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Keep reading to see how you could win a Dot View case for your HTC One M8

The Dot View case for the HTC One M8 is seriously cool, and keeps getting better. The Dot View app has recently seen an update that among other additions allows you to use themes as wallpaper. You can choose one of the 18 included with the app, or add your own from your gallery, or by taking a new picture. Pretty awesome!

In honor of this update, and to help more of you pick up this sweet case for your very own, you can now purchase it in Warm Black, Imperial Blue, Orange Popsicle, and Baton Rouge for just $29.95 (regularly $49.99) for a limited time over at And on top of that, we're giving away three of them in your choice of color, just because we like you guys.

If you'd like to enter to win a Dot View case for your HTC One M8, drop a comment below letting us know what your favorite feature is, and what color you'd love for your phone. We'll pick three of you and announce the winners in a couple days. Good luck!


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I really like how you can customize a theme. This would look great on my M8 in black. Hope to win

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Features for me would be clock and notification theme. I have a M8 coming for my work phone so this would be perfect :).

Black please :)

I would absolutely love a gray or warm black dot view case for my gunmetal gray M8! My favorite feature is being able to answer calls without opening the folio case. I also don't have a case for mine so I really need it!

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The best feature is the email notification feature. That would be unbelievably helpful for me. The black version would be great. Thanks.

My fav is being able to see the time and weather without opening the Case! I would choose the Baton Rouge color.
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I like how your phone is still protected while getting weather, time and caller notifications. My choice would be the Warm Black.

I would love the warm black dot view case, hands down thee best case with very useful integrated features, such as being able to check any notifications without having to actually open the case.

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I would love a black one for my M8 and see what themes i can put on it. Being able to use the phone with the cover closed is an awesome feature.

Love the fact that you don't have to do a thing but put it your ear to pickup a phone call. Love to have one.

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Best feature is seeing notifications without touching the phone! Would love this case in black :)

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I like that you can answer phone calls and get the weather and time without opening the case. I would like the Black Color.

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I really like how you can customize the theme and can do simple tasks right from the case. I would love imperial blue or black. A dark color so the notifications don't get lost

I love the idea of getting notifications and time without even having to open the case! The red one would look great on my phone!

I think this case has been one of the most innovative "devices" so far this year! Especially when you factor in that its a pretty decent non bulky case and it can be updated/improved whenever HTC feels like it. The best part about it is that it is somewhat "future proof". I say this because I've seen/used mods that allow notification of ALL apps with this case so its only a matter of time before HTC gets wind of this and opens up the API for it. In my household, Im looked at as the person who always has the cool new things. My wife bought this case along with the phone on launch day and I have been a bit jealous every since.... Baton Rouge for me guys, PLEASE:0)

The theme's are cool but best feature is that it is so different, I like cutting edge tech although I warn against first generation. Any color for free is the best color.

I like the look of the case. The dot view concept is pretty cool compared to other flip covers since it utilizes the whole screen instead of just a part of it or no part at all. It'd awesome if they could mix and match colors with the next iteration of cases. I like black and blue so I'm not sure which one I would pick.

The fact that it adds functionality to a case and it displays information differently than how your phone does. I like the one in the picture.

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I would be all over the Orange Popsicle or Imperial Blue. Something different. It'd be neat to use some of the root mods to the dot view app to display other notifications while my phone is in my dock at work.

I would love the ability of being able to swipe down and do a voice command to call someone.

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

I really like how you don't need to open the case to answer a call. This would really come in handy while working on my car getting my hands dirty but not the phone. this case in black would make my HTC One look amazing!

Love it because it's very unique. Would love the blue or black!

Good luck everyone!

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Accessibility and retains almost full protection of the screen rather than having a silly window? SOLD! Just haven't been able to find one in a store to actually see the thing before putting down 50 bones... Warm black would match the gunmetal perfectly!

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I would like to see m8 with the blue dot view to go with my car ^^
The best feature would be having an associated app with expandable features.

Black, not because I don't really like the others(ok maybe a bit), but I generally always choose black for accessories. I think this is a really cool case, definitely not something you see everyday!

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I like the way it shows your notifications. I think its way better than have a cut ou, it really takes full advantage of the entire screen...I would like mine in orange!!

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I love the ability to answer calls with the screen covered. This would really cut down on fingerprints and smudges on the otherwise beautiful display. I would prefer the warm black just cause I think it would go well with the brushed metal look of the phone.

