'Later this summer' is all we've got to go by for now

In what really shouldn't be all that much of a surprise, Verizon has finally acknowledged that it will carry the HTC One at some point this summer. No word yet on how much it'll cost (figure flagship-level pricing), when, exactly you can get it ("later this summer" is as official as we've got) or what sort of tweaks Verizon could have had one. (Red, perhaps? We're not holding our breath, but this thing would be bad-ass in black with red accents.)

The HTC One marks the manufacturer's major release for 2013, with nearly identical versions on the other three U.S. carriers having been released for about a month now.

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Jaredshoes says:

Might have to sell my dna for this..

trwrt says:

Does the sperm bank really pay that much?

Jaredshoes says:


nuprotocol says:

you sir win 8 internetz. lol

neonworm says:


pkcable says:

That's what she said!!!!!

LegacyEvoAce says:


barondebxl says:


MarkSeven says:


I'd be worried about what Verizon will strip out of this device or what changes they will make before it hits stores. Verizon the alteration and cosmetic network.

jscarano says:


There are no changes. It was already stated MONTHS ago that HTC would have the same phone (ZERO Changes) on all 4 carriers, and this completes the circle.

DJxDARIENx says:

I think he meant cosmetic changes, and not true because AT&T has a branding logo on it, its the globe on it. The unlocked version or sprint version don't have branding. Not sure if T-Mobile has branding.

return_0 says:

That statement was evidently wrong; look at the three variants of the One today. Same with the S3 and S4. The only phone with zero changes between versions is the Nexus 4. And the One GE and S4 GE.

coolpher says:

i will be for Sure selling my HTC Droid DNA for this phone want Black Model Cant wait

dcdttu says:

It's so late being released it might as well be called the Two.

spinkick says:


dafunkymunky says:

So Verizon finally announces a new phone half way through the year and even then they say "this summer". What has Verizon been doing all year?

TimmyB says:

Well, now that Palm is not around, SOMEONE has to say, "In the coming months..."! ;)

major payne says:

Ouch.. true but ouch....

duanedude1 says:

Good One! I bet it "eats iphones for breakfast"!

bp3dots says:

Selling through DNA stock.

sandoff says:

DNA is going for sale!!

hbar98 says:

Hmm... How much?

ugxvibe says:

Finally! That wait is over.. now we wait some more, for a release date.. I guess my Rezound will last another month or two..

hbar98 says:

Nice! Though I am a little concerned about the "later this summer" line... But I'm up for an upgrade and almost got the S4. Now I have another great choice!

hoosiercub says:

Well it's not like the S4 is going anywhere :)

hbar98 says:

Of course not! And the fact that it is aws upgradeable is nice. But really, pretty much anything is going to be better than my GNex..

coolpher says:

don't get me wrong Gs4 is good phone if you like Samsung but if you like HTC the ONE is going to Rock VZW for sure

hbar98 says:

I'm pretty much hardware agnostic. I want something with a good cell radio because I live out on the fringe of service. Currently my GNex gets pretty bad signal.

Kiamat says:

I can't speak to VZW but my HTC phones on Sprint have always had great antennas. My One's antenna is way better than the one on my wife's SGS3.

hbar98 says:

Ahh, that's good to hear. Before my gnex I had the RAZR, and that seemed to get much better signal.

imneveral0ne says:

My HTC One on Sprint gets worse 4G reception than my sgs3 and Note 2 did.

hbar98 says:

Haha... Well, there goes that idea! Time to hit the forums and see how many people complain about signal issues!

Jeff Kibuule says:

Hopefully this means that the phone HTC releases next year will come out at the same time on all 4 carriers.

Ry says:


rpmm70 says:

I was debating on getting the S4, but I wanted to wait and see if Verizon would ever come out with the HTC One. Now to just wait for the release date...

mdlissner says:

Thank You Verizon Wireless - now I know what my next phone will be. I will have this on release day - sooner if they do a pre-order. Please come soon!

FUCK YES!!!!!!!

coolpher says:

+1 +1

Wonder how the battery life on the LTE network would be..

