Vodafone, EVO £D

So ends Vodafone UK's brief flirtation with the HTC EVO 3D. Almost a month to the day after the network first announced its intention to carry HTC's first 3D phone, it's today confirmed that it won't be selling the device after all. According to Vodafone, this is due to delays in bringing the phone to market. The EVO 3D was originally due to launch in the UK this month, but recently a more conservative mid-September launch window has been reported by retailers stocking the SIM-free version of the phone.

Here's Voda's statement in full --

There’s been speculation recently regarding availability of HTC EVO 3D.

We can confirm that due to delays in the launch of the HTC EVO 3D, we no longer intend to include the device in our smartphone range. We’ll be contacting any customers who registered their interest shortly.

We realise this might come as a disappointment, but we’ve got some really exciting handsets in the pipeline. Keep an eye on our coming soon section for all the latest information about the products coming to Vodafone.

We can't help but wonder if one of these might be LG's rival Optimus 3D, which is already available in the UK and mainland Europe.

While this is bad news, you'll still be able to pick up a SIM-free EVO 3D this September, and it's likely that other British carriers will step in and pick up the device now that Vodafone is out of the picture.

Source: Eurodroid, Vodafone UK


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Vodafone UK dumps HTC EVO 3D, citing 'delays'


I'm confused. Is it CDMA, or SIM without the SIM card? I didn't think CDMA had any kind of foothold in UK or Europe.

Damn you Vodafone, I have been put off the Sensation due to some less than favorable reviews and was planning on this instead. I guess I might switch to another network that offers more than your pathetic 500mb data allowance that gimps my use of a smartphone. Nothing to make me stay anymore!

You know what, I give Vodafone big respect for this. HTC has been absolutely rubbish at getting their phones to market in UK. I remember when I first got my Desire, there was a date that was pushed back so many times it became a joke. Not to mention some of their other phones since then.