We hate to start the waiting game so soon, especially since we're just comfortable and enjoying Cupcake now, but the AndroidGuys have reason to believe that Android 2.0 Donut will be released later this Summer. The developers of The Weather Channel Android application have admitted that the next update to their application, slated for late summer, will be built for Android 2.0.

This could mean a few things: The Weather Channel could be jumping the gun with an Android 2.0-ready update or Android 2.0 will be released by the time The Weather Channel update is available. Obviously, we're pulling for the latter. In the meantime, we wouldn't start any Donut-related movements, after seeing T-Mobile bungle the Cupcake release, it could be months before T-Mobile even acknowledges Donut on the roadmap.


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Will Android 2.0 Be Released Later This Summer?


T-Mobile bungled the launch of Cupcake? there was a security problem that had to be addressed and it delayed the launch by a week. Get your info right.

hero runs on 1.5, check the firmware numbers on the G1.
it says 1.5. not 2.0. donut will be on the bigfoot, which is scheduled for release in september.


Just watched a Video on the HTC Hero and the guy setting the phone up said that the Hero had taken his picture from Facebook and was using it on the text message page. I mean on the text message (SMS) page on the Hero it showed his name and his photo at the start of each message. Is this part of 2.0 or something just for the Hero?

Also the Hero has a cool main screen with different clock options. Is this part of 2.0?