It is amazing that you can interact with your phone through the case. Not to mention it looks sweet on the phone. Would look great on my m8. I would take any color.

I like the fact that it's a solid and innovative case that HTC themselves bothered to manufacture. Hope others continue the trend and provide awesome accessories for more Android devices! I'm thinking the warm black case would look pretty slick with my gun metal grey HTC One m8.

I like the case, it isn't a basic flip case and the customization just takes it up another few notches. I would love one in black for my Harmon/Kardon M8.

It's good they are still expanding its capabilities. I prefer classic black but the Baton Rouge isn't bad! All the colors have their merits!

I particularly like the ability to answer calls and stuff with the case closed. Also, I like that you can take your own picture and make it into a theme! I'll have the warm black, it'll go great with the M8 I'm about to get!

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The new update looks really solid and I really appreciate OEM cases that don't distort the visions of the designers. That's a huge plus of this case, on top of the already great functionality. I'm partial to Warm Black myself.

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Favorite feature? Seeing your notifications in awesome dot matrix without having to pickup or turn on the phone! Would love this in black!

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Love the ability to see information while still protecting the phone. I need a case badly, as the phone keeps sliding out of my pocket. Imperial blue. Will we know the winner before the sale is over?

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Well I just took advantage of the sale on and purchased the blue one. I'm still in for free one so I can express my love for a different local sports team. My desired color in this case (pun) is Orange Popsicle. My favorite feature is the retro look. Yes I'm still bummed that HTC didn't have the forethought to make this case a bit more flexible so it would fold open flat but it's still awesome as heck!

It's really hard to pick what I love most about this case because it has so many cool features. I really like the themes and notifications. Keeping my fingers crossed on maybe winning my favorite color Warm Black. Thank you for the opportunity

I would love the orange popsicle! My favorite feature is being able to answer the phone, and see simple notifications without opening the flap. The simplicity is amazing! and the orange popsicle color is just... Nice!

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I like being able to glance at the time/temp without actually firing up the phone. I wish it were a bit more customize-able (I want the big weather icon back!) and supported more apps, though. I don't actually use the HTC messaging/mail apps, so call notifications are the only ones I get.

Honestly I love the fact that all the notifications pop through the case, this would be awesome on my new HTC one M8 Harmon Kardon!

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Black because it will look fantastic on my Silver M8. I love the Dot View case because it is more than just a case, it's a fashion statement and a sweet one at that.

I love the unique retro look of the Dot View case. HTC got it right with this accessory in offering s I me thing different and cool. BTW.....pick me!

I love the idea of answering the phone without opening the flap cover. My favourite color would be the blue one. Thanks and I hope I win!

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I really like the way the notifications are and how they are shown. Its awesome! I'd like the Warm Black but i'll take a Orange too :)

Not sure if it was feature of the M8 or of Dot View, but M8 feature would be BlinkFeed. Dot view would be the new themes. I would go with Orange Popsicle or Imperial Blue.

I love the functionality without opening the case.
If im lucky enough to win I would like the black one please.

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My favorite feature is the ability to choose themes. I would like to get the case in black. :)

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Love the way it displays notifications. Especially since my notification light is nearly invisible. Orange Popsicle looks great!

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Being able to answer calls and see notifications without opening the cover. Great idea for quick access!

If I win, I'd love the case in Orange Popsicle. I love bright phone cases!

I love how it displays notifications without opening the case. I'd love one in blue, please.

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I love that you can see who is calling, texting, or any notification you can have with the Dot View Case, with a display that eminates retro and futuristic simultaneously....oh, and I'll take Warm Black, please!

It just makes having a protective case better by being able to see all the important things without losing protection on your screen.Love what HTC is doing these days,love my m8!

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I love the ability to customize your own themes huge fan of HTC I would love a black case

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My HTC One M8 often feels naked. Nudity is disconcerting, so it finds ways to ensure that it lands face down on the stainless steel tabletop in my kitchen. This provides some camouflage to hide the nakedness, but also means that it's hard to spot when said tabletop is covered with groceries and other clutter. So my HTC One M8 is hoping for an Baton Rouge red Dot View case, which will ensure that it is easily spotted when lost amidst the clutter. Not to mention that I love the idea of being able to read the time & weather without having to open up the flap!

The case is a very awesome product with the ability to customize! What's there not to like?
I would love one in IMPERIAL BLUE!