My thoughts exactly. I don't think I can give up this great battery life on my Note 2.

and I want a note 2 lol.

dmagicp says:

The note 2 is incredible! I just got mine a week ago from amazon for 79 bucks. The dna can't touch this phone.

dmagicp says:

I meant the one lol!

coolpher says:

i had GNote2 for 3 weeks and it can not be one handed unless u have big hands which is not mine i traded someone my GNote2 for his HTC Droid DNA Love it same spec Plus Better screen and fits in one hand i unplug at 6:30 am and at 5:30 still have 70-50% battery and only use the QI wireless chager never open up Micro USB Flap unless moving something from Computer to Phone

Tech Pro1993 says:

I found it's faster and easier to move files with wifi. 802.11n is faster than USB.

Jowlah says:

Hey, Tony! I haven't replied to you since the Droid Incredible forums! How are you?

hey bud looong time! Wanting to ditch my gnex for a note 2 lol.....

Cares says: they mean June 21st or September 21st?

pheatton says:

WOOT!! Now I need to sell my Rezound and Nexus.

Also wonder if we can get the Google Edition ROM running on it?

NoNexus says:

No. Cdma is closed source so no google edition on vzw

orlanka says:

Out of curiousity and not tryin to be a smartass but if they could have a Nexus, why not the Google edition One?

Diskoman says:

You also saw how much of a mess the Galaxy Nexus was on both Verizon and Sprint too. CDMA is closed source, and carriers have no incentive to give Google the ability to bypass them when pushing updates. Unfortunately, until Verizon has fully rolled out LTE and activates VoLTE this will always be the case. At that point Google could have manufacturers make a phone supporting Verizon's LTE with no CDMA radios whatsoever.

Furthermore, it has already been announced that the One GE will be GSM only, just like the SIM-unlocked and developer models.

return_0 says:

They can't have a Nexus. Notice the N4's unavailability and incompatibility with Verizon. The GNex on Verizon (not to be confused with the Play Store GNex) was not a real Nexus, which is why Verizon gets no more Nexi for the time being.

JeffDenver says:

I had a Rezound too and loved it, and recently upgraded to a Nexus 4.

Free yourself from Verizon. You will be much happier. The water is a lot warmer out here now.

XavierMatt says:

Welcome to the party VZW.... Well kinda.

tx_tuff says:

I have been reading all the S4 forums because was seriously thinking about getting it, now I have to check out the One forums too LOL. I'm still leaning towards the S4 because of the 5 in screen, removable battery and SD card Vs the front facing speakers. Plus the S4 feels better to me in my hand, I just don't like that curved back on the One. But I will have to pay more attention to it over the next couple weeks or so.

jcastag says:

Too little too late. By the time this comes out the fall handset lineup will be right around the corner

jlczl says:

And by the time the fall lineup shows up next years lineup will be right around the corner. :-P

Droidanomix says:

His point is, why buy, at the time of release, a 6 month+ old phone when you can get the cutting edge?

Tech Pro1993 says:

His is why buy any thing at all. There is always new line up coming up soon enough.

LegacyEvoAce says:


Evilnut says:

It won't have Google Wallet, you can be sure of that!

taylorz_412 says:

Glad VZW is finally getting this but If they are trying to get people to switch from buying the s4 to this, it's to little to late

briankurtz79 says:

I think I'll still get the s4. Who knows when this will be released. It will most likely get over shadowed by the xfone. The s4 will be worth quite a bit on Craigslist in a month or two if I decide on the one or the x when they are finally released.

taylorz_412 says:

Yep that's what I'm thinking of have the s4 and if I want the one I'm sure I can get a pretty penny for my S4 when the one comes out

ultravisitor says:

Verizon doesn't care which phone you have, so long as you're paying to use their network.

hbar98 says:

Oh, they may care if you financed the phone through them and paid them the finance charges.

There having trouble adding all there bloat to blink feed lmfao!

Synycalwon says:

They're having trouble adding all their bloat to BlinkFeed. FTFY :)

Haha +1

Does this mean there is a possibility of a Verizon Google Edition HTC One..IN BLACK!

benhmadison says:

This is great news for Verizon customers. Too bad they couldn't have released it the same time the other carriers got it. Probably a lot of S4 purchasers who are upset by this.

