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The update train for the Samsung Galaxy S3 continues to roll, and next up to push out Android 4.1.2 to the S3 is Three UK. Some users are reporting that they received the update this past Sunday, but Three has officially confirmed that they are indeed pushing out 4.1.2. 

With the update also comes Samsung's 'premium suite' that includes a range of new Touchwiz features, including multi-window. Three says that the update is available to download now via Kies, but an OTA is also rolling out. If you've managed to snag it for yourselves, be sure to share your experiences with us in the comments below or head on into our Samsung Galaxy S3 forums. 

Source: Three UK


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Three UK pushing out Android 4.1.2 update to Samsung Galaxy S3


Good for you guys...

And as usual, the our service providers here in Canada is still waiting for that prefect moment to push it.

lets hope the 4.1.2 Update on US Cellular, (Whenever we get it, or if we get it), Fixes the no sound on Netflix bug.

I'm waiting for update too!
Besides, I have found interesting application. ArkMC lets play music and video from another devices to Galaxy S3. It works the same as AllShare, but have more functions and suppor more file formats.