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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! Behold, the all-new Android Central application. Known as an "app" on the streets, this is a long overdue endeavor for us. We've been testing internally for some time now, and it's been floating around our forums for a week or so, and now we've officially gone public, for Android 4.0.3 and up.

So what's in the app? We'll have posts detailing the features over the next few weeks, but here are the broad strokes:

  • All the posts from the blog side of things. News. Reviews. Apps. Accessories. Editorials. It's all there.
  • Plus, you can comment on posts directly from the app.
  • Access to our Android forums. If you've used Tapatalk or our dedicated Android Forums app, you'll be used to things here. (We've still got some bugs to iron out on this one, but a good bit of functionality is there.)
  • Podcasts. We're big fans of the major podcatcher apps out there. But why not bake it into our app as well? You can stream or download all of our episodes right from the app.
  • Wallpapers. Downloading from our Wallpaper Gallery is easier than ever. Browse and install, all from the app.
  • Accessories. We've got direct access to, right in the app. 
  • Videos. You can check out everything that hits our YouTube channel -- often before it hits the blog.

That's quite a few features for a v1.0 release. But we've still got work to do.

In addition to fixing a few bugs we know are out there, we've got a number of features still on the drawing board. Those include:

  • Notifications:. New stories, replies to your comments or forum posts -- we get it. You want notifications. We want notifications. And so we're working on it.
  • Widgets: One of the most sought-after features for our app, actually, and it's high on our list of things to get done in this ne version.
  • Better Google account authorization: We've got this fancy new Mobile Nations Passport that we're using in Android Central and across all our Mobile Nations sites. It works great on the desktop, but better integration into our mobile apps is a high priority. 
  • Better tablet support. It works, but it can be better. Much better.

And that's just for starters. We've gotten a lot of great feedback from you folks over the past few weeks, and we can't wait to roll out the next version. And lest we forget, a huge thanks to our developer, Neil, for putting up with us through all this. Those Aussies are a resilient bunch.

So give it a whirl, give us your feedback, and be sure to leave a rating in Google Play and share the link on Google+. We're excited about the all-new Android Central app, and how much better it will become in future versions.


Reader comments

Welcome to the all-new Android Central app!


Question: How can you mark a forum as been read? I don't see an option to do that with the new app (but it is possible with the older AC Forums app).

Really liking it so far! Looking forward to a couple more additions sour the forums and would love a dark theme, but you've done amazing work! Thanks.

Sexy app! Very impressive for a V1.0! Love the hidden menu and the ability to swipe through different categories on the fly. Great job AC! I'm sure big things are sure to come our way soon. Hopefully we'll be able to "like" or "dislike" comments a la thumbs up or down :-D

Super awesome job guys. But where do I find the settings to check Jerry's beard status? I am sure it's a bit of a joke but you have to admit it would give the app some more personality.

Just installed! It looks good to have both news viewer and forum viewer in one app.
(I posted from the app and edited from the web browser, lol.)

Great app, now if only you guys could teach Engadget how a tech site should represent itself in the mobile app realm. I will be using this app instead of currents to read articles from you guys.

Really need to be able to swipe left and right when I'm in an article to reach the previous and next.

Having it refresh every fifteen is crazy. I set it to manual. On start option would be nice. 

Looking god so far. With a N7 and SwiftKey I did notice that I had to enter my password first and then my username when logging in otherwise I could not enter into the next field.

I love the app and have been using the beta version, but the one thing that annoys me is not being able to swipe from one article to the next and having to back out every time. Also cant wait for the widget. I'm still using the (really) old ac widget, please save me.

The app looks slick, is super-smooth and super-fast, and has all of the content that I want to see. A few things on the wishlist:

1. I love on the older AC Forums app that you can mark threads as being read, and they will become non-bolded until a newer comment is posted. It makes it much easier to know if there's anything new to learn or to respond to. Please make this happen on the new AC app!

2. Along those lines, it'd be great if we could see the date and time of the latest reply in a thread (i.e., when looking at the thread overview).

3. A dark theme would be nice. Light themes may look cool, but they can lead to eyestrain if you're using the phone in the dark.

But overall, bravo!

