Android Powered ODROID Gaming Handheld Available for Pre-Order

Take one look at that device right there and ask yourself, what can't Android be? The ODROID gaming platform, powered by Android, is now available for developer pre-order and this nifty little device packs a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen, Android 1.5, 512MB of RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and mini-HDMI port (tv connectivty) and a 833MHz Samsung CPU (like the iPhone 3GS). Not bad, right? The developer version will ship November 5th and comes with charger cable, batteries, and serial console debugging board and runs for ~$320.

The obvious question is what games does Android even have that warrants a gaming platform? Hopefully, ODROID developers will answer that question soon enough. The standard ODROID gaming platform is expected to be available in December for $250.

[via gizmodo]

Casey Chan
  • In the market there isn't much to look at with regard to serious games. However, check out Speed Forge 3D. It gives Android real street cred as a gaming platform. Notice the video in the link has Speed Forge 3D running on the G1. Don't know whether it's rooted or not but as far as the hardware goes, it proves both the G1 and Android can handle the graphics. So imagine with an 833MHz processor will do for Android gaming.
  • Looks like a wonderswan gaming console
  • yeah, this is a gaming platform, but can it make phone calls, text msgs, email? 3G?
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