The new themes are cool, but I love the retro aspect of the case, it just looks cool. The black would be my choice of color.

Too bad I can't find it in that minty green :p but the imperial blue is quite sexy and i would gladly take it. I just love how it looks all 8 bit, I love designing 8 bit sprites and everything retro style (:

I love the quick access to notifications! In my work position my phone has be Encrypted so security is high and quick access to the notifications will be a lot easier then having to enter in my password every time. The case I have right now is very basic and have loved the style of the Dot Case as soon as I saw its release. Love it! Warm Grey or Blue Please!!!

I really like the interactive cover....It's gonna make so many things easier :) I can't wait to try on my baton rouge dot cover :)

I like it because it is innovative, i like orange in combination with gunmetal gray. But i dont need it i like M8 design :ppp
Posted via HTC ONE M8 Gunmetal Gray

Fav feature is the new customizability available with the app

Posted via Galaxy Note 3, OnePlus One, or Nexus 7 (2012)

I love the way that you can see notifications without opening the case, it protects the entire phone front and back, and you can customize themes. Warm black would make a great case for my M8!

I like it's awesome look and customize the themes. I love warm black coz it look gorgeous with that color.

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I like the ability to check the time and weather etc. And it just looks so much better than the S-View case on the Samsung Galaxy S5. I think black would be my preferred choice of colour.

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Let's be real, showing it off to all your friends with iPhones is by far the best feature! Really do love the ability to answer calls without opening the case, and without getting oils from your face on the screen as an added bonus! I'd love one in black.

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I love that i can view the time and weather without unlocking my phone. I would love the black case, no presure

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Would love to be able to look at the incoming calls and messages without touching my screen and saving more power. I work with grease things and hate touching my beauty without a cover. And the black or gray are perfect colors for me.

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This looks like a cool feature that I accidentally activate. I was on the phone and I was holding my Kindle with wake-lock case and had it positioned just right to turn on the dotview case. it was pretty cool.

Themes look excellent.


For me it's all about speed. Until I can have a smart watch in place of my fit it flex to tell me the time, I don't want to push any buttons. This case solves the problem. And then it keeps getting cooler with each update. Maybe a smart watch is unnecessary...

I love not having to open it up to pick up a phone call. Just swipe and answer! I'd love the case in blue!!!

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I like the customized themes and the black one would look great on my Harmon Kardon edition!

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I like how I can put a background of my son. He loves looking at himself also. Would like a blue one as I have the grey one already

My favorite feature of the dot view case is how easily is to see if you have any notifications plus I like the 8bit look of it, id like it in warm black color

I really like how it lets you use the phone for calls without opening the cover. The functionality is limited, but that is a really nice touch. The other features are great of course, but the phone use while closed is something I didn't expect.

I think this case brings some well needed innovation to the traditional flip cover. My favorite future is the protection of the screen while keeping it usable. I think the warm black would look amazing on my m8

Would be pretty freakin awesome to be seeing this case on my HTC one m8 with all the customizations that can be done with the new update, hope I can win one!

The customization option is ace! It's beyond a gimmick now, it's a case that people wish they could get! Including me! I want a Red one so I can stick Arsenal crest on it in dots!!

I like how it shows notifications and the customized backgrounds. A great invention by HTC and with the new update, users get more customization which its a plus. The imperial blue would look great on my M8.

The new recent call feature is handy specially for when your out in public and don't want to use the voice dial feature I like blu

I love that i'd be able to see everything from weather to time to alerts all without having to expose my screen.

Imperial Blue would be my choice. You never really get to see that blue in a case or phone color.

Just picked up an AT&T HTC One and they wanted $50 for it. I live the dot matrix look and haven't seen the new feature of adding your own. Excited and hope I win!

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I like the ability to answer calls and see notifications without flipping the case open. I'm really digging the black case.

I'm loving the BlinkFeed right now it's everything in one place, as for the dot view case it's awesome and I love it in the Orange colour.

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My favorite feature of the dot view case is the ability to make my iPhone loving friends' jaws drop!

Blue please :D

Warm black is my favorite color. And I personally like the call answering feature. Keeps the phone protected and it's pretty neat how they integrated the case with so many options in the phone. An awesome extension.

Pick a favorite feature? That's like picking a favorite child! If I gotta choose one, though, I'm going with answering and making calls w/o opening the front cover. I need the Orange Popsicle before football season, so I can rep my OSU Cowboys! Go Pokes!

