Android Market: The Fine Print, Terms of Service

Phandroid took an in-depth look at the Terms of Service for Android Market and came away with some quality tidbits that many of us will probably miss. Here are the goodies:

  • It looks like you will be able to "refund" Android Market App Purchases within a 24 hour period. This should act as a pseudo-trial period for apps and a great way to protect the consumer from buying crap apps.
  • There will be unacceptable content that may get your account banned. Namely, Nudity & Sexually Explicit Material, Violence/Bullying/Threats, Hate Speech, Age (must be 13+), Impersonation, Private Info, Copyright Infringement, Illegal Activities, Malicious Products, Prohibited Products.
  • There is reference to an Android Market Website that will give Android users better access at searching and downloading apps.

The rest of the stuff is fairly cut and dry (read: boring) so you probably don't have to comb through the entire TOS. Just be sure to play within the lines and you should be fine!

Casey Chan