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Could Samsung be planning to launch a full-sized tablet cousin to the Galaxy Note? Listings on Samsung's own blog, as well as a casting website, contain references to the "Galaxy Note 10.1", an as-yet unannounced device. A post with details of Samsung's Mobile World Congress 2012 developer day lists the device alongside the original Galaxy Note and S Pen SDK.

It's possible that this is a typo, however the fact that it's mentioned alongside an invitation to "experience the latest Samsung technology" suggests otherwise, as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is almost a year old at this point. What's more, the post itself has since been pulled from Samsung's site, suggesting that the revelation may have been accidental.

The plot thickens with the discovery of a casting call for a Samsung ad by The Verge, which refers to the mysterious device multiple times. The ad was to show the Galaxy Note 10.1 "education, financial planning, and art", and was due to start shooting this month, which would tie in nicely with a possible MWC unveiling.

While of limited use on the Galaxy Note's small screen, we could see S Pen's Wacom-based abilities being much more appealing on a full-sized tablet display. Samsung has previously alluded to the possibility of stylus input on a larger display, so it wouldn't be too surprising to see a re-vamped Galaxy Tab 10.1 with S Pen integration in the near future. Whatever Samsung ends up showing at Mobile World Congress, we'll be there to bring you full coverage.

Source: The Verge; BackStage (Google Webcache)


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Websites appear to out 'Galaxy Note 10.1' ahead of MWC


Compared to a 10.1" screen, 5.3 is barely 1\4 the size. In absolute terms, the.note is small. It may be large relative to other phones though.

Im I the only one that is tired of Samsung pulling an apple on us? Released what 4 tabs back to back with to no innovation? Wow bigger/smaller screen wow supports the a pen! Pass give me something new

If they give it the Note name it should have a voice radio unless they really want to confuse their branding...

A 10.1" phablet? I would love to see BGR's take on that considering the Note is the "most useless phone I have seen" according to the "Boy Genius" himself.

whoa whoa whoa... most useless phone.

buddy ive had my note now for 2 months and its the best phone ever.

id never own anything else ever again.

I don't think it is a phone. It is a compact tablet with a feature Apple have rejected, that can also be used as a phone. Perhaps B.G. missed the point.

well only thing i can say is that Best buy is price dropping there prices on Galaxy Tab 10.1 stuff example zaggs screen protector from 29.99 to 14.99 the tab itself was 579.00 then 549.99 and this morning 469.99. maybe there making room for new stuff from samsung :)

This is a feature that makes you want a tablet over a netbook. That kind of is what tab makers need to do more of.

I'll gladly take pen over keyboard functionality for the classes I take.

When it comes out, I'm getting it. Period.
The pen is the perfect companion to compliment a tablet.
The pen is as mighty as the.........finger!

People seem to like the Note because of the resolution. It is a powerful tablet in compact form. If Samsung are serious about larger tablets, they need to avoid Apple's legal minefield. Finding features that stay sufficiently clear of IP and patent issues is getting very tricky. Perhaps even deeper stylus integration could be such a feature, they already have a working system.

Unfortunately Apple aren't defending IP, they are simply killing rivals at birth. Can they be stopped?

if it's an accurate touch sensitive pen, it would be useful on a 10" tablet as well...but the tablet should have more resolution than the old Galaxy Tab :-P
No more of those stupid inaccurate capacitive touch pens w/ the big round rubber tips :-)

In my honest opinion the note is the best phone out there. I just hope Samsung makes a Sequel with quad core power, and ics.

Sounds like there will not be a galaxy tab 10.1 2 because the note will replace it really fixing short comings in tablets right now.

I would be so down for this if they say produce a unit with 128gb built in or at least SD card slot!

Come on, Samsung. Give us one device with adequate storage!