Wi-Fi calling comes to Sprint HTC One M8

The HTC One M8 on Sprint is now receiving an update to Android 4.4.3 KitKat. While Android 4.4.3 brings some under-the-hood changes, nothing much visually changes on the One M8. What is new, however, is the addition of Wi-Fi calling on the Sprint M8.

Sprint debuted Wi-Fi calling earlier this year on a few devices and has been steadily expanding the roll-out since. In addition to gaining support for Wi-Fi calling, the Sprint HTC One M8 now sports an HD Voice icon (how's that for an overwhelming visual change?).

The user-facing changes in Android 4.4.3 are minor, but M8 owners will benefit from the latest bug fixes and performance tweaks in this updated version of Android. Sprint HTC One M8 owners, let us know how the update's treating you!

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Sprint HTC One M8 updated with Android 4.4.3 and Wi-Fi calling


Sprint typically rolls out the first wave in a "request it and you will receive it" manner. After that they start to push randomly as of a certain date.

I still don't see the patch notes on Sprints website. They may have been pulled. If my cache is being weird (as it has been before) and the notes are actually up, this is actually typical. I would see patch notes for the M7 12-24 hours before they were actually up on the server. Patience

If you follow the link at the bottom of the article under source it takes you to the Sprint website and it says the update is to start rolling out.

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Sweet, they'll let you offload from their network to yours or someone else's, yet still charge you as though you're using theirs. Sweet deal........for SPRINT!!

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No patch notes on Sprints site.... (for the record the M7 always got patch notes about 12 hours before the update was available). http://goo.gl/L8iqKs It is possible my page cached weird though, its happen before.

Sure...at the top of the page (under the banner) you will see a link to the forums. In the Android Central app, the link will be in the menu section. Once you're in, you will see a ton of different sections. Then just scroll down till you find the section that pertains to your question(s).
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If your going to say someone's wrong, you have to provide justification why said person is wrong. Saying "wrong" alone isn't helpful.

Even my Nexus 7 2013 LTE doesn't have 4.4.4 yet... it's supposed to fix some security issues which may not be relevant to all devices even. I couldn't care less anyways, waiting for the L release!

Any word on whether the M7 will get wifi calling? This would be great for me. Sprint has gotten much better in my area but there is a bad spot exactly where I live so I only get a couple of bars tops in my home.

That was out of nowhere i was under the impression that HTC was bypassing 4.4.3 and going to 4.4.4? looks like that time table tha was leaked is off by a bit. I dont see why they would release this now and then they are suppose to have 4.4.4 ready between now and august.

Probably because Sprint had the M8 on the list next to get the Wi-Fi calling and it 4.4.3 was an easier choice.

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Galaxy Nexus?
Nexus 5?

Have I covered every non HTC device in the comments for this HTC article? Its an announcement that something is available based off of public information, why do people suddenly expect inside information about a device that isn't even the same brand as the announcements.

Of course. They can't survive without each other. The market as it currently stands cannot sustain 4 big carriers.
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I know the phone is capable, but the app is no longer available, even though the literature says it is. :-)

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Looks like the update is finally live. The update weighs in at 600 plus Megabytes. With this update we get a bonus file manager app thrown in too.

Got the update, but is anyone having an problems. I have successfully made/received a call over the wifi calling, but since then I've gotten to work, but now i get a message that it failed on Wifi Calling Authorization failed, and to "Try again." It authorizes, and then reboots, but the phone calls pop up with the same failed authorization. Any ideas?

4.4.3 came to san diego just before midnight...long process to download

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Well I've got the update. I noticed there is now a "File Manager" in addition to the WiFi calling thing. It's pretty clear that Sprint pushes out updates quicker than anyone else now.

Just noticed once I left home (on wifi), that I can't connect to mobile data (Automatic, CDMA/LTE, and CDMA all show up as unavailable to connect), and I have MIP error 131. Unable to get hold of Sprint to try to resolve (busy signal from my desk phone at work). I'll report back if/when I get this resolved.

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Finally. Two profile updates (first one rebooted, 2nd one didn't reboot), and a PRL later, I have mobile data back...

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After I turned off my phone I am having issues now. I get a constant notification to enable wifi location even tho it is and lose my data until I update my location. Now trying to figure out how to resolve.

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Please someone tell me how to turn off HD calling. It's horrible with an annoying echo and randomly connects HD itself. I guess I was one of the unlucky ones who got it first. Please how to turn the crap off. Makes me want a different phone