I really like how the Dot View case can show me my basic notifications on my M8 without needing to turn on my phone. Definitely would like a Warm Black color on it.

I love the easy access to notifications and the time! Plus it protects the screen on top of that! I would love to have it in black for my M8 :)

Love the ability to constantly change things up. Only have to purchase one case and end up with a multitude of options. Especially like the orange popsicle!

Would love one of these. It's cool being able to see your notifications without opening your case and with the customizable themes. Warm Black would be the best.

I can't pick just one favorite feature. I really like the new blinkfeed. I think it works very well and being able to add my own content and social media sites is nice. The themes options are a nice touch, I just wish there were more color options. And, I don't care what anyone says, I like the camera. I think it takes awesome pictures and the depth of field lense is a cool touch.

As for a dot view case, I love the Imperial Blue color. It would look great with my gunmetal grey M8.

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I really like how you can interact with the screen even though the dot view case is still covering it. I also love the possibilities for customizations which is the same reason I chose an Android phone. I would probably choose warm black to go with my m8.

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There is a lot to like about the dot view case. I would have to say my favorite feature if u can consider it a feature is it is functional. It cover the screen but I don't always have to open it to use it. Would love a orange popsicle one.

I like how you can easily change any picture to work with the dot view case as a background. Would love to win a black case!

Posted from my HTC One M8 via Android Central App

Can adding new features be a feature?
Seriously, every time HTC updates that app, I see more and more awesome things that pop up.
Okokok, I think being able to add wallpapers, not only from a pre-selected gallery, but your own is pretty damn cool.
I think Black, Blue or Red would go great on my gunmetal M8!
Good luck to everybody and I hope to win!

Great thing about the case is that it is fully functional with the device. It's both stylish and functional. I currently have a Mario background right now for the dot view theme now I just need the case in Orange popsicle :wink:

The redial function is great. I spend a lot of time in manufacturing buildings which shield cell signals. When I leave I always have calls to return, and not having to open up the notification tray or phone app to see who i missed is a great time saver. Seeing as I couldn't get my M8 in the blue of the M7, I'd settle for a Dot View Case in Imperial Blue please. Thanks!

I love everything HTC has done with the new One. BlinkFeed is improved. The dotview is an awesome feature. Really pits them against other OEM's. Everything is buttery smooth.

A sophisticated case, for a sophisticated phone. Would love one in black to replace the bulky amazon case I have.

I really need a case for my M8 and I'm not looking to buy the case for $50 from AT&T and would love to win the Imperial Blue case.

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Would love to see a custom theme, clocks, notifications and the pure beauty of this remarkable case. Would love the Baton Rouge one!! Wow, gorgeous case and brilliant on HTC's part!! And thank you to Android Central for offering this awesome chance to win one!!

Its definitely a very neat feature, but I'm loving the duo camera and all the effects it brings.

If I could win, I'd like the warm black colour!
It's one hell of a phone.
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i thought this case was a novel idea when it was first released with the One M8, but it wasn't until the update with themes and all that i really decided that i wanted one, either the Warm Black or Imperial Blue.

Love how you can answer and talk without opening it. No scratches or greasy screen here!

Black or imperial blue looks nice!

My favorite feature is that you can take a call without waking up the phone. I have the m8 in red so I think it would look amazing in black.

I think it's cool that you can keep your phone completely covered and still use some of its features. I wouldn't mind trying one in Warm Black.

My favorite feature is the retro look mixed with modern functionality.

When I look at the dots, all I can think of is Ernest Cline's book, Ready Player One. There is a healthy mix of 80's awesomeness mixed with the latest and greatest technology. The Dot View case is not only groundbreaking, but a throwback to our old school roots at the same time.

I would love to have one in black!

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Uber Cool case!!! Love the "light" magic. Best feature - hard to choose - but i'll go for the ease of doing quite a lot of functions (e.g answering phone) without opening the case. Warm Black color for me please!!!

I rigged a magnet to a cell phone stand, just so I can use dot view without a case. So this would be a great addition...

Sign me up for Imperial Blue

It reminds me of a lite brite. Just replaced my damaged Note 2 with an M8 and could use a case so I don't damage this as well.

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I love the eye catching look of the dot view case. As soon as you pull it out of your pocket people are going to be amazed, so it's a really good conversation starter. As far as features go, I love the fact that I can see the time, date, weather, and notifications without even pushing a button. So cool. I like the Imperial blue color.