Only1Z says:

I was just at the AT&T store playing with the One in silver and black. What a terrific phone! Those 2 and the S4 were sitting next to each other. I don't even know how you can pick up the One and the S4 and buy the S4. The One's fit, finish, quality materials, etc. are just stellar. The front facing speakers and the camera enhancements are terrific. That camera handles so fast which is so important for catching the important moments in life. I don't care if it has slightly lesser day time quality than the S4. With the S4, you won't even get a lot of shots if the kids are running around or whatever. I'd rather get the shot and have it not be perfect than not get the shot at all. The One's camera handling is far superior to the S4. A lot of camera reviews won't tell you that because they only look at image quality. But real photographers know that the handling needs to be quick and effortless.

While at the store, it was hilarious watching the sales rep with this one guy who clearly came in to buy an S4 due to knowing nothing about phones other than what he sees in commercials. The guy was definitely not a phone geek. I told him after the sales rep went to get his S4 that he still had time to make the right decision and buy the phone I was holding...a beautiful black One.

Then a younger kid came by with his dad and they were looking at the S4 while I was playing with the One. And I overheard the kid was making a big deal out of S-voice. So I started to use Google Now on the One and he stopped talking about S-voice immediately. As soon as I stepped away, he and his dad were looking at the One. I guarantee they didn't walk out with an S4. It just goes to show you how marketing works. 99.9% of people that walk in don't know what they are supposed to buy other than what they see in commercials or what their friends own or whatever. The kid knew what S-voice was but had no idea what Google Now was.

I've now been relegated to the fact that I don't care which phone sells more. It's irrelevant once you introduce stupid sales reps pushing one phone over the other or people who just go buy whatever phone they see in commercials. The bottom line is that the best phone out there is the HTC One. I don't even own one. I'm still rocking my Nexus 4 but felt like playing with the One. Incredible phone!

lbaxter says:

You must make one heck of a commission from HTC for an ad like that.

Only1Z says:

I wish! LOL It's funny how strongly I feel about how good the One is yet I don't own one. I guess I still like saving money and the Nexus 4 is still the best bang-for-the-buck out there...such a great phone period and a steal at $350.

return_0 says:

Gotta agree with that… :)

Scott Kenyon says:

Not only, as Ben said, are a lot of S4 buyers going to be angry, lots of people left Verizon over this device. I'd like to see a statistic of accounts or lines that are no longer with Verizon. I was one of these people. The best network is nice to have, sometimes a must have. When your main competitor has a network that's better than yours in areas, though, and better device availability, keeping mum about awesome devices is never - ever - a good idea.

ultravisitor says:

Well, lots of people do say that it's important to shop for a network rather than a phone...

soldierblade says:

This news doesn't affect our decision to leave Verizon at all. My wife and I had already been playing with the numbers (cost difference of at&t based mvno) since last year, and as of a week ago, the spousal acceptance factor reached a high enough level to make it possible. I've got a used GS3 lined up for her, and I'll be ordering a 64 gig HTC One DE for myself along with a couple of prepaid sims from a decent enough mvno. We're sick of contracts, and sick of waiting forever for good phones to come out only to find them slathered in custom paint jobs, carrier logos (like friggin NASCAR), and scads of crapps (crappy apps). Verizon has got to be the worlds worst at that.

TLB69 says:

The best coverage but always late too the!!!

codiusprime says:

Except with the DNA, which was the highest specced phone on the market and a Verizon exclusive.

MarkSeven says:

The reason for its quick downfall..

SoggyTempura says:

quick downfall? It was a a good device until it was outmatched. Typical for the industry. I owned it, but wasn't impressed with the shoddy build quality. I dropped it ONCE and the screen completely shattered. Fortunately, it only occurred days after getting it so I was able to get a brand new replacement form insurance after paying $150. I got rid of that one... I don't need to worry about fragility.

Tech Pro1993 says:

Is this your 1st smart phone? With correct angle, screen on any phone would be broken into pieces. $150 is too much for insurance, repair shop charge the same price to replace screen.

