    You can get cell tower triangulation for location services. Camera doesn't work either.
    Wifi works (not on WEP) but bluetooth doesn't.
    This is for TouchPro2 (HTC codename Rhodium) not the HD2 (HTC Leo).
  • Can I run Windows 8 or 8.1 on the Sprint HTC Pro 2 now? Will appreciate it if it can be done and the procedures that goes with it. Thank you.
  • where can i get that wallpaper?
  • Most incoherent senseless "thought" ever.
  • I remember reading somewhere that Apple putting Bing as default search on iPhones is Microsoft's revenge for all those WinMo phones hacked to run Android. Back then I had to ask myself, which WinMo phones? I haven't heard of any... :)
  • By the way... People waiting for WinMo7?
    I heard MS does not allow any upgrade to WinMo7 due to specific hardware restrictions, so basically current WinMo devices end at WinMo 6.5... unless you buy a new phone.
  • Hmm I'm almost tempted to buy a Touch Pro 2 now! Must... wait... for...supersonic...
  • I am running Ubuntu on it as well with working WiFi. Amazingly customizable device.
  • I have it on my Touch Pro2 (Rhodium). Bluetooth, gps, and sound is lacking. WIFI works if you don't have WEP encryption. Biggest drawback is the lack of built in Exchange Server support required for me to sync to Corporate email, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks, etc., Tried to sync calendar using google calendar sync for outlook but not all of them are getting synced. ..RSD
  • I traded a Samsung Behold 2 for a TP2 yesterday. I miss Android and do not like WinMo in most any version. TP 2 is nice hardware. I'm looking forward to installing Android
  • where did you get that android app at
  • At&t is my carrier, will that make a difference in running the android on the tp2
  • wait..where do you get that app!?
    pleasee i really want it
  • The sweetest deal of all is having Android working on the beast HTC HD2. Oh boy, i can't wait to get rid of the sick Winmo 6.5.
  • Hello I've got a htc touch pro 2 and I would like to run android on it but I haven't found a good version with working gps etc does any one know of this exists??