We're starting to learn a little more about HTC's upcoming 5-inch offering to Verizon. The HTC 6435LVW already has gone through the Global Certification Forum, we brought you the first pictures of it with Verizon branding this week -- and now it apparently has popped up on Verizon's Minimum Advertised Price listing, named the "HTC DROID DNA." (Remember that DLX has been a codename up until now.) Please, smartphone gods, let that be the official name, and not HTC DROID DNA 4G LTE. We beg you.

And that minimum advertised price is set at $199 -- perfectly fine for what should be a pretty high-end set. The start date for the MAP -- Nov. 20 -- also lines up with the Thanksgiving-esque launch window we've been working under. Still, ain't nothing official until it's official, folks.

We've got the full MAP listing after the break. And note the appearance of Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Note 2, with a MAP price of $299 (unsurprising) and a launch window of any time now, pretty much like all the other carriers.

If you're looking for more on the Windows Phone 8 info on this MAP listing, our cousins at WPCentral have the full breakdown.

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themuffinman says:

HTC Droid DNA? It sounds kinda bad ass, I like it. I wonder what kind of crazy marketing they are going put behind this one?

mwara244 says:

The commercial will probably show them taking your blood and injecting it into the phone and saying something like It's created for you by you

DWR_31 says:

All I can say is, Verizon customers, please remember something that was once called the DROID Thunderbolt.

BoulderGeek says:

"All I can say is, Verizon customers, please remember something that was once called the DROID Thunderbolt."

So true! I have one right here that I keep flashing new ROMs to in a vain attempt to make a stable and relatvely modern phone out of.

I curse VZW for the bait and switch, letting the Thunderbolt stagnate. HTC provided an ICS ROM for it, and VZW refuses to release it. Plus, their criminal spyware and cruftware should doom Verizon to some heinous corner of Hell.

As time goes on, I have my calendar marked for the end of my contract period. I think TMobile has it right with open, off-contract pricing. Hopefully CDMA will die, now.

Asterisk says:

Or Dolt for short.

Any marketing would be better than what Verizon did to the Rezound.

nisxan says:

Should I be overly-concerned that I don't see the Nexus 4 on this list? I was really leaning toward getting a new Nexus device to replace my Droid X as quickly as possible.

bkj216 says:

I'm thinking the same thing. Where's the LG Nexus on there?

Maaaybe this means that Google will sell the LTE version through the play store? (that's wishful thinking but we can hope)

Premium1 says:

Well there hasn't been any talk of the nexus and if nothing else it could always mean verizon won't get it for awhile sort of how sprint didnt get the galaxy nexus for awhile after it launched.

December release most likely. Always late to the party much like last year.

You realize that Verizon had the Galaxy Nexus first (in the US) last year, right?

maxican16 says:

I'll be shocked if VZW gets the LG Nexus. Shocked.

Mac58 says:

Yea I was hoping the Nexus 4 would be sold to Verizon but it doesnt matter. I will be making my choice based on what phone I like the most as all 4 service providers are good in my area. If Verizon doesnt sell Nexus 4 I will just switch carriers. Its a pain but to each his own.

Spaniard85 says:

I honestly don't see another Nexus on VZW anytime soon. I'd research the other carriers in your area if you want one.

kapeman says:

I am in the exact same situation. Eagerly awaiting a new Nexus, but it has to support LTE and the Nexus 4 doesn't.

I am afraid it could be a long wait. Unfortunately, I don't know how much longer I can tolerate my DX!!! It gets more infuriating by the day...

So I may wind up getting something other than a Nexus and potentially regretting that decision in 8-12 months.

serpa4 says:

There was an article a while back that said VZW would not sell any "new" devices without LTE. If the Nexus 4 isn't LTE, it's not, then it would not be coming to VZW any time soon.

Synycalwon says:

I agree about the name, DLX is better. DNA sounds lame. And the Droid branding irks me to no end. Droid Doesn't!

mothy says:

I just like seeing the Note II on there for 299

arundc says:

I am sure the HTC is going to be a sweet phone but got my heart set on the Note II. Glad to know from this graphic that release info is imminent.

piizzadude says:

I wouldnt be concerned, there are no LG phones on there. It is on page 2

Mac58 says:

lol this is true and I hope so

sublimaze says:

Droid "DNA"? They have officially begun scraping the bottom of the barrel for names.

QuaZar76 says:

I so want to get this! It's in my DNA!

smooth3006 says:

#1 verizon will NEVER carry another nexus.

#2 those two w8 phones may be canceled from what i heard.

#3 a rep told me the note2 should be out by thanksgiving. I may be picking one up.

borgdog says:

thanksgiving? I need it NOW! of course "by thanksgiving" could been any day now.

smooth3006 says:

that's true but he was confident it wouldn't be until late november. of course i take what they say with a grain of salt.

ConTejas says:

Why would you think Google wouldn't want it's flagship phone on Verizon? You know, the largest carrier is the USA. Why wouldn't Verizon want Google's flagship phone? The Nexi line has become the "iphone of Android" in terms of it's coolness/following. Verizon makes money on contracts, not devices. They will do their best to get it. Yes, I'm saying there's a high probability you are wrong. I'm not as foolish as you to try to guarantee it.

wkm001 says:

The current Galaxy Nexus on Verizon has been kind of a cluster. It just isn't getting the updates to the OS in a timely fashion. There are rumors that Google will add stipulations to their Nexus program. If the OS can't be updated in X number of weeks you can't carry Nexus devices.

There were also rumors that Google paid Verizon to release the binaries for the CDMA/LTE radios, so the Toro could be part of AOSP.

Crazier things have happened, Verizon didn't have the iPhone for several years.

kapeman says:

Verizon didn't have the iPhone due to exclusivity contracts with AT&T.

Jack in NC says:

Hmmm... the GS3 is differentiated by the gb's, but the Note 2 isn't. Does that mean no 16/32/64 variants for Big Red? Sadness.

djrealskillz says:

Waiting for the final specs. If they're good enough, it will be my new phone. Otherwise I'll wait to see the 5inch 1080p phones Samsung and LG comes out with next year, even though I'm an htc fan...

dokital says:

If it is out around Thanksgiving at $199 it will be my next phone. I've been waiting for a One X equivalent on VZW for a while now.

Erievon says:

It appears to have relation to the incredible line. Just to Tee Phil off it should be the Droid Incredible 4G LTE DNA DLX.


(And I only wrote Droid DLNA about five times before publishing.)

cadzilla74 says:

I'm more interested in what these will retail for on the open market. This looks like a good successor to my TBolt but I have no intentions of paying Verizon $199 bucks for the privilege of LOSING my unlimited data. Whatever the phone costs over and above the $199 will easily be recouped over the course of NOT paying Big Red exorbitant data charges for 18 months or so after purchase.

codiusprime says:

I'm ready and I don't care what they call it.

What does LTE stand for? LOL

mwara244 says:


icuwit4iiii says:

I need a Sprint version!!!! HTC EVO DLX 4G LTE if you its called I have to have this phone on Sprint NOW!!!!!

Asterisk says:

I only see two phones right now - DNA and Note 2. If DNA comes out with 32GB built-in and sd card slot it'll pretty much seal the deal for me. Superior screen, more memory and cheaper price > larger screen, stylus and split screen app running.