For all you TELUS customers who have been holding out for an amazing Android device, it appears as though your wait is coming to an end as they prepare for the release of the HTC Desire HD -- which we've also seen as the HTC Mecha. A tipster has offered up MobileSyrup with a great shot of the device booting, and they have been informed that there should be a January/February time frame for the release of this device, which is right around the corner. For those unfamiliar with this device it will be running Android 2.2 powered by a 1GHz processor and will have a 4.3-inch display.  Along with this there will be an 8MP camera and the ability to record in 720P, but full specs have yet to be released at this point. If you are on TELUS, and are ready for a new device in the coming months be sure to continue to check back for more information about the release of this device. [MobileSyrup]


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TELUS-branded HTC Desire HD shows off for the camera


Thanks. The specs looked promising until I saw the battery capacity. A 1230 mAh battery plus a 4.3 inch screen is a recipe for a pathetic battery life. Oh well, at least they are trying. Maybe they will use a larger battery before launch.

I could be wrong here but the screen on my EVO only consumes 10-15% of my battery usage... The Android UI counts for about 50%... Lets start fixing that plz

Sounds backwards to me. My display uses 50% while my Android UI only uses 4%, and I get about a full day's worth of battery life with moderate emailing, texting, web browsing and a few phone calls on my N1. Maybe someone else could post what their battery usage is like?

I would double check what programs are running on your phone, and make sure none of them are updating excessively frequently or constantly running in the background (ie: like facebook or a weather widget updating every 20 minutes or something similar). Spare parts is a great app for sniffing out misbehaving apps. Either way, a phone with a huge screen and tiny battery is a disaster waiting to happen.

Depending on what shows up at CES that could be a nice phone to import and unlock to work on AT&T. From what I understand they use the same frequencies...?

yes they do use the same frequencies. just like the Australian cell provider Telstra. i am currently using a Telstra branded Desire on at&t and it works 100%

I too can confirm Telus phones will work on AT&T 3G.

I bought a Motorola Milestone (GSM Droid) last year, and it worked flawlessly on AT&T's 3G network, until I sold it & changed providers.

Perhaps this is the best option for AT&T users to get a decent Android device. Especially an Android device that doesn't lock down the apps, like all AT&T branded Androids.

However, I'm not sure if the insurance plans cover other carriers devices or not.

So the Desire HD, Mecha and Incredible HD are all the same? Hardly any bump in the specs from the Incredible except size and smaller battery. Guess I'll hold off for a Tegra 2 phone.

This seems like a great phone but I think Ill wait for the motorola olympus before i make a decison on a new phone. Until then my captivate is jus fine.

This is probably the same one that has already been released over seas. The hTC Desire is now $0.00 on a three year term on Telus. I'm guessing they will be discontinuing it soon in place of this one. LOL, girlfriend just got the Desire a month or so ago, multitouch is brutal but otherwise a decent device.

This DHD I think has a new generation Qualcom processor, so probably uses significantly less battery.

I'm just glad to see more high end Androids coming to Canada. The people here must learn! Last night we were outnumbered 5 iPhones to 2 Androids!! And one Blackberry. :lol: