AC forum member goes hands-on with the AT&T HTC One X

With HTC One X demo units now appearing in some AT&T stores, one Android Central reader has taken it upon himself to go hands-on with the upcoming device. Forum member ​garment69​ has written up a quick report over in the AC HTC One X forum based on his time playing with the demo unit. Among the highlights, he says, are the phone's 720p SuperLCD 2 display and the general responsiveness. And as we said in our review, the One X captures images at a fantastic speed thanks to HTC's ImageSense tech.

On the negative side, our forum member wasn't too happy with HTC's app-switching setup, or the fact that the AT&T One X is left with under 10GB of internal storage for personal files (compare that to the 25GB or so on the international Tegra 3 version).

For more AT&T One X impressions from garment69​, be sure to check the forum thread linked below. The phone became available to pre-order yesterday, and is due to launch on May 6.

Source: Android Central forums: AT&T HTC One X hands-on

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  • It has the AT&T logo.... Roger's one in Canada does not have the Roger's logo hmm I wonder if there's a side by side video comparison of the Tegra3 vs S4 on webpage loading, app launching etc....
  • This is why I never trust Qualcomm's claim for anything. They always over claim the performance of the chipsets. I'm really curious to see if the S4 really does outperform the tegra 3 in real world use. I know the S2 and S3 chips sucks compared to the exynos or omap series. I still gotta wait for a head to head comparison between this and the GS3 to see if its worth jumping off the samsung ship.
  • Wow, 10Gb is all that remains on a phone that is supposed to last until 2014... I'm glad Sprint and HTC took care of this issue in the new EVO. I have a 32GB card just itching for a new home.
  • I don't know why HTC decided to put that app switcher on the one X but they didn't change it on the S. I guess I have to deal with it on the EVO 4G LTE.
  • 10GB in 2012. Absolutely unacceptable. I think I have to get the international version of this phone... but I have no experience with that sort of thing. Do I need to have it shipped to me, and then take it into an AT&T store and set up an account with them? I'm currently on sprint and my contract ends May 3rd. Just in time.
  • Does anyone have an official reason why HTC isn't bothering with at least the OPTION of doing 32GB here? I can understand their desire to eliminate the SD slot, but why not sell both here? Are they uninterested in the nearly free $100 extra people would pay?
  • It probably isn't HTC, probably AT& T trying to save a few bucks.
  • How would AT&T save money by not offering a more expensive to the end user phone? People are going to slam this thing once they start using it and realize they're either over their pitiful 2GB cap or they can't take pictures anymore because after taking 5 minutes of video they've run out of space.
  • AT&T's cap is 3GB now, and 5 mnutes of video won't fill up very much space at all. Stop exaggerating and go pet a dog or something.
  • 3GB only if you have the unlimited plan, and a few gigs of music, a couple of movies, and videos you shoot yourself easily get up to 200MB each for a few minutes at decent resolutions. Add in something like picasa caching (.5GB) and Google Music caching (another .5GB) and I'm wondering where you think all this is going to fit? 10GB is nothing at all. It's like they're asking people to get an iPhone or another manufacturer's phone.
  • It probably isn't HTC, probably AT& T trying to save a few bucks.
  • Yep, 10GB is ridiculous, that makes my decision easy. Time to move on to the next super phone. Maybe the GS III will actually deliver.
  • I'm just bummed. No phone is going to look as pretty as this one. The GS III will be black. A white one might get released way later... but that's after waiting until around September for the various different versions to get released on US carriers. I really want the One X... it's just that HTC and AT&T did EVERYTHING they could to make me not want it. I really want to talk to the people in charge of many of the One X decisions... and then just SLAP them as hard as I can. They had an EASY winner on their hands and ruined it.
  • Get the international/unlocked version. You pay a premium but you don't have to deal with AT&T/
  • I've never done that before. I've considered it. Do I Just need to have it shipped to me and then take it into the carrier to get it set up? I thought AT&T was the only US carrier that you could use this phone on anyway?
  • Ok.. I took a look at it for my self today.
    Simply put this phone is awesome. The screen is amazing and bright. The colors are wonderful. Its definitely fast. The dual core chip inside is seriously fast. There was no lag at all. Im not a fan of sense but i think was well implemented on this. As for the camera it was truly snappy at taking pictures.
    Its the perfect size i think. I don't have large hands but im used to using large phones so it feels perfect. Everything is accessible with one hand for. The build quality is superior. Everything feels well put together.
    Ok.. here's the bad... yes it only has under 10 gigs of storage... and yes it is hollow. I know what you thinking.. HOLLOW.. WHAT DO YOU MEAN? well in the center of the phone on the back its hollow for some reason. Its not easily noticed. If you push on it.. it will depress a little. A small flaw on an otherwise great phone. As a matter of fact i wouldn't even of realized if i hadn't watched every OneX video ever made between MWC and now. Try it for yourself and see what you think..
  • So, considering that one would have to make every megabyte count, utilizing the Cloud for everything possible, do you think someone will find a way to allow partitioning for app storage? Since the cases coming out are already assuaging my fears of scratching a high end camera lens and having to do without a kickstand, and with the availability of external battery sources, I'm left with figuring out a memory workaround.