Tony Romano1 says:

Now I just have to pay full price for it to keep unlimited. Thank you best buy for 18 months same as cash.

Droid Stew says:

Still give the slight edge to the S4.

Jovax says:

no thanks the htc one is alot faster and 0% laggy. not like your s4 its so laggy and samsung useless features don't work as advertised.

taylorz_412 says:

No lag here, and all the features work great

ddsdavid says:

But if it follows the DNA's footsteps you will get plenty of practice reseating your SIM card or you can exchange it for another crappy refurb.

orlanka says:

One issue with the SIM card, then they patched the software. Only had to reset my SIM once.

Droidanomix says:

Yeah, well, that's just like, your opinion, man.

ddsdavid says:

Well there were a lot of us with that issue and more, and I mean a lot. I was a HTC Thunderbolt user and toughed it out knowing the first LTE phone would have growing pains. After having 5 DNA's because of major issues would make me very wary of getting the One. To top it off I contacted HTC on phone #3 back in March and they got around to calling me last Saturday. So much for customer service as well. I loved the DNA but enough is enough, my phone is my work lifeline, no phone, no paycheck, no HTC One.

Tech Pro1993 says:

Are you serious? You got 5 DNA? If this happened to me, I would cut them off on the second one. You are too nice. That's why I do not buy Samsung for 2 years.

ilhe1s says:

I'm on this like white on rice.

JeffDenver says:

I am so glad to finally be free of Verizon. Cost me $203...worth every penny.

cgardnervt says:

It's a little to late like always! This is why I went with att after dropping Sprint.

breadfan758 says:

I am excited to see this, but worried about stripped features, bloatware and unsightly branding.

jorgeix says:

I was thinking to go AT&T for the HTC ONE. I'm still happy with my Note 2, but I've always liked HTC phones, except the DNA, while it performs nicely I think the design is kind of ugly. But everyday I'm loving more my Note 2. I'm still willing to give HTC another chance and I think the ONE is HTC's best phone ever. I've played with it and I just love how it feels in the hand. I've also had the chance to play a little with S4 and honestly I didn't like that one bit. It feels so cheap, I don't know there's something about the built quality that doesn't feel right. Like someone said, I don't know how someone who has had the ONE and the S4 in their hand would walk out of the store with S4. I just hope the ONE comes to VZ soon enough.

jwyche007 says:

Verizon™HTC ONE™ 4GLTE™ with Beats™ available at Best Buy™

Jon_Doh says:

They'll strip important features off of it and load with VCast bloatware just like they did the Samsung Galaxy 4 and ruin it.

hbar98 says:

What got stripped from the S4? Just asking because that is a phone on my "might get" list.

taylorz_412 says:

Blocking mod and removed the WiFi toggle and made it an ongoing notification, but with little tinkering you can solve both

taylorz_412 says:

Blocking Mode*

hbar98 says:

Really? Removed the WiFi toggle? Wow. Custom launcher fix that, I suppose? Really hate to load a custom ROM and lose camera features.

neonworm says:

I have been waiting for this! Finally!

318sugarhill says:

If I were HTC I would be pissed. I just got the S4. My experience with HTC had me leaning out the door anyway, but how many people bought the S4 that MIGHT have bought the ONE if it were released on VZW the same time as the S4 like the other carriers? I do believe like everything else verizon does, it will be stripped of stuff, and their custom bloat will make it suck worse. I HATE vzw for this.....but the I can't leave the best network and my unlimited.

jerrod6 says:

This is good news but at this point? I have a Verizon GNexus and while the updates did we had to wait months for them. I doubt we will get any more updates for this phone and if we do it might change my mind about Verizon.

I like the build quality of the one. I don't like the clock widgets all over the phone and I don't like the button functions and the app drawer, but I could buy it and then use the NOVA launcher on it.

I realize this will never be able to be bought from the Google Play store, SOOO

I am hoping that HTC gets to make the next Nexus phone and even if it is on AT&T this will be enough to make me switch to AT&T since I have a house family member already on that carrier and we get excellent covereage where I live - Think At&T family plan.

lbaxter says:

Just waiting for the "Droid" branding to be plastered all over it.

