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The new era of streaming for Disney has arrived, and people are excited to give Disney+ a try. Streaming video lovers and value shoppers are especially interested in the new Disney+ bundle, which offers three streaming services for one low price.

Disney+ is offering a bundle that has Disney+, ESPN+, and ad-supported Hulu for only $12.99. These services would normally cost almost $18 combined, as individually Disney+ costs $6.99, ESPN+ costs $4.99 and ad-supported Hulu costs $5.99. That adds up to nearly $60 per year in savings, and it offers subscribers a large variety of entertainment and sports options.

For a lot of you who pick this bundle, this will be your first time taking a look at ESPN+. You may be wondering what it is all about, and if it's worth adding to your streaming setup. ESPN+ is a standalone streaming service, so it has its own exclusive games and events that you won't find on any other channel. It normally costs $4.99 per month, and it no longer offers a free trial.

Here is a quick rundown of the key sports the service offers, and why it should be a fun part of this bundle for all kinds of fans.

ESPN+ has live games from major Pro and College sports

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ESPN+ is loaded with exclusive live games from a wide variety of professional and college teams covering all seasons of the sports calendar. This sports service has over 25 MLB games and over 40 NHL games every month during their seasons. If you love college sports, ESPN+ delivers for you, too, with over 90 exclusive college football games each month as well as hundreds of NCAA college basketball games you won't see anywhere else. The service also has other college sports, including baseball, softball, hockey, swimming, field hockey and much more.

Check out this week's schedule for sports and events on ESPN+

ESPN+ covers combat sports, including UFC and Boxing

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ESPN+ also has live action from the ring and the octagon. ESPN+ is the exclusive home to most UFC events, including many UFC Fight Nights and every UFC Pay-Per-View. ESPN+ also has big fights from Top Rank Boxing, including major names in the sport like Vasily Lomachenko and Tyson Fury. So after the kids and their cartoons have gone to bed, you can invite over your friends to enjoy an old fashioned fight party.

ESPN+ loves soccer fans, with MLS, FA Cup and more

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ESPN+ shows a passion for soccer, with games from leagues all around the world. The service is the official home of Major League Soccer (MLS) live streaming with every out-of-market game included. ESPN+ also has games from many of the best teams across Europe, with coverage of the FA Cup, Serie A, and more. Coming in the 2020 season, ESPN+ will also have Bundesliga streaming, with every regular season match included.

ESPN+ has studio shows, highlights and documentaries, too

ESPN+ may have loads of live sports, but it also brings the highlights and studio shows too. If you love the NFL, you will want to catch NFL Primetime, with highlights and analysis of all the games each week. Additionally, they have NHL In the Crease, the ESPN FC soccer show, Ariel and the Bad Guy on UFC, Peyton's Places and much more. ESPN+ also has all of the great 30 for 30 documentaries, which are well worth checking out.

Streaming Triple Play

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Disney+ bundle

Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu combine into a tempting triple threat.

Start with the best of Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and more. Then add in exclusive live sports from ESPN+, and tons more TV shows from Hulu to get the best value in streaming.

Sports Streaming Eutopia

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A sports streaming service that plays well with others.

ESPN+ is a standalone sports streaming service with loads of exclusive sports you can't see anywhere else. Get it alone, or with the Disney+ bundle, to watch boxing, UFC, college football, NHL and much more.

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