HTC One whoopsie

See, folks, this is why Verizon has to put its logo on everything. Otherwise it apparently gets confused. That's actually an HTC One M8 running Windows Phone on the left, and the smaller, less powerful, HTC One Remix (aka the HTC One Mini 2) on the right.

"Another Verizon exclusive" indeed.

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Verizon gets its HTC Ones confused in new commercial


That dog's bone looks...inappropriate.

I'm thinking this isn't the first time Verizon didn't know what they were advertising?

Uh... The new Verizon App Store isn't even finished yet. They said so in the article.

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Now that is actually a selling point for a Windows phone. Not enough to get me to buy one, but it's a start.

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Man I know Verizon deserves a lot of what it is getting today but sooner or later enough is enough... MERCY!

I have not seen a company get so mercilessly bashed since the Moto X was announced.

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Do you remember when everyone made fun of HTC and Sprint all the damn time? Yeah. Wait 2 or 3 more years for that to happen.

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It's National 'Hate Verizon Day'! No, I'm not on their service, not an apologist. That is all...

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Hey at least they had the 'Windows' and 'Android' under the correct devices....

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If they HAD switched them, they'd be really deserving of everything they got. I'm never gonna use 'em and can hate on 'em for a lot of things, but this one just gets a snicker.

It's too bad most people won't even realize this when they see the commercial. Wish there was a way to thrust Verizon's screw ups into the public eye but I don't think enough people care yet.

This is outrageous! How could this possibly happen???? There's only one HTC One! Oh wait.... ;-)

Seriously, you guys need a new schtick. This One's getting old. :P

They must not review these ads. I remember Verizon's Razr M commercial when the phone's screen showed Windows Phone instead of Android. Drove me INSANE.

Specifying M8 is just how we differentiate between model years. Still light years better than Amazon calling each year's model "Kindle (Current)"...

People get paid to do things they are clueless about... Kind of like politicians. Crazy world we live in.

AC every day

I heard that Verizon is bringing back the Bag which they'll install a massive hard drive, to which they will be able to install thousands of their new bloatware apps.

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Well, you can also blame HTC for reproducing the same design on a bunch of different phones. These "Ones" all look the same, who can blame Verizon? =P

I can! I don't use their service but I can blame them all I want!! :) I'm also going to blame them for gas prices, food prices, toilet paper prices....bwahahahaha :)

Another non story by the "almighty" Phil this guy post such nonsense all the time. He mist be bored out of his mind. Probably get a boner when you saw the picture and thought man I can't wait to point out Verizon's mistake they're going to call me a genius. Boooooo.

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Do us a favor and delete the AC app off your phone and remove AC from your favorites in your browser on your PC and never post again.

Thank you.

The pictures are wrong but isn't the verbiage correct? Both M8 devices (Android and Windows) are $99.99.

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