Also when you access a thread it should ask you if you want a bookmark to last read Tec, so that when you access it next time it doesn't start from the first page. In short, It would've been nice if AC kept all the previous forum app features, such as user activity, messages, notifications, profile etc.

Good work you guys!

Gotta say though, as 40% of all Android devices still run Gingerbread, it seems pretty remiss to leave those folks (of which I'm one - still rocking a Nexus One) out in the cold.

I really like the way it opens URL links, especially from Google+, it's much faster then the web browser

Hey all, just had an email from Phil. Landscape is on the list of things to come. Not yet ready, but it will be there!

@Phil Nickinson

Thanks for the coolest post ever.

there is no doubt, Android Central App from androidcentral is the best app made for androidcentral fans. very good work from androidcentral.

Thumbs up!!!!

Thanks in Advance


This release requires the 4.0 run-time, which the BlackBerry Android Player doesn't support yet. We should hear more about when the updated runtime will come out for BlackBerry at BlackBerry Live.

However - this app and the CB10 uses the same mobile api so we are considering making an Android Central version of the CB10 app (and vice versa).

Nicely done, all agree better than the last Android Central app :)

Would like to see landscape mode for both tablets and phones, but I imagine that is on the drawing board!

Is it just me ? I pressed the back button when in main interface of the app, then the launcher main screen is shown, which is correct, but screen is not responsive, after 3 seconds, there is a message box saying this app terminated etc.
Using Galaxy Note 2

Phil confirmed to me by email the landscape is on the list of things to fix. It will be coming. We only have to be patient, young padawan! ;-)

It was also stated in the app description when you downloaded the app. Nice of Phil to email you though.

I was too exited to read the description. Thanks for pointing that out. :-)

I almost missed a good bacon joke too!

Installed but haven't checked it out yet. Not sure if I'll use it a lot but probably occasionally. I use Feedly for the blog to keep track of read/unread. But I might use it for podcasts and wallpapers. Glad to have it.

I haven't downloaded it yet, but I wanted to give you KUDOS for the description in the play store. Extra GOLD star for the easy to understand explanation of the Permissions. I wish evewry App in the store would follow your example!

The app is well presented & laid out perfectly IMO. Far better than the old one which repeatedly stopped working on my Nexus 7.

Love the app but would like ot use it on my Note 8.0 in landscape mode. Is that something for a future release? Thank you

I hate to say it but "its about time"!! For this to be my one stop shop for android news, I could never understand why this app was so barren!!! Looks good now and has some well needed features!! Great job!

There are no emails of forum replies.
It would be nice to get notified when someone
replies, either through Gmail, or in-app notification

I love the new transitions... they smooth and nice. Solid app.
the green color on the top bar looks weird on the GN... but maybe its just the phone with this weird AMOLED screen (not a fan)

Loving the app so far. Can't wait to see what else you guys have coming down the pipeline. This is my go to site for Android news and Love the forums. Thanks, guys.

Finally the AndroidCentral app, makes AndroidCentral full option.

Excellent job guys, looking forward to future updates.

Double tap the image and an icon will appear in the top right, click that and it sets the wallpaper for you. Works perfect but I'm still trying to find where it puts the file?? :)

This is the first site I check everyday. The app makes it so much smoother and faster. The app is beautiful and buttery smooth. Thanks much!

It looks great. I was looking forward to using it on my Galaxy Note 10.1 which I always keep in landscape mode. I downloaded it and ran it, then immediately uninstalled it. It does not consider tablets, at least it doesn't change orientation. Too bad.

I like the new app a lot with the exception of not knowing what threads I read. They all look alike.

I'm loving this app. I do, however have an issue and a couple of suggestions.

Issue or bug is: the app is crashing when I select an external link posted in the forum.

Suggestions: a home button on the top would be nice. Right now if you want to change from the forum to another section (like shop) and you are 3 to 4 levels deep, your only option is to back all the way out until your back to the main menu. Also, I would love to see this compatible with Samsung's split screen functionality.

Thanks for all the awesome work to this point, I'm excited to see what is to come.

I'm using the app right now! Its so fast and smooth. So much easier than going into chrome and wait for the site to load.