AdMob January 3 numbers

AdMob, a company that serves up mobile advertising, just released some new numbers for Android, showing that data requests doubled from October to December. The bullet points:

  • Requests increased 97 percent in the past three months, totaling more than 1 billion.
  • In October, 98 percent of requests came from HTC devices. That droped to 56 percent in December. Last month, 39 percent of requests came from Motorola phones, and 5 percent from Samsung.
  • The Motorola Droid generated 30 percent of requests last month.
  • Ninety percent of AdMob's traffic was from the U.S., up from 84 percent in October.

We don't have any reason to doubt AdMob's numbers, but do remember that it recently was purchased by Google, though that deal is on hold while the FTC looks things over some more. [AdMob]

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