Android Lollipop contains Flappy Bird Easter egg!

With each new version of Android comes a new "Easter egg" animation hidden away in the Settings app. In KitKat it was the dessert tray animation. In the Android L preview it was a reference to the obscure "webdriver torso" YouTube mystery. For the latest version of Lollipop (or at least as we see it in the latest October developer preview) Google's taken things a step further. There's a fully-featured clone of the Flappy Bird game hiding behind the Android version number under Settings > About phone.

Tap a bunch of times on the Android version numbers, then long-press one the giant lollipop that appears to launch into the game. We don't yet know if anything special happens if you progress past a certain point — we've only just managed two points so far. Either way, it's a worthy addition to Google's long line of Android easter eggs.

Check out our video down below!

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • what happen to hangouts ? Posted via Android Central App
  • The App? It's still there. They just also now have another stock Messaging app.
  • They should list this as a feature of lollipop.
    - Built-in flappy droid
  • Now Google is infected with flappy madness. Posted via Android Central App
  • Almost everybody was infected once!
  • That is awesome! Posted via Android Central App
  • Good Lord.
  • Alex, at least you scored two more points than me. Congrats!
    The Easter egg's are always delightful and I"m glad to see that tradition continue in Lollipop.
  • I still see people listing their Flappy Bird phones on Clist for $2000+....makes the $650 for the N6 seem like a steal lol! I play with my food
  • Do the they sell though? Brb, buying moto Gs and installing the APK... Posted via Android Central App
  • That's just iPhones Posted via Nexus 7 2013 or verizon Galaxy S5 or maybe one day through my moto 360
  • I saw a cheap samsung being sold for $3000 on ebay just there now. 6 watchers on it.
  • my problem with a 650 dollar 32 gig 32bit is one, will it be useless next year when 64 bit is required, and why not get the 64 gig for the extra $50
  • DOPE!
  • Flappy Droid.
  • You are very bad playing flappy droid!
  • Flappy Droid is way, way harder than the original flappy bird , in flappy bird I could score 170 points, in this game I could only score 4 points at max, I usually can't even pass 0 point , :D
    Try it yourself if you have the Lollipop preview, or probably your friend's.
  • I have seem people complaining about it, they say its harder too. Cant wait for my Droid Ultra to get Loli update.
  • My high score is 13 :D
  • Not Flappy Bird! Anything but that! :'(
  • Wohoo! Proper easter eggs! Software needs more of this. Seriously.
  • I usually try to keep a(relatively) civil tongue in my head on here, but... Fuck you Google! Posted via Android Central App
  • Why?
  • Because it sucks, and I hate it. (Because it sucks.) Posted via Android Central App
  • WOW! You suck in playing Flappy bird!
  • I like Easter Eggs...but what's a Flappy Bird? |-8 Posted via Serenity
  • Hey guys I made a quick review on Android Lollipop running on a Nexus 5 and a how-to
  • The video is private...
  • Hey guys I made a quick review on Android Lollipop running on a Nexus 5 and a how-to try again xD
  • just read the headline. realized Android just jumped the shark. all down hill from here guys.
  • Hey guys I made a quick review on Android Lollipop running on a Nexus 5 and a how-to
  • Bloatware
  • Hey guys I made a quick review on Android Lollipop running on a Nexus 5 and a how-to
  • Don't get spammy, it's making you look like a douche. Posted via Android Central App
  • fo real
  • I just came here to find out if anyone's made a video review of Android Lollipop.
  • Game and app free for android, try:
  • I think this is the best easter egg yet! :D
  • My High-score is 13 :D
  • Look at my profile image
  • My high score is 17.
  • this game so crazy... i like this game
  • I was disappointed to find this. I saw the lollipop so I started to rub my finger on the lollipop 3 times to see if it opened up like a Tootsie Pop or an Owl popped out, but no,..... Flappy Bird came on :(