It is almost here, people. The HTC Thunderbolt's widely rumored Feb. 24 launch date is just around the corner and we can't wait to get our hands all over Verizon's first LTE phone. Vent your impatience in the Thunderbolt section of the Android Central Forums. [YouTube via Android Central Forums]


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Verizon unleashes HTC Thunderbolt commercial [video]


Reminds me of the Storm 2 commerical "who said lightning never struck twice" "this might be the perfect storm"

Attack verizon's facebook and twitter with spam all day and night until they reveal some information to us.

How about taking a page out of the Apple playbook and showing a good dozen or so things that your device can actually do? marketing, sometimes saying less is more effective than saying all. The power of intrigue goes a long way.

Sure that's true but who really knows what the HTC Thundebolt really is or can do besides a tiny fraction of the population that reads tech blogs like us? No wonder why Apple gets so many casual users to buy their products. Their commercials make the devices look amazing.

Think about it. You're a soccer mom needing a new device for email, web, photos, ebooks, etc. Would this commercial make any impression on you at all? How about the commercial that shows the device switch from an ebook reader to a photo management device to a web surfer to a video editor, etc?

I've often wondered that myself. Show it beside an iPhone on a very common site where flash is necessary. Show someone popping in a microSD card to double (or TRIPLE) their phone's memory. Show someone swapping out their battery. Show it being used as a WiFi hotspot.

I showed all of that to a woman I work with who had an iPhone 3GS & was waiting on the iPhone 4 to come to Verizon before getting it. She thought iPhones were God's gift to man. She actually said, "Why would I need to do all that?" I told her that she was missing the point & that maybe she wouldn't NEED to, but shouldn't she at least have the CHOICE to?

She came in last week & showed me her new Droid Incredible. HA!!

Unless the laws have changed, it's illegal to show direct product comparisons in advertisements. I see what you're saying though. But you know what? Android's market share shows that they are doing something right without mimicking Apple. I say, as long as those numbers go up, keep on keeping on.

Agreed. Stupid advertising. Show more not less, or in this case, nothing at all. Take the same soccer mom marko358 just mentioned. Is she going to understand, "the world's first phone strong enough to handle 4g lte." Don't think so.

I agree how they show off the phone is ridiculous. They could do much better if they advertised towards the masses. And a question why is there so much hype about the thunderbolt. Im excited to get my atrix ddspite motoblur. Isnt the tbolt just an evo?

No not the same.Go to youtube,a video camparing the thunderbolt and the Evo you will see that they are not the same.The video is by Wirefly

Really wish I could get it on the 24th... BB is saying its a no go fo this week and that I need to contact VZW for release date... VZW says no release date, my guess is the 28th or march 1st (and its looking more and more like a March 1st sorta phone).

No, the Thunderbolt does not have the same specs as the EVO.

It's funny when people think that the Thunderbolt and the EVO are the same phone.

Pretty much the only things that the Thunderbolt and the EVO share are, the same screen size (different technology though), kickstand (much better on the Thunderbolt) and the front facing camera. Oh, and they're both made by HTC, of course.

The Thunderbolt has the newer version of the 1ghz processor and has more RAM, just to name a few differences.

There is a video on youtube (by wirefly) comparing the Thunderbolt and the EVO and the Thunderbolt got (if I remember correctly) almost twice the speed in a Quadrant speed test.

Is Verizon (not BB) really going to release this phone without taking pre-orders? If they're going to take pre-orders, we're at least a week away, if not longer.

I was in my local verizon store saturday night and a rep told me that they were being told the 24th for the release date,but yesterday while in bb I was told the 28th..who really fn knows??????? I want my damn phone!!!!!

i really WANTED this phone. if they keep d!*kin around i will just wait another month or two for the rest of the options to be released. i'm starting to think this is not iphone related. imo the phone or the network is not ready yet.

Stopped by my local VZW store today (Chandler, AZ) to let me favorite sales rep know that I am ready to buy a TB on Thursday.

He said that sounds really good. Problem is, he said he has not yet been trained and they have no phones. But he will call me as soon he can sell me the phone.

And the saga continues.......................................

I am currently an iPhone 4 user on AT&T and I am waiting to switch to Verizon here in the coming weeks. I actually think this device made me want to try out Android. This phone needs to hurry and come out though thats for sure!

It looks like no one knows what is going on. So many dates what is the real one. 14/24 28 any more??? Two more days till 24th then ??? Who knows whats next. Any one?? tell me any thing??

Called BB was told that Verizon does not have a release date so they do not know any thing. They have no idea when they will have the phone. Wow the news is getting better & better!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the best time to call Verizon for any kind of info. on Thunderbolt phones. Seems like you cant get any info about the phone. Its the same BS all the time. Any thing NEW any were.