Xiaomi kickstarts their global plans with launch in Singapore

Chinese smartphone powerhouse Xiaomi has long had eyes on the global market, and today they started making progress in expanding outside of the People's Republic with their first launch in Singapore. ZDNet reports that Xiaomi's mid-range Redmi Android handset is now on sale in Singapore for S$169 (that's around $134 USD), while the flagship Mi3 is expected on March 7 for S$419 ($332 USD).

The Redmi is launching on all three of Singapore's carriers — M1, SingTel Mobile, StarHub — and while their combined 8 million subscribers pale in comparison to even the smallest carriers in China, it's a start for Xiaomi's global plans. To celebrate the launch, Xiaomi customized its MIUI interface with "Singapore-centric app icons and a wallpaper of the city's skyline."

Xiaomi recently poached former Google Android VP of Product Hugo Barra to head up their expansion plans, and Barra was on hand in Singapore along with Xiaomi co-founder Lin Bin. Xiaomi's set up a service center for local customers and will soon be opening a regional corporate office and distribution center to serve the whole of southeast Asia with localized support and features.

For now, Xiaomi is focusing on Asia, targeting Singapore's neighbor Malaysia for their next launch. Jumping the Pacific Ocean for the Americas is apparently not in the near-term plans, though having gone from their first launch three years ago to 15 million devices last year and a target of 40 million sales this year, Xaiomi is certainly on a roll — the rest of the globe can't be too far off, eh?

Source: ZDNet


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Xiaomi kickstarts their global plans with launch in Singapore


Is it really MIUI or is that just what they are calling their skin?

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Thanks for the info guys.

I really really disliked MIUI, but it has been quite awhile. Maybe time to give it another look.

I was wondering if all of their services would work in the U.S. I was thinking about getting the Mi3, but if most of the functionality is crippled, not worth it.

The Chinese handsets seem to have improved very quickly and will be a refreshing addition to western markets. Definitely worth a look and for people like me that buy unlocked phones you seem to get a lot of phone for your money

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I can't wait to see these phones finally come to the US. I've been following them since they started getting big, and have always liked the way their phones look and work.