European EVO 3D

Vodafone is the first UK carrier to announce that it'll be selling the new European version of the HTC EVO 3D. No pricing or release date information is available at the moment, nor is there any hint of the device being exclusive to Vodafone in the UK or elsewhere.

HTC announced yesterday that the EVO 3D, now available on Sprint in the US, would be coming to Europe, with a UK release due sometime in July. Join us after the jump for an early Vodafone promo video showing off the phone's 3D features.

Source: Vodafone UK


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Vodafone to carry HTC EVO 3D in the UK


So if they own 45% you would think that they would want phones like the EVO 3D to be used on Verizon.

Thats what im wondering. I have the Thunderbolt and would probably love it if they would ever come out with the damn update. My brother has sprint and got the Evo-3d and loves it. Trying to figure out what my next phone will be for verizon