If you've watched the creepy Xperia Play "Android thumbs ad" and wondered about the backstory of the thumbs in question, then you'll be relieved to hear that Sony Ericsson has provided you with the answers you crave in a brand new commercial.

The ad, entitled "The Donor", tells the chilling story of a man brutally robbed of his opposable digits by Sony Ericsson just so you can play Tekken on your phone. Check it out for yourself after the jump. The Xperia Play is due out in Europe later this month -- check out our hands (and thumbs)-on video coverage to find out more.


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Xperia Play 'Donor' ad shows how Android got its thumbs


Ok, I do have to say that I love this (and the previous) commercial. But damn, can we say f'in creepy for kids?

Pretty funny actually. Definitely not as creepy as the original though. Unless they're 3 years old or afraid of the boogie man, I don't think kids will mind this at all.