MarkSeven says:


Jowlah says:

No one should be shocked by this. Verizon has a habit of spacing out product so it can get to optimal amount of buzz before the next big phone is ready. Galaxy S IV is hot now, HTC One is probably July or August and then the Newest iPhone is probably September or October. Last year, Galaxy S III was hot with early June preorders then the Droid Incredible 4G LTE came out in Late July. They did the same in April 2010 with the Droid Incredible. They promoted the heck out of it until July of that year when the Droid X came out. Once again, not a surprise.

LegacyEvoAce says:

Lame that they did this till now. I won't be picking it up thats for sure by the time its released the Optimus G2 will be out or about to come out.

I played with the phone as well at an AT&T indirect store...with Grandaddy Bell offering a Ben Franklin for new customers, it was tempting to jump ship, but I felt VZ Dub would at least bring out a variant. Hopefully, they just do as other carriers and release the black and white versions. As far as bloatware is concerned? Hit Apps>Manage Applications>Select>Disable...get over it because the Google Edition is gonna take away integral features. Also, VZW probably felt hard pressed to state they'd release the One because of Grandaddy Bell, Lag I meant Sprint, and T-Fumble rigorous ads over the last few months...not to mention that VZ Dub and HTC are bedfellows lol! Shawing!

tdizzel says:

About damn time! Now hurry up and take(more of) my money!!

cadzilla74 says:

The HTC One will be competing with the new Moto X by the time this rolls out. The S4 will have already become the dominant device on Verizon simply for lack of competitive available devices. Sorry DNA owners, no insult intended, it's still a nice phone but not quite in the league these others play in. (well at least One and S4, Moto X is still vaporware but I like the Made in USA thing that has going for it already).

ajnevares says:


barondebxl says:

Really an amazing phone, I got mine this morning!

Thig says:

Let's see,is this the phone I give update my Thunderbolt for?

rookie83 says:

My three thunderbolts are tired and I was either gonna switch carriers to get the one after AC voted it as the best phone out there I was torn between the SG4 or this. Now that Verizon is gonna have it I hope they will have either the developer edition or the google edition and I hope they have the 32gb and 64gb versions!!!!

Nev says:

Another great device option.

MarkSeven says:

And it will have Jellybean FOREVER..

packerbacker says:


I was set on the S4 because I'm due for an upgrade on July 7th, but if this comes out later than that (which I'm assuming it will), I'm going to wait! My iTurd with the broken power button and clicky home button can hold out for the One. Worth the wait!

jerseykirby says:

I have to disagree, VZW did nothing right with this one. It should have been released at the same time the other carriers released their versions. I typically don't troll, but this time I feel I have to. Only because VZW has tainted my view of them with their herendous customer service skills ha. The phone is going to be released with a TBD date, which means the device could be released when it is already a few months old and other devices already dominating the field on VZW because of their inability to cater to the customer and not their own agenda. Now I know this is an assumption, but from what I gather from friends and family, the majority of them have gone with the Z10(odd I know), iPhone 5(still odd), and the GS4 for their upgrades simply because the One was not available. This isn't saying the phone will not sell because we all know it will, I just feel they dropped the ball here simply because of how late to the show they are going to be. Plus, we all know how locked down this ig going to be. Oh well, at least they are carrying it and will make some people happy.

SoggyTempura says:

I'm calling it --- Droid One.

HalizDad says:

Coming from a neutered S3 (Thanks for that last update, Verizon) to the One, the differences are amazing. The camera is fast as hell, blinkfeed is cool, the fit and finish of the phone is unlike anything I've owned, and the sound is amazing with earbuds. 32GB is plenty of phone and it uses about 7GB with system files. The One is a nice phone though, so if you're going to stay with Verizon and you're eligible for an upgrade, it's worth looking at.

Postoid says:

Now I'll have a decision...Wait to see if the Nokia Lumia 925 enters VZ this year or go for a 'sure thing' with the One now that it's official? Still hanging on to the Rezound (with 0 problems)