My favorite feature of the case is simply that it displays pertinent information right on the case itself! The fact you can see the weather, time, and notifications without even unlocking your phone is awesome! I would love the warm black case for my phone!

I love that you can check notifications w/o going into your phone and the customizable themes! The black would look very nice on my M8!

Not sure how cool it would be, but the chance to try one without laying down the $$ would be great. What color goes with Gold? How about Blue? :-)

Love the option to theme! Since I used to live there, I should choose the Baton Rouge! I however prefer the Warm Black!

My favorite feature is blink feed, my own personal news feed just for me. Orange popsicle would be great thanks.

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It's a very innovative design and I love that they're updating it to make it better. I like the Baton Rouge red.

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I love seeing the notifications on the front cover without having to turn on the phone.

Would love the warm black version, thanks!

Just got my HTC one m8 in the red! Would love to rock a warm black dot case :) makes me feel nostalgic for my 8bit video game days!

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I would use the clock and the ability to answer the Phone through the case in any color. But black would be my preference.
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I would like a black one. I love the dot view case because it is unique and cool. Would love to put themes on it.

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I love the color blue so I'd have to try that one. I like the fact that it allows one to see notifications without opening the cover.

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Interacting with the notification displayed through the case! It's no longer just a useless flap :)

I think the colors would pop out best on a black case ;)

Not sure if it's a feature, but I love the way owners of other phones look so envious when they see it.

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Would love to have a black case for my M8. My favorite feature is the fact you can protect your phones screen while still having access to multiple things you may need.

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My entire existence, I've lacked the newest tech gear. When people got the 2way pager I had just got a pager. When people had the flip, I had the block. I just wanna have the coolest gear now that I'm ahead of the game with my m8! Please contest gods, honor my quest to be completely Mandroided!

Perfect for my One M8 (except for the fact that typing with the Dot View case is reportedly problematic) Any color except that orange works for me.

I love the new theme feature as well as the weather! Would love an Orange Popsicle for my M8.

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I like that it protects your phone while remaining functional at the same time. Black please.

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The features are cool but, what i genuinely admire about the HTC Dot View Case is the outstanding innovation put into the device (if I may). I'm alive for yet another impressive display of evolution. Kudos.

P.S...Baton Rouge would go insanely perfect with my silver HTC One M8. ^_^

The dot view case is completely about 8bit graphics.. and HTC has shown the world how to master it.. it really puts past technology into use in a really creative and intriguing way!!!
I personally like the imperial blue case

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black color for sure! the 8 bitness is a selling feature for specially with all this music from hotline miami! would be cool if it would do a light show as the music bumped!

I still think the best feature is being able to see notifications without opening it. I like the black and baton rouge the best.

The Dot View case is a truly amazing product. I love how it enables you to interact with your phone and view simple notifications without opening the case. If I were lucky enough to win one of these beautiful cases, black would be my color of choice. Big thanks to for this giveaway!

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I'm down with the look of the thing. Nice and retro. The first case I've ever actually wanted on a device. Black for me!

Warm black would look very nice on my gunmetal M8. I believe the swipe features would be useful, especially without having to open the front cover. Simple, elegant, and functional = Win.

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Love the new wallpaper feature, adding some colors is great! The Orange Popsicle will be perfect for me!

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Imperial Blue looks the best for me, I'd love to win one please. I love the themes, but feel the ability to save battery has to be the best - not the whole screen and phone woken up!

Been plagued with a slow S3 and will be upgrading end of August. Tied between the S5 and this, so if I win I'll definitely be going for the HTC! I'd love it, so so much. Will make up for a torrid year!

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Themes are a great addition, but the cool factor of the dot matrix notifications is what really made me turn my head to this case.

I never gave much attention to the case since it was launched, until HTC released new updates recently. Being able to add and customize wallpapers, in addition to the original and new notifications really make me fell in love with it. Black Dot View Case will look awesome on my M8

I like the feature of seeing the three previously called. I like mine in black because it blends in with the gunmetal Grey. A TSA agent broke my other one in half filing a claim and is going to take a while otherwise I'll just give it to my girlfriend

Blue would go great with my amber gold (or pink... Depending on the light.)

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you can answer a call without opening the case with a simple swipe
you can end one too, simple swipe down..
See weather through the case is a fantastic idea
and don't get me started on all the themes..
AND ITS A FANTASTIC CASE..I could really use one..