T-Mobile today started to push a 31-megabyte update to the HTC One S. If you don't get it, though, it might not be a big deal. The new version, 2.35.531.10 is only for devices that are on 1.53.531.16 or 1.84.531.4, according to T-Mobile's support site. If you're on 2.235.531.7, as a lot of you are after the update a couple months ago, you're still considered up to date and won't need this version.

If you did get today's update and have found yourself at Android 4.0.4, you can expect fixes for data connection delays and signal fluctuations, Wifi issues, crashes and restarts, e-mail links not opening, screen lag and skipping music.

And if you're still holding out hope for some Jelly Bean action, a little more patience is required.

Source: T-Mobile; More: HTC One S forums;
Thanks, Quincy!

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Scellow IZI says:

Oh my, i thought it was Jelly bean :'( what a disappointment :'(

PJMAN2952 says:

Same. But I read on a T-Mobile forum that we won't get the Jelly Bean update this year.

dongemus says:

You know HTC have given JB to TMo already, they are just talking forever to load it with bloat.

PJMAN2952 says:

Thank god! Wifi was acting up really weird in my house. It worked fine anywhere else. Hopefully this update fixed that issue. Sometimes my One S wouldn't connect to my home network at all before.

Ryandroid86 says:

I dont understand what this update is.... I was on 2.35.531.7, but it still allowed me to update to 2.35.531.10... and why would HTC have two official updates that are both up to date?? something sounds screwy here.

dongemus says:

If I don't get JB by 12-31 at 11:59 I am selling this and never buying anything but Nexus again. So many phones released after the HOS have received JB already. This is BS.

XavierMatt says:

Or Samsung Devices, they update fast.

steelers1 says:

No update for me, I'm still on 1.84 and sick of HTC and this phon

ballistic90 says:

I'm pretty psyched about this update. My biggest problem with my HTC One S is that my hotspot data would cut out when the screen turned off. That problem is finally fixed so I'm happy now.

QDOG8 says:

Those are my screen shots! I got it while I was playing Ingress!