LG Star

The LG Star is a device we have seen pop up a few times in recent weeks, but Engadget has gotten their hands on a prototype unit and put up a preview. Here are a couple highlights:

  • The style of the phone reminded them of the Droid Incredible
  • The 4-inch 800x480 panel is "gorgeous" 
  • Running Froyo but expected to launch with Ginerbread
  • Tegra 2 processor. And speaking of CPU power...
  • Benchmarks are fast. As in crazy fast. As in a Quadrant score about 2x that of the Nexus 1 and 67 fps on Neocore. And this not on final hardware/software. Wow
  • Youtube HQ and Flash playback went off "without a hitch"

So yes, I want one. LG will be at CES, which we will be covering extensively, so expect a lot more on this device come January. And if this is a hint of things to come from Nvidia's Tegra 2 chips, we are about to see a huge increase in the computing power of mobile devices. Click past the link for more pictures and a pair of videos. [Engadget


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Tegra 2 packing LG Star gives other phones an 'inferiority complex'



Kyle, how would this phone compare to the Hummingbird in the Nexus S? Too bad this isn't vanilla Android.

Well, I don't have a NS so I couldn't tell you for sure. But I would be willing to bet that any Tegra 2 powered phone will beat the pants off the Nexus S or any other current phone if/when they are updated to Gingerbread. Then again, we may not see any hit the market for a couple months (more info to come at CES) so it is not like this makes the NS "obsolete" or anything. Even the OG Droid can still hold its own with the most common tasks: reading email, browsing the web, listening to music etc.

I agree. It will be much quicker when it comes out. Does anyone know what network is going to acarry it? I hope it is Varizonwireless.

We are not really seeing the final product as yet. Im sure hey have a couple of bugs to work out when everything is said and done.

Ok, so your phone with a custom ROM, probably designed for better efficiency, looks smoother than a phone running software that isn't yet optimized for the hardware. If I were you, I'd save comments like that for when the phone is actually at it's full potential. Also, I'll bet that when this phone is out and it's running that same (or equivalent) ROM you won't be saying the same thing.

Would be nice if they slap some next gen radios in that and maybe a NFC chip. The review left no clear hints of that.

Sorry but LG just killed it for me. I dislike their phones. I really think that they need a better design. That looks to plain and once again just the name LG on it kills it for me.