Oh the hugeness. The Samsung Galaxy Note is finally destined for AT&T and we took some time to give it a video tour. If you are looking for something big, and by big I mean REALLY big, check this out!

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junebug72 says:

We want it on sprint ...

Sh3ngLong says:

Yup, I'd be more happy if Sprint officially announced that they'll be carrying the Galaxy Note instead of the Nexus.

kembry says:

If AT&T isn't getting the Nexus, then I'll get this and wait for ICS.

mellojoe says:


It is like the Dell Axim and the Dell Streak had a baby. (both previous devices that I owned and loved)

icedhot says:

seriously...i dont think verizon will carry this...

Mepaphoros says:

Gorgeous. I'll take this over the Nexus any day.

bklynbruiser says:



Wow!!! At$t is getting great phones this year :-)... and oh.. this phone over galaxy nexus any day...

No exynos. Traded it for LTE even though there is only a hanndful of LTE markets.

arrana says:

I want it.

Cheetah23 says:

I would get this over the GNex if Verizon gets a version.

madhumitha says:

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