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Chalk up another carrier in the "No" column when it comes to Carrier IQ, apparently. Regional carrier US Cellular, in an internal memo, USC says unequivocably, "None of our devices have this software/applications embedded." Here's the full skinny:

Many of you may have received inquiries from customers regarding USC's usage of Carrier IQ Software that has been in news articles the last few days. At U.S. Cellular®, we take customer privacy very seriously. None of our devices have this software/applications embedded. If you receive any further customer inquiries please let them know that our devices do not have this and we do not monitor this type of information.

We've got the full memo after the break.

US Cellular Carrier IQ


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US Cellular tells its employees it doesn't use Carrier IQ


"None of our devices have this software/applications embedded"

So now the question is, which tracking software/applications do they use? I'm looking for a statement along the lines of:

"none of our devices have any sort of tracking software/applications embedded"

Dang, you beat me by two minutes -- I would like to see your statement issued by all these carriers as well.

Come on now -- CarrierIQ is not the only horse in this game. If they don't use their software, then the most like use someone else's or their own to do the exact same thing.

I love how everyone who is not a CarrierIQ customer is claiming righteous indignation when most likely they are as guilty as those who use it.

This is the old "I ... did ... not ... have ... sexual ... relations ... with ... that ... woman